10 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone- A Guide For Better Sex, Increased Energy, Fat Loss, and Lean Muscle

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

Natural Ways to Increase TestosteroneNatural Ways To Increase Testosterone

Natural ways to increase testosterone are the ways to look to when your suffering from low testosterone levels. 

Natural was should be the first ways you try to increase your levels.

The next step after trying naturally would be, seeing your doctor and getting a prescribed treatment or therapy regimen. I list this as the next step because, synthetic testosterone, and prescribed medications can result in severe side effects and restrictions while taking the product. 

These types of products do help to increase testosterone levels but in my opinion they should only be used as a last resort. They can actually slow down the natural production of testosterone and may even stop it all together.  This is due to the levels being high enough that the body begins to think it doesn’t have to produce anymore. 

Therefore, I have created a list of 10 natural ways to increase testosterone, and they are below.

#1 Eat Foods That Increase TestosteroneNatural Ways to Increase Testosterone

Top foods known to help with testosterone levels:

  • Nuts (Protein, Vitamin B, and Zinc)
  • Salmon (Protein, Vitamin D, and Omega-3’s)
  • Green Vegetables (Prevent Estrogen)
  • Eggs (Good Cholesterol)
  • Beef (High in Protein and Zinc)
  • Tuna and Seafood (Loaded with Protein and Vitamin D)
  • Honey (Contains Boron)

Click Here……..Testosterone Diet Guide- Eat The Right Things At The Right Time

#2 Start A Heavy Weight Training Plan Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

Lift heavy to increase testosterone levels.  Stay away from isolation exercises and replace them with compound movements to recruit optimum muscle involvement.

#3 Limit Stress LevelsNatural Ways to Increase Testosterone

Find a way to reduce stress.  Take a nap, learn to breath, read a book, or workout.  It is up to you to try and control the amount of stress affects your emotions.  Stress is a big time testosterone killer.

#4 Eat Fat Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

Fat for a diet is bad! Right! Wrong!  It is actually good if it is a good fat, like olive oil, coconut oil, or omega-3’s.  This kind of fat will help to preserve muscle and increase testosterone levels.

#5 Eat The Egg YolksNatural Ways to Increase Testosterone

Egg yolks contain the highest amount of cholesterol.  Cholesterol is what the body to converts into testosterone.  Eggs, are number one for a testosterone diet.

#6 SleepNatural Ways to Increase Testosterone

Make sure you get some good sleep.  Try to sleep for at least the minimum of 8 hours a day. The more sleep the more your body will work to produce testosterone.

#7 Stop SmokingNatural Ways to Increase Testosterone

Smoking causes all sorts of negative effects on your body.  Smoking can actually stop the production of testosterone. 

#8 Minimize Sugar Intake Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

Sugar is a substance that can affect your workout gains, your testosterone levels, and cause you to gain fat which also decreases testosterone.  Avoid sugar all together if you can. 

#9 Get Vitamin D by the Sun or a Sun LightNatural Ways to Increase Testosterone

Vitamin D is a vitamin known to increase testosterone levels.  It is also great for healthy bone strength.

#10 Start an HIIT Cardio ProgramNatural Ways to Increase Testosterone

HIIT Cardio is actually intense and will make you want to quit but don’t.  HIIT is short intense bouts followed by short rest periods. 

These short periods of cardio will burn fat longer than long ones. 

Try this out- 30 second sprint 30 second walk for 4 minutes.  Do this workout, 2-3 days a week.

As you can see, in the top 10 list above, I listed 2 different kinds of fitness, being cardio and heavy strength training.  I have created a guide for testosterone fitness.  Below is the link to this guide.  Please click on it to read the guide. 

Testosterone Workout- Increase Testosterone By Increasing Lean Muscle

Natural Testosterone SupplementsTop Testosterone Supplement

Besides the list of things listed above, there is another way to consider for natural ways to increase testosterone, and that is a natural testosterone supplement. 

Definition of Natural- Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.

Natural Testosterone Supplements are supplements with ingredients that come from a natural source.  They are supplements with natural ingredients put together, tested, and scientifically proven to increase your testosterone levels.

Natural Ingredients Proven to Increase TestosteroneNatural Ways to Increase Testosterone

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Arginine
  • ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6)
  • Horney Goat Weed
  • Long Jack (also known as Tongkat Ali)
  • DHEA
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Boron
  • Muira pauma
  • Acai berry

Here is a link to my Testosterone Supplement Guide.  This guide is another page here on my website that details the above ingredients and how to find a testosterone supplement that works. 

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I have been researching testosterone and testosterone supplements for years now and the above ingredients are the ones to look for when you choose a natural supplement.

Natural Testosterone supplements work to increase your levels naturally and don’t work like synthetic ones. They will not shut down hormone production, and they come with less side effects. 

Natural supplements are easily absorbed if taken as directed and they work great.  Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

The reviews for natural supplements with the ingredients listed above have thousands of positive reviews.  The reviews are from real consumers that have used the products with great success. 

does testosterone burn fatAnother thing to look for when looking for a supplement is the money back guarantee.  If you read my articles, you will see me say this many times. The guarantee is a seal of a good product.  The company that gives the guarantee is a company that stands by their product, and their scientific research. 

Here is an awesome product that will work to increase your testosterone levels or they will return your money.  Clicking on the link for TestRX below will take you to their website to review the supplement and purchase the product. 

Give it a try now and get your life back sooner than later. 

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You will find that following the natural ways to increase testosterone above will help you to increase your testosterone levels.  You will experience higher energy levels, lose body fat, achieve a stronger physique, and taking a natural supplement will only make it happen faster and more efficiently.

Good Luck to you and I hope you find increased testosterone levels. I hope that this and other articles I wrote help you to reclaim the life you are due.

Don’t give up, it is hard at first, but when you experience a level increase that you haven’t had for years you will know it is all worth-while. 


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  1. Jojo

    These are really good points. How do you know that you are suffering from low levels of testosterone? I mean the symptoms it will give you could be caused by something else? How do you find out your level of tesosterone?
    Thank you for all this great info about increasing testosterone. I have bookmarked your page and I will certainly look into how I can get fitter, stronger and leaner by increasing my level of testosterone. I am almost 45 so it takes more effort than it used to and I am looking for every possible way to improve my physical condition.

    1. Mark Thoms (Post author)

      Hello and Thanks for visiting my site. I am too in my 40’s and it does in fact take a little more effort to get into shape. I would say if your in your 40’s and you have the symptoms, I would try out a supplement. But, please make sure your diet is fairly healthy and you exercise some. A supplement is what it is a supplement to a healthy living. The supplements on my pages have money back guarantee’s to return your money if you don’t like what your experiencing. You can also find a test on my pages to test from home. When I took a test, my levels were only a few percent above treatment level and I was already experiencing the energy and stamina levels being a burden on my life. A supplement will help that I know. Here is a link to a home testosterone test…. if your interested….. http://amzn.to/2exNCpD


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