10 Reasons Why Testosterone is Needed in Your Body

Why testosterone is Needed

Why Testosterone Is Needed Why Testosterone is Needed

Testosterone is an important hormone needed to function in life. 

For you, me, and every other male, your testosterone levels start to decrease by 1% to 2%, after the age of 30-years-old. 

Unfortunately, this is a fact, and by the time you are 40, you may be down from 10% to 20%.  That is quite a bit if you look at it and understand what happens when you have low levels of testosterone. 

Top 10 Reasons You need Testosterone

1. Sexual StaminaWhy Testosterone is Needed
Testosterone is the main reason for sexual stamina in your body. Testosterone is created in the testicles when the brain tells it to produce.  The testicles then create testosterone which increases your stamina.  You will notice if your levels are low you will not last as long in bed and lose interest fast. 

Don’t get the endurance confused with premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.  It is           another reason for testosterone in the body but I will introduce that next.

When you increase your levels back to healthy, you will have the sexual energy like you did when you were 2-years-old. 

So, if you are experiencing a low sexual stamina increase your testosterone.  I will explain how after I give you these reasons.

2. Erectile DysfunctionWhy Testosterone is Needed
Low testosterone levels can be a reason for erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation.  If levels are operating at low levels, the testicles can fail to trigger right and cause the testicles to cause you to ejaculate prematurely and this can be very embarrassing for many males.

Low levels and affect you and cause erectile dysfunction, which is not allowing you to become erect in a timely manner or even at all.  This scan be from medical problem that would need a testosterone treatment, but I would start with a natural supplement. 

A natural testosterone supplement, along with a good diet and exercise program, for increasing testosterone levels, should be your first steps to increase your levels of testosterone. 

Now, if your levels of testosterone are at peak levels, you should have no problems with erections and not ejaculate before she even starts. 

You will notice that increasing your levels will make you harder than ever and your ejaculations will come later more times than sooner.  This is a good deal for all men if you ask me.

3. Energy LevelsWhy Testosterone is Needed
If you look at any beast in a gym, any runner running long distance with extreme energy levels, the skinny guys with lean muscle and the guys that just go and go and go all day, they all have one thing in common!  They have great testosterone levels. 

Your energy is derived from a healthy body, and testosterone is what helps you produce more energy for sex, working out, running, working all day, and just getting through life with tons of energy. 

Increase your testosterone and you will increase your energy.

4.Fat Loss Why Testosterone is Needed
Fat Loss is another great reason testosterone is needed.  Testosterone is known to burn fat.  The more testosterone in your body, the faster you will burn the fat away.

The opposite is also true. Having body fat is a reason testosterone levels can drop to low levels.  When your body has increased fat levels, your body will start to produce testosterone at a lower rate. 

Therefore, a diet, and fitness plan will decrease fat in your body and a testosterone supplement will only make it happen faster.

5. Libido Why Testosterone is Needed
When your libido is low it is due to testosterone levels being low also. 

Testosterone operating at peak levels will make you desire to have sex more often and make you as horny as you were at the age of 20. 

Your desire to have sex is just as important as your sexual stamina and is a great reason that testosterone is needed in your body. 

If your libido or sexual desire is low, don’t be the shy one that suffers, find your ways to increase your levels. 

Start with a diet, fitness plan, and a natural testosterone supplement.

6. Lean MuscleWhy Testosterone is Needed

Testosterone is needed in the body to produce lean muscle. 

When your testosterone levels are healthy, you will find it easier to increase muscle mass and power through a work out longer and harder.  This power will induce muscle growth, keep body fat levels lower and make your physique one to be proud of. 

Low testosterone in the body will stall your energy levels, and slow the ability to build muscle efficiently.  It will also create a fat storage center in your gut and prohibit optimal production of testosterone. 

As you can see, testosterone is needed for lean muscle mass.

7. Less StressWhy Testosterone is Needed
Stress can cause low testosterone and low testosterone and cause stress.  Kind of a double-edged sword if you look at it. 

Low testosterone levels, can cause stress because of low energy, erectile dysfunction, embarrassment, and problems in your relationship.

On the other hand, stress, can cause less sleep and higher cortisol levels.  Higher cortisol levels will drop testosterone levels efficiently.

8. Fertility Why Testosterone is Needed
Healthy testosterone levels, are started in the brain when it releases a hormone to the testicles.  The testicles when signaled then create testosterone and testosterone is the direct reason for a healthy sperm count. 

If your testicles are not making sperm, the problem more times than not is low testosterone levels. 

This is where a natural testosterone supplement will work better than a doctor’s testosterone therapy.

Therapy and prescription medications will increase testosterone but will trick the body to think it make enough and will slow the body’s natural production and can even stop it all together.

Natural testosterone supplements will increase the body’s ability to make natural testosterone.  This is the way to go.

9. Stronger BonesWhy Testosterone is Needed
Healthy testosterone levels will increase calcium in your bones and will make them stronger. 

This is where the 50-year-old male will benefit the most.  Increasing your testosterone levels to healthy levels, will make your bones younger and prevent the old age bone breaks that many older adults experience.

10. Increase in Red Blood CellsWhy Testosterone is Needed
Testosterone can increase your red blood cells. 

Red blood cells move nutrients throughout the body.  They also cycle oxygen around the body as well.

Red Blood cells can control how much water our bod retains at one time.  It keeps our organs moving and healthy.

These are very important functions derived from healthy testosterone levels in your body. 

The reasons explained above are reasons to support, why testosterone is needed in your body.

You can and will benefit from making sure your testosterone levels are healthy and operating at peak levels.  Energy, Lean muscle, sexual stamina, high libido, fat loss, strong heart, strong bones, increased red blood cells, fertility, and erectile dysfunction, are the reasons for it.  

I also use a testosterone supplement, along with following a testosterone directed diet and a fitness work out plan for increasing testosterone levels.  I have for years now and I started to increase my stamina for having a child. 

My wife and I tried for 18 years and my system slowed.  I turned it around and increased my levels.  Our son is now 5 gong on 6 and I have lots of energy to keep up with him and lots of stamina to keep up with the wife.

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Testosterone Supplement Guide

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 I hope I can help you and hope you live a strong, productive, testosterone filled life. 

Why Testosterone is needed
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Why Testosterone is needed
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Why Testosterone is needed
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