10 Things That Can Slow Natural Testosterone Production


Testosterone ProductionWhen looking to increase testosterone in the body, we all look for options to increase our levels. Below are things we shouldn’t be doing  that can slow the natural testosterone production in our bodies.

There are many obstacles out there beyond our control when trying to increase our testosterone levels.  But, there are some obstacles that are under our control and we should do the best we can to make these options priority when trying to increase our testosterone levels.

In this article, you will find important obstacles, preventing your bodies natural ability to produce natural testosterone. Please consider using these recommendations immediately to help build up your t-levels now. Don’t wait, don’t click on another article, these are proven things that hurt your sex life, damaging your libido, causing you to gain unhealthy body fat levels, increasing your chances of losing muscle, causing you unwanted anxiety and stress levels, and even prohibiting your chances of fertility with your partner.

10 Things That Can Slow Natural Testosterone Production

These obstacles are some top things we may be doing on a daily basis that can and most likely will slow down the hormones that increase the natural testosterone increasing process in your body. These options should be reduced now to prohibit them from damaging your levels any further.

Increase testosterone#1 Don’t Think Negatively

Don’t allow yourself to think that everything in your life is negative. This will only set your mind to accept whatever it is you want to change as an impossible feat. You need to be laughing and enjoying life. Force yourself to play and have fun. Avoid the mindset of impossible and change it to nothing is impossible. Negativity only stresses the body and the body will respond hastily. The body is an amazing machine that will react exactly the way you treat it starting with the mind. The body will heal if the mind tells it to. The body will rest, if the mind tells it to. The body Will increase your testosterone levels if your mind tells it to.

Think I am lying, try it. Think only positive for a week. Allow your mind to only accept winning and block out defeat. Then tell me how you feel on Sunday.

#2 Avoid Alcohol In Large Amounts Increase testosterone

Alcohol can affect the body in many ways but for testosterone it can slow the process.

Alcohol, may seem to make you happy at the time, but for many it is actually a depressant in nature. It slows down the body and actually slows down many processes of your organs while under the influence.

One thing that is common is temporary erectile dysfunction ( known as whiskey dick). I don’t know about you but I would think the inability to get an erection, even once, may have an effect on my testosterone levels in the long run. There are too many options out there that we cannot control, but alcohol consumption is not one of them.

I am not saying don’t drink at all, but try to avoid drinking excessively.

Alcohol can:

  • Cause an Increase in body fat which slows testosterone.
  • The happy or pleasant feeling from alcohol can increase endorphins that can slow testosterone.
  • When metabolizing alcohol, the liver and testes can slow the natural process of increasing testosterone.
  • Alcohol can increase stress which slows testosterone.
  • Quality sleep is harder when consuming alcohol. The body is actually under stress while asleep with alcohol in the system.
  • Alcohol can increase estrogen, the female hormone, that will fight natural testosterone in the body.

#3 Stop Low Calorie DietsStop Low Calorie Diets

While low calorie diets can be good for fat loss, they are no good for testosterone levels.

When you eat low amounts of food, the body responds accordingly.

Low Calorie diets first and foremost can cause stress on the body when you try to work, and survive on the little energy you are getting from the restricted amount of foods.

Your testosterone levels need calories of good foods including fats and protein. Most low calorie diets tell you to avoid fats and red meats, the staples of a good testosterone diet.

If you want to lose weight, down lower your calories too much, just eat the right calories, at the right times. Work out hard, and increase muscle. Doing this will actually increase your testosterone levels, reduce your waist size, increase your energy levels, and enhance your sex life without restriction of too many calories. Follow a testosterone diet.

#4 Stop Consuming High Amounts of SugarIncrease Testosterone

Your daily sugar intake can quickly lower your testosterone levels.

A study published on The US National Library Of Medicine National Institutes Of Health (1) studied 74 men, between the ages of 19 and 74 years old, given 75 Grams of glucose (sugar). The study showed a decrease in free testosterone by 25% for up to 120 minutes after consumption.

10 of 66 men with normal levels of testosterone before the study were reported to be in low testosterone ranges after consumption.

75 grams is easy to consume on a daily basis. Cut out sodas, candy bars, candy of any kind, fruit juices, and other options high in sugar.

#5 Stop Prescription MedicationsIncrease Testosterone

Many prescription medications affect testosterone levels. Some even stop the natural production all together. If you are taking prescription medications, find out if this is a side effect of the meds. If so, discuss with your doctor alternatives that will not affect you.

Sometimes there is no alternative so you may need to amp up your ways to increasing your levels like maybe a testosterone supplement.

Some Medications That May Affect Testosterone:

  • Pain Meds
  • Blood Pressure Medications
  • Cholesterol Meds
  • Diabetes Meds
  • Anti Depressants
  • Statins
  • Hypertension Meds

I would say some medications above may or may not, so you owe it to yourself to see if in fact they may be decreasing your testosterone levels.

#6 Don’t Cardio Too LongIncrease Testosterone

While cardio is recommended for many health benefits, long bouts of slow cardio can be really taxing on your testosterone levels.

Increasing muscle mass, by working out with weights is so much better for increasing testosterone and losing body fat for longer periods of time after the workout.

Cardio has many benefits, including heart health, but for testosterone levels, you just need to adjust your sessions to 30 minutes or less.

Long bouts often produce cortisol in the body and this is where your testosterone levels fall short. Cortisol is a T-killer and should be avoided.

I recommend supplementing long bouts of cardio with Interval training in shorter times.

Here is an article I wrote that explains this in more depth.
Click here…..Try HIIT for a Killer Testosterone Workout

#7 Don’t Lose Sleepincrease testosterone

For many reasons in reference to health, sleep loss is a big no-no.

In regard to loss of sleep and testosterone, your t-levels suffer tremendously with low recorded hours of those important winks. Many men suffering from low testosterone levels are also the same men that stay up late and get up early.

Studies by the Heart and Lung Association have shown that the healthy male, sleeping 5 hours or fewer, can reduce their testosterone levels up to 15%. That is quite a bit and can affect your sex life, energy levels, muscle endurance and size, and even cause increases in body fat.

So, get off the couch, get 8 hours of sleep, and get your testosterone levels up to where they should be.

#8 Don’t Sweat The Small Stuffincrease testosterone

Stress, is one of the number one killers of testosterone. Stress, will tell the body to shut down and work against everything healthy.

Stress is a killer period. Your heart, organs, and everything else are also stressed by your inability to stay focused and avoiding stressful situations or controlling them.

Again, stress is a cortisol inducer that can trigger loss of sleep, appetite increase and eating bad, weight gain, and low energy levels, which are all testosterone blockers.

#9 Stop Drinking Tap Waterincrease testosterone

Tap waters, city water, municipal waters, are loaded with chemicals to clean the water drawn from city resources. Unfortunately, the chemicals found in the water contain estrogen similar compounds that reduce testosterone in the body.

Be careful though when drinking bottled water in plastic bottles. If the bottles are stamped with 3, 6 or 7 stay away from them. These plastic compounds contain chemicals that include BPA, PVC and Vinyl and can reduce testosterone also.

#10 Stop Spending Too Much Time In The DarkIncrease testosterone

This is one of my downfalls. My wife calls me a vampire because I enjoy the day with the shades shut and it darker in the room.

Studies have linked Vitamin D3 to higher testosterone levels. Spending time in the dark, without the sun in your life, tends to lower Vitamin D levels in your body. This can in-turn lower your testosterone levels also.

Get out in the sunlight as much as you can. Enjoy the fresh air. This will also help to lower your stress levels, which is another testosterone killer.


Many men including myself suffer from low testosterone levels. The ten options to stop above are options you can do now to start changing your lifestyle and increasing your testosterone levels naturally.

  • Stop Negative Thinking
  • Don’t Consume Too Much Alcohol
  • Stop Low Calorie Diets
  • Don’t Eat Too Much Sugar
  • Stop Certain Prescription Medications
  • Stop Long Bouts Of Cardio
  • Stop Sleeping Too Little
  • Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
  • Stop Drinking Tap Water
  • Stop Spending Your Days In The Dark

Start with these recommendations, along with a good diet, and exercise program, look into getting a good testosterone booster.

Testosterone supplements, these days, are loaded with excellent natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to increase your testosterone levels.

Here is a link to an article I wrote providing a guide to choosing a good supplement to increase your testosterone levels.

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