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Testosterone Workout- Increase Testosterone By Increasing Lean Muscle

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These days there are workouts specific to desired results and a testosterone workout is no different.  I’m not going to lie to you, a work out to increase your t-levels is rough and requires a lot of hard work and commitment but your body will respond accordingly and the hard work will pay off.

The guys you see walking around as fit as a warrior, are the guys with peak testosterone levels. They work hard and live to workout.  

If your thinking this guide will cosist of the normal 3 sets per body part, with the same amount of reps, on the same days, well please erase that from your mind.  A testosterone workout will consist of heavy lifting, and intensive cardio sessions.  

Testosterone workouts consist of Compound Weight Training and High Intensity Interval Training for Cardio

Compound Weight Training
Testosterone Workout
Compound weight training is intense because it forces the body to use multiple muscles to complete a movement. You will have to use heavy weights for your testosterone levels to increase. 

Compound movements are designed to accelerate muscle and strength which in turn will help you lose body fat faster.  Body fat is responsible for the production of estrogen which will prevent testosterone from increasing. Therefore, you can see you need to lower your body fat levels. 

Compound movements will set your body up to use more calories throughout the day furthering your accelerated fat loss.  If you lift in conjunction with a strict diet you will reap the rewards of a better body with bigger muscles and a tighter 6 pack.

Your body will release testosterone into the body based on the intensity of your workout.  

Bigger muscles= A Faster Metabolism= Accelerated Fat Loss= Better Chance to Increase Testosterone

Suggested Compound Exercises For Your Testosterone Work Out

  • Squats- This exercise works your whole body from head to toe and is the king of compound movements.
  • Deadlifts- This exercise like the squat works the whole body but emphasizes the back and legs.
  • Pullups/Chinups- This compound exercise will work the upper body including the back, biceps, and forearms.
  • Rows- This full body compound exercise works the upper back, lower back, hips and arms.
  • Bench Press- This exercise is responsible for a huge chest and will also work the arms and shoulders.
  • Military Press- For big shoulders this exercise works very well and also works the triceps and uses some legs.
  • Shoulder Press- Last but not least this exercise puts stricter emphasis on the shoulders along with the triceps and back.

Guidelines to Design Your Workout:Testosterone Workout

  • Stay Away from Isolation Movements- Compound Movements Are key
  • 6 to 8 Sets of 6 to 8 Reps lifting with Maximum Weight- LIFT HEAVY
  • Rest Between Sets- No More Than 1 Minute Maximum
  • Lift 3 Times per Week. Day 1- Pushing  Movements, Day 3- Pulling Movements, Day 5- Legs
  • Pick 3 Compound Exercises Per Workout and Do the recommended Reps and Sets 

Example- Monday- Bench Press, Military Press, Shoulder Press; Wednesday- Pullups, Rows, Deadlifts; Friday- Squats, Lunges, Leg Press.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Testosterone Workout

HIIT training is an intense short bout of cardio. Long sessions of cardio are great for minimal fat loss but HIIT will accelerate fat loss. This type of training is quick and allows for the body to rest longer after a session of training and will affect the fat burning process in the body long after the body has stopped working out.

You will experience better results with HIIT.   

HIIT or high Intensity intervals can be done with any type of cardio movement like sprints, jumps, cycling, swimming or any other movement.  You will perform at  80% to 90% of your max intensity for a short time followed by a low intensity recovery like walking or a slow jog again for a short period of time.  

Recommended HIIT ScheduleTestosterone Workout

Sessions 1,2,3- 30 Second Sprint or Other Exercise Followed by A 30 Second Rest or Slow Walk- 4 MinutesTotal

Sessions 4,5,6- 30×30 5 Minutes

Sessions 7,8,9- 30×30 6 Minutes

Sessions 10,11,12 30×30 7 Minutes

Sessions 13,14,15 30×30 8 Minutes

Sessions 16,17,18 30×30 9 Minutes

Continue up to 30 Minutes. 

HIIT workouts can be done opposite days of Weight Training and only do twice per week.

Example:  Tuesday- HIIT Sprints; Thursday HIIT Box Jumps

Note-  With weight training done 3 days per week, and HIIT done twice, please be sure to give yourself 2 days off per week to recover and avoid over training.  

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Both types of training will surely leave you feeling like you want to quit but like they say “No Pain No Gain“.  Both types of exercise will assist in increase testosterone levels, lower body fat levels, increase lean muscle mass and give you all kinds of energy. 

Testosterone WorkoutSo don’t wait until next week to do this do it now. Don’t Give Up! Give it your all!  You will not be sorry, I guarantee it!

Important- Along with the recommended types of exercise, rest is just as important.  8 Hours of sleep is essential for the testosterone workout to work.  Your body needs to heal after this type of energy expenditure.  Also, just as important is your diet.  You will be very hungry so feed your body as needed. Feed the machine you are creating and you will see the best you can be in very little time. 

Here is my Diet Guide…… Testosterone Diet Guide- Eat The Right Things At The Right Time


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