5 Effective Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Natural Ways to Increase TestosteroneHard work, commitment, and dedication are keys to increase testosterone naturally.

Increasing your testosterone level is hard work but this hard work comes with benefits. These benefits include:

  • A strong libido/ sex drive
  • Increased energy
  • Decrease in body fat
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Male fertility
  • Lowered stress levels

Armed with the following 5 ways will at least make it a bit easier knowing how to start going forward.  

This is a guide with 5 ways to increase testosterone naturally. Hopefully you will take the next 5 steps and follow this guide.

Five ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

1. Diet- Eat The Right Foods and Lose Body FatIncrease Testosterone Naturally

Lose the fat and you will produce more testosterone.  It has been shown that men, overweight have lower testosterone levels.  Body fat produces estrogen and estrogen will stop the productions of testosterone. So, no matter what age, if you are overweight, you are probably affecting your levels to some point. Start out with a good diet plan and follow the tips below.  


  • Cut out sugars
  • Eat good fats from red meats, nuts and oils
  • Don’t restrict calories
  • Eat Often
  • Get good sleep

The main point is to develop a testosterone producing diet plan and stick to it. The blue link below is a link to an extensive guide for developing a testosterone producing diet.  

Here is a guide to Dieting for Testosterone

2. HIIT Cardio

HIIT, short for High Intensity Interval Training has been proven to boost testosterone levels in the body.  HIIT is short periods of intense cardio alternating with short periods of low intensity recovery periods.  Forcing the body to participate in high intensity fitness activities will casue the body to produce more testosterone.


30 Seconds of any activity such as sprinting or jumping rope with an 80% to 90% intensity level, followed by 30 seconds of low intensity activities such as walking or jogging lightly allowing recovery.  Rinse and repeat up to 20 minutes.

30 High x 30 Low for 4 min increasing by 1 minute every 3 workout days.

This kind of a work out is demanding but will produce the results your looking for. 

3. Reduce StressIncrease Testosterone Naturally

Stress, is one of the top testosterone killers there is.  Stress affects all parts of the body and will cause the production of testosterone to slow or even stop.  Find activities to lower your levels, find a happy spot. The mind is a strong motivator or demotivator.  

Below is an awesome read for what the mind can positively or negatively affect your ability to increase testosterone levels.  This is a must read.  You would not believe just how awesome your mindset is.

The Warrior Mindset For Increasing Testosterone

4. Heavy Weights/ Compound MovementsIncrease Testosterone Naturally

One of the best ways to produce testosterone is by working out with heavy weights and performing compound movements.  Compound movements are movements using more than one muscle to perform the exercise.  Forcing the body to perform with peak energy levels and physically stressing your muscles followed by good sleep will help the body to produce greater levels of testosterone.

Compound Exercises include:

  • Squats– This exercise works your whole body from head to toe and is the king of compound movements.
  • Deadlifts- This exercise like the squat works the whole body but emphasizes on the back and legs.
  • Pullups/chinups- This compound exercise will work the upper body including the back, biceps, and forearms.
  • Rows- This full body compound exercise works  the upper back, lower back, hips and arms.
  • Bench Press- This exercise is responsible for a huge chest and will also work the arms and shoulders.
  • Military Press- For big shoulders this exercise works very well and also works the triceps and uses some legs.
  • Shoulder Press- Last but not least this exercise puts emphasis on the shoulders along with the triceps and back.

Click Here for A full Workout Guide to Increase Testosterone 

5. Supplements All-Natural

Natural Testosterone can be increased by using supplements that are produced with all-natural ingredients. Scientific studies have tested many types of products and ingredients and come up with the ones that work.

Here is The Guide to The best Best Ingredients proven to work and increase testosterone.

Click Here For Testosterone Scientifically Tested Ingredients

I have reviewed these ingredients.  I have taken and still do take these ingredients. Scientific studies support these ingredients.  So, if your suffering, you should have try them in the supplement links provided below.

If your serious about boosting your testosterone levels then click on the link to increase testosterone now. This is not a sales page but a full review of this awesome and potent testosterone booster.  

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