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AlphaViril Review- A Top Testosterone Supplement

Over 14 Years & 367,200+ Satisfied Users

AlphaViril_Product: AlphaViril
Price: 3 Options from $39.95
Place to Buy: Click Here….AlphaViril
Supply Per Bottle: 30 Days Per Bottle
Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Plus $100.00
My Rating: 10.0AlphaViril Product Overview

AlphaViril Product Overview

AlphaViril is a testosterone booster designed to increase your t-levels and the claim from this company is, “The secret to having the best sex of your life”.

Boosting the male sex hormone responsible for your virility, libido/sexual desire, and even fertility is the outcome you will receive from AlphaViril.

Along with this awesome outcome, the ingredients and benefits that I will explain below can produce fat loss, and lean muscle mass.

After this review, if you decide this is the supplement for you, I will provide the link to the company page where you can read more on the studies and research done to make this testosterone supplement what it is.

The satisfaction rate is about 93.7% of real consumers and that is a high rate of success in the world of boosting testosterone supplements.

Manufacturer Overview AlphaViril Review

HFL (Health, Fitness and Longevity) is a company with 25 medical doctors, researchers, writers, herbalists, pharmacists, and athletes that is able to successfully create health supplements for men and women in 32 countries around the world.

Since 1992, the demand for their products have been high simply because they work. They concentrate their supplements on the reason of aging and are popular in the media, consisting of the internet, TV and radio.

The Corporate headquarters is in Las Vegas, Nevada and they have other offices in California, Texas, and Ohio. HFL’s main pharmaceutical and nutraceutical labs are in Ohio and the products are manufactured in Florida and California.

“Health Media, Inc is focused on providing legitimate, scientific evidence to its product claims. All of our product claims are derived through independent clinical trials. HFL’s products are always tested for safety and effectiveness under controlled laboratory conditions.” Quote taken from

Ingredients of AlphaViril and How They Work 

For over 14 years the best ingredients are clinically and scientifically tested and proven. Months of research on every single ingredient is done to be sure it works and this is done in a lab and real-life situations.

AlphaViril is split into 7 different parts and each has specific ingredients to perform a certain function. Each serving is loaded with pure and natural ingredients.

The amount of natural and pure ingredients in each bottle and serving are a lot. I have summarized below the ingredients and what they do. Here is a link if you would like to read a thorough explanation for each ingredient.

Click Here for……..Explanation of AlphaViril Ingredients

The label will show the following:

Testosterone Optimizer (4 Ingredients)
The goal is to increase your “total” and “free” testosterone in the body. Your “total” testosterone is the testosterone before it is released through waste and your “free” testosterone is the testosterone left over roaming in your body through circulation. These ingredients help to preserve both and increase both.

These are the 4 ingredients:

  • Testofen Fenugreek Extract (Trigonella foenum-graecum; 50% fenusides, 50% Saponins)
  • Avena Sativa Extract (Oat Straw 100:1)
  • Tongkat Ali Extract (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack 100:1)
  • Maca Root (.6% macamides and macaenes Extract)


LH, FSH, SHBG Optimizer (3 Ingredients)
Now that the above ingredients increase your testosterone levels, the next three ingredients keep them higher. When you use a testosterone booster, your t-levels stay up and your natural testosterone producing the following ingredients help with this problem and help the body keep your levels up.

Here are the 3 ingredients:

  • Bulgarian Pro-Tribulus™ Terrestris Extract (90% Sapongenins + 40% protodioscin)
  • Stinging Nettle (95% Extract) (Urtica Dioica)
  • Ginger Extract (10% gingerols)

PDE-5 & Nitric Oxide Optimizer (3 Ingredients)
Improving your hormones and increasing the blood flow and circulation to your penis is the responsibility of these next three ingredients. It is like Viagra or Cialis and utilizes 4 methods and pathways to direct blood flow and circulation to your penis.

Here are the 3 ingredients:

  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa (Piperazine 35%)
  • AAKG (L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate)
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract (Pausinystalia)(8% Yohimbine)

Stress & Cortisol Optimizer (2 Ingredients)
As we all know estrogen is known for being the opposite of testosterone but a bigger opposite is cortisol, which is the inducer of stress. Managing it with these 2 herbs can help to balance stress levels and help your testosterone levels increase.

Here are the 2 ingredients:

  • Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium; Icarrin 60% Extract)
  • Sensoril® Ashwagandha extract (32% oligosaccharides, 10% withanolide glycoside conjugates]


Female Hormone Optimizer (3 Ingredients)
As you age, your hormones, especially estrogen, the female hormone, raises. The body produces an aromatase enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. Also, as we all know as we age our body fat increases, also converting to estrogen. One other thing is the chemicals in the environment also increase our estrogen levels. The problem is estrogen prohibits the body from producing quality testosterone and lowers it.

The 3 ingredients below are responsible for reducing estrogen and Prolactin. Supplementing with these three help to reduce the chances of man boobs, and allowing the body to increase your sex drive, lose body fat, motivate you, and help you to build lean muscle.

Here are the three ingredients:

  • Dim
  • White Button Mushroom Extract 10:1 (Agaricus bisporus)
  • Vitex Agnus Castus (1.5% Agnusides)

DHT Optimizer (1 Ingredient)
The androgen Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is another hormone testosterone can convert to causing negative reactions such as, balding, body hair and prostate problems.

To lower DHT, Zinc, the ingredient below is great for lowering your levels. It is also excellent for stress reduction, an increased libido, and raising testosterone without converting it to DHT.

Here is the ingredient:

  • Zinmax® Zinc Picolinate

Dopamine Optimizer (1 Ingredient)
A reduction in dopamine means a lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction can become the norm. This ingredient, helps to regulate and increase the dopamine in your body helping to increase your libido and help to achieve healthy erections.

Here is the ingredient:

  • Macuna Pruriens Extract (25% L-Dopa)

Benefits of AlphaViril

1 Higher levels of “positive” hormones (total & free testosterone, LH/FSH):BENEFIT: more muscle, less belly fat, higher sex drive & an improved sense of well-being.

2 Lower levels of “negative” hormones (DHT, female and stress hormones):BENEFIT: less body fat, “man boobs” and balding, with improved mood.

3 Improved blood flow & circulation (PDE-5 inhibitor, nitric oxide promoter):BENEFIT: bigger, fuller, harder and prolonged erections.

4 Increased neurotransmitters (dopamine):BENEFIT: increase emotional drive, energy and happiness.

5 Optimal “youth hormone balance” & reduced adaptation:BENEFIT: more effective and powerful, long-term results.

CertificateAlphaViril Review
All HFL products are manufactured under strict FDA Regulations.

The company is certified with a Grade A rating with GMP (good Manufacturing Practices) since 1998 and GMP registration since 2001.

All the ingredients in AlphaViril are certified HPLC teased for purity and quality.

GuaranteeAlphaViril Review
AlphaViril provides a guarantee of 30 days. You get your money back plus $100 Cash if your testosterone levels don’t improve. That is one guarantee that is worth the risk.

Review Findings
The ingredients in AlphaViril are certified for purity and quality. They are manufactured according to the FDA in a clean and qualified facility. That is a lot of ingredients to qualify in one bottle which makes this an awesome product and superior to many testosterone boosters out there.

The guarantee is 2nd to none and this guarantee is quality just as the product is.

Based on the ingredients, the price of the product starting at $39.95, and the amount of customer reviews giving this t-booster a good rating as well, this is may be just the testosterone supplement you are looking for.

Give this supplement a try.

Here is the link to their website. I think you will be impressed at the loads of information they provide and comfortable making the decision to purchase AlphaViril.

AlphaViril_Click here…..AlphaViril Homepage 

–> Dramatically Increase Your Sex Drive

Need a boost in “drive”, both physically and emotionally?

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