Avoid Fancy Labels and False Claims To Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Fancy Labels and False Claims, Stand in The Way of Boosting Testosterone Levels
-and empty your pocket book with nothing to show for it. Testosterone Levels

In your quest to boost your testosterone levels, there are things to take into consideration when looking for a natural testosterone boosting supplement. 

Fancy labels and False Claims can and will stand in the way only if you let them.  Only if you go blindly into buying a supplement because they say “it will work” or they say “it is the best”, will you then become another victim on the list of thousands taken for a ride. 

 I have been studying and using testosterone supplements for years now and the one thing I learned is to trust little and learn big.

In this article, I will be covering:

  • The FDA Regulations on natural supplements
  • The Art of Fancy Labels and False Claims
  • The elements of a Good Testosterone Boosting Supplement
  • One of my favorite testosterone boosting supplements-  Testostogen

The FDA and Supplements FDA Testosterone Levels

There are expectations when you buy a supplement to work and do what it is supposed to.  The ingredients in a product are specific to the problems you are experiencing but the product you purchase may not be all it is claimed to be. 

There is no regulation when it comes to the FDA.  They have no obligation to monitor, test or approve any supplements on the market.

The FDA does not have the authority to review dietary supplements for the safety or effectiveness of any product on the market today.

The companies have the responsibility to review their own product and make claims based on their own beliefs.  They can put sugar in a pill and call it a miracle drug to help whatever ailment you may have. 

This is unfortunate because companies can disguise their products with call it what they want and what it really is might be nothing at all.

The art of Fancy Labels and False Claims 

This title to this section is just as it says, fancy labels and false claims. 

Without FDA Regulation, as to whether the ingredients work and if the ingredients are what they say they are, scams and money hungry people are out there looking to steal your money.  I use the word steal because that is exactly what it is.

Many companies prey on the hardship of others.  They feed on the hopes of people like you and me suffering from life distractions such as low testosterone. 

These types of companies shell out lots of money to the creative big wig masterminds of the marketing world.  These guys are the ones that could sell ice to an eskimo.  They develop a strategy designed to make money and use amazing photography and fancy words to captivate and mesmerize you into believing anything they say.

They will pick the fittest person to place in their ads.  They will use big words and false claims to be the next miracle drug on the market today.  You will see things that catch your eye with beautiful colors, and captivating presentations to mask the fact that they really don’t have that miracle they claim. 

Trickery + False Claims + Fancy Labels= Your Loss of Money and Shattered Hopes

Honesty + Informed + Experience= Success Raising Your Testosterone Levels and Saving Money and Time

These companies will use your low sex drive, your increases in body fat, your low energy levels, infertility, and any other problems to reel you in and take your money. 

That is why I have taken it upon myself to research the right way.  I started from the beginning and have been researching and using testosterone boosting supplements ever since. 

Note- It all starts with diet and exercise before supplements.  Then and only then will a supplement work to increase your testosterone levels. 

Below you will find two links one for a testosterone diet guide and one for a testosterone workout guide.  These two pages will help you to get both in line so you will not be wasting your money when you use the right kind of natural testosterone building supplements.

 Testosterone Diet Guide- Eat The Right Things At The Right Time

 Testosterone Workout- Increase Testosterone By Increasing Lean Muscle

The Elements of a Real Testosterone Boosting SupplementTestosterone Levels

-Read the Label and Look for Natural versus synthetic Ingredients            
A natural supplement is a supplement made with natural ingredients from the earth with little to no side effects. A synthetic supplement will contain ingredients created that will boost your testosterone but will come with a boat load of negative side effects that you do not want. 

-Look for Scientific Studies
A good product will provide evidence of studies done by scientists and the research notes for it. These notes and studies will be easy to find and they will be proven studies. 

-Look for Reviews of the Product
The reviews should be from real consumers that have used the product with either good or bad results.  Remember a bad review is not always a bad product.  Not everyone is happy with everything.  But, look for more positive than negative reviews and you will find the good versus the bad.

-Trust the Person Recommending It 
Believe it or not, I built this site to help people.  Yes, it is my livelihood if you purchase a product, but it is all nothing but the truth.  I am the evidence that the products I recommend do work.  You can contact me anytime and I will give you numbers to people and even Doctors evidence that, after 18 years I was able to have a child with my wife.  These supplements changed my life but not before I made the mistakes of falling for the wrong products, with the fancy labels and false claims.  My research has been going on for years and I will not stop helping people with their low testosterone levels.  If you want to change your levels please trust me.  You will not regret it and neither will your testosterone levels. 

-Finally Look for The GuaranteeGUARANTEE
While you are looking for a natural testosterone boosting supplement that works, look for the warranty.  Look for the guarantee that guarantees it will work or your money back.  This guarantee will allow you use the product long enough for it to show a difference. 


Only a good company will back their product with scientific evidence, pure and natural ingredients, and a guarantee backing up their claims.  These are the supplements I use and recommend. 

The FDA has no obligation to the ingredients or validity of the ingredients.

There are crooks out there looking to steal your bucks and will prey on your sufferings from low testosterone levels. 

Trust everything in this article and trust the recommendations I will provide you with below and you will increase your testosterone levels and enjoy your life once again.

I do not recommend anything I have not used for myself.

I do not recommend anything that doesn’t back their product with a money back guarantee.

I do not recommend any product that is not made from the purest quality ingredients on the market today.

I have been researching these products for many years and taking them since they helped me and my wife to conceive. 

Below Are my Top Three Natural Testosterone Recommendations.  I have used them and I know they work very well to increase testosterone in my body and they should in yours.  They all have a Satisfaction Guarantee so you have nothing to lose but all to gain.

TESTOGEN TestRX Provacyl
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