D-Aspartic Acid Benefits Testosterone Levels and Is #1 for Testosterone and Muscle.

D Aspartic Acid Benefits TestosteroneD Aspartic Acid

D Aspartic Acid benefits testosterone and muscle and is popping up all over in a list of ingredients in many of the top selling natural testosterone supplements on the market today.

In 2017, it will become more popular as results and reviews hit the market so don’t be the last to figure this out.

For many years, the quest to build the best testosterone supplement has become very competitive in nature but the common denominator is the ingredients companies use. 

When an ingredient becomes popular, many businesses try to over-develop it and use different compounds to make it stronger.  Then they market it as the best of the best and there is no regulation to prove their statements to be true or false.

I have been taking testosterone supplements for many years and have been researching companies for longer.  In order to find the right ingredients such as D-AA (D Aspartic Acid), in pure form we must search for reviews, studies, and how the ingredients are processed in the lab. 

You must also understand what the ingredients are and how they affect your goals.

The Role of D Aspartic Acid and Increasing Your Testosterone Levelsd-aspartic-acid

D Aspartic Acid (D-AA), is a form of an amino acid called aspartic acid.  It is a natural amino produced in your body when aspartate converts it in the testicles.  The problem is age and diet can slow or restrict a healthy amount from producing in the body. 

Used for fertility, a supplemental D-AA is used to boost your testosterone levels that last for a week and a half, or more, in healthy males, then they return to normal after. 

Steroids and testosterone therapy will stop the natural testosterone building functions in your body, D-AA will not. 

D-AA works in the brain causing your body to release male hormones such as growth hormone.  This builds up in the testicles causing an increase of natural testosterone in the body.  This temporary increase works well with other ingredients found in testosterone boosters to be very effective in producing healthy and above average testosterone levels.

D Aspartic Benefitstestosterone

The reason D Aspartic Acid is becoming so popular is because of its benefits.  The major benefit is clinically proven effectiveness to increase testosterone levels.

Besides all of the reviews, and stories behind the positive effects of D-AA, there was a study done by the Journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology,shows that men who were given 3.12 grams of D-AA increased testosterone levels  in as little as 12 days and as high as 40%.  Then when the test subjects stopped taking the supplement, he levels only dropped about 10% and even less in some. 

Another benefit of D-AA is lean muscle building effects.  The higher and healthier the testosterone levels are in your body; the easier muscle building and fat loss will be. 

D-AA found in testosterone boosting supplements along with ingredients like L Arginine will increase your chances of building a healthy looking body full of muscle minus fat. 

D-AA is also effective for maintaining muscle while vigorously trying to lose as much fat as possible. It is known that when we try to lose bodyfat, we also lose muscle mass. 

Side Effects od D Aspartic Acid

When taking any supplements, there are reports of side effects in some people.Low Testosterone and Sex

Here are the reported side effects known to date:

  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea if taking more than the recommended dose
  • Acne
  • Mood Swings

Most of the time the side effects are reported when overdosed by taking more than the recommended amount.

Recommended Dose for D Aspartic Acid

The recommended dose for increasing your testosterone levels with D Aspartic Acid is 2,000 to 3,000mg. 

This supplement should be taken daily the time is up in the air but following the suggestions on the supplement bottle is suggested. 


D Aspartic Acid is quickly becoming one of the most popular ingredients in testosterone boosting supplements today.

Its effects primarily used for fertility, is extremely effective for increasing your testosterone levels. 

It is also very effective for increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat at an accelerated rate.

When you look for your testosterone booster, look for D Aspartic Acid in the list of ingredients to be sure you are using one of the most advanced ingredients to date.

As I explained earlier the FDA does not prohibit companies from marketing false claims and they can say what they want as far as what their product will do for you.

Fortunately, I have been in the market for a while as a consumer and researcher and I can give you my recommendations on the companies I know produce the best and purest of ingredients.

I do not recommend anything I have not used for myself.

I do not recommend anything that doesn’t back their product with a money back guarantee.

I do not recommend any product that is not made from the purest quality ingredients on the market today.

I have been researching these products for many years and taking them since they helped me and my wife to conceive. 

Below Are my Top Three Natural Testosterone Recommendations.  I have used them and I know they work very well to increase testosterone in my body and they should in yours.  They all have a Satisfaction Guarantee so you have nothing to lose but all to gain.

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  1. I appreciate your effort in making this a reality for you, making sure you have tried the products, and that is a great basic concept for launching a site like this. Thanks as well for the warnings that all men should know about with the overall goal of increasing testosterone.

    • Thank You for your comments and I believe in what I am writing. I believe in using what I am recommending. This is what makes me believe and assured I am giving the best information possible.

  2. Hello,
    thank you for publishing in-depth article about D Aspartic Acid benefits testosterone. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything we need to know about D Aspartic Acid benefits testosterone. I find your article very interesting. Great info, keep up the good work
    Have a good day

  3. Hello. That is some interesting information. So I have a question right off the bat. Do these supplements assist in conception and also fat loss and muscle growth? Amazing. I think your site is great. The first thing I noticed was how professional it looked. The sentences were well written, no spelling errors and written in a way the average person can understand. Lots of color and the “clinically proven sex pill” jumps out at you without being too much. Will you mainly sell supplements or will you also get into exercise equipment etc? Im afraid I have no improvement suggestions for you other than widen out your market for selling. Good luck I think you will do well.

    • Yes these supplements are great for muscle and fatloss and they have been shown to increase sperm production in the testicles.

      I used them especially for conception anf they worked wonderfully for me. They gave me a lot of energy to increase my libido and to follow a vigerous sex schedule for fertility schedules.

  4. this is a very informative site, except for one thing – can this ACID be found in nature can it be boosted naturally, simple cause i am not to fond of the idea that this stuff can only be gotten from a lab, i would use it if i could boost it naturally, A++ on the page though

    • D-AA is a naturally occurring alternate form of one of the main 20 structural amino acids

      D-Aspartic Acid can be found naturally occurring in the diet, with rich sources being (and the percentages referring to how much Aspartate is racemized in the D-enantiomer

      Soy Protein Soy Based Infant Formula Simulated Bacon Nondairy Creamer Casein Zein (corn protein)

      D-Aspartate can also be created (racemized) from L-Aspartate during the process of cooking or heating, and it has been reported that a doubling of D-Aspartate may occur in raw milk during the pasteurization process (from 1.5% to 3%).[2]

      D-aspartate co-exists alongside L-aspartate, and may be racemized based on the stimulus presented to the amino acids, with heat being most implicated in turing L-aspartate into D-aspartate

  5. Ah yes, BIG Pharma. The supplement industry is way underreguated so it’s good to seek out advice from someone in the know about this instead.
    I am currently trying to lose weight, but I was thinking further down the road I would start taking testosterone boosters after I get own to my goal weight. I am much more likely to purchase one of the three you mentioned because you are an experienced buyer and weeded through the junk.

    • Yes do please consider a testosterone supplement. If your trying to lose weight, you can try one for that too. Keep an eye and your age. If your over 30, its a possibility you could really benefit from them.

      Thank You for your comments and have a great day.

  6. I did not know anything about D-AA before coming to this post. This looks great and I have a feeling I’m gonna try this some time soon.

    This is just the right amount of information anyone would want.

    What is the Money Back Guarantee Time on the products you have mentioned?

    Do they deliver overseas?


    • D-AA is one of the newest compound but in the future it will become more and more popular. The testing shows a good amount of success.

      Yes most of the products do deliver overseas and the guarantee for most is if you ise the product and do not like it return the bottle for the refund of your money. Also, the product guarantee will last long enough for the product to work and allow you to really see the effects before the deadline.

      Here is a great one….http://testosteroneinformer.com/626-2

  7. Hello Mark,

    I am glad to know someone like you who knows inside out, in-depth information about this industry. Particularly when the law does not prohibit false claims. It’s interesting because even athletes and other professionals, they can fall into such traps and are found guilty which leads to their hardworking and dedicated careers sabotaged.

    • This is so true. It is very common that people fall for the false claims and find themselves testing positive or wasting money and time. Thanks for the comments.

  8. Rather informative and it’s obvious you put some work behind this.

    D-Aspartic acid is awesome for increasing natural T levels and definitely one of my personal favorites. It’s included in a lot of boosters which makes sense.

    You mentioned the dosage being from 2 to 3 grams. The studies conducted with DAA show that they used 3.1 grams and this dose proved to have maximum efficiency.

    What do you think about using DAA with Tribulus?

    • Thanks for your comments and D-Aspartic Acid has been awesome for me also….

      As far as Tribulus, I would say yes, and for sure….Tribulus is an oldie but goodie that has been proven to work and has worked for man years….It is a stand alone for many uses and for testosterone it is extremely popular still. So using this in a stack is a sure thing….

      Thanks again


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