Do Testosterone Supplements Work- Read This Before You Buy One

Why Testosterone is neededDo  testosterone supplements work?
That is the question many men ask and the answer is, yes.
The real question is which one’s work and which ones do not? 

I have been using testosterone supplements for over five years now and they are what help me increase my testosterone levels and have a 5-year-old son with my beautiful wife. On a side note, my son is beautiful and he is out gift from god. 

Anyway, back to the article.  Here is a guide to the good, the bad and the ugly when you look for a testosterone supplement. 

I will start with the ugly testosterone supplements. testosterone

I have been researching testosterone and supplements for over five years.  I used to take pro-hormones for weight lifting before they became illegal and that was years ago, probably 20 or so.  The problem with testosterone supplements today is they are not always what they advertise. 

So many companies hire high paid advertisers to write fancy slogans and cover a bottle with an eye-catching label designed to catch your attention and gain your confidence. 

Unfortunately, they are full of fancy labels and false promises.  The ingredients in these products are poor, they are sometimes not even the ingredients they say they are and they are full of fillers to make you think you are getting what you paid for.

These companies want nothing but your money and will not care what you have to say.  They know there are suckers out there that will replace you and buy the next bottle. 

Stay clear of companies that don’t have guarantees, scientific study evidence and new ingredients you may never heard of with claims to be the next wonder of the world. 

These products are nothing but placebo’s.  They work on some making them think things are better when they are not. 

The biggest problem is there is no FDA guidelines as to the ingredients being true or false so you must be careful.

The Bad testosterone

I call these types of testosterone supplements the bad because they tend to work but they have ingredients that are created or synthetic and they come with a boat load of side effects. 

Synthetic supplements can do more harm than good.  This is the same as when I was taking pro hormones.  The supplement will boost your testosterone levels but shut down your natural testosterone production in the testes.

The reason is the body will be fooled by the synthetic supplement thinking it Is producing enough and it will slow the natural process down to prevent overload.  It may even stop it all together.  That leaves you without any natural testosterone.  

When I was taking pro hormones, this happened to me.  I had to cycle off and take something to try and restore natural levels. 

These types of supplements also work like a steroid and they create a large amount of estrogen in your body.  This may start the process of man boobs.  This is when the breast of the male gains extra tissue from the estrogen and start to create breast similar to a woman. I had to take a supplement like milk thistle to prevent the buildup of estrogen. 

So, stay clear form supplements that do not have natural ingredients. 

The Good fenugreek

Finally, we reach the good.  My research has all guided me to natural testosterone supplements.  These supplements are natural meaning they are made from ingredients naturally made. 

Natural testosterone supplements work because they are made from ingredients scientifically tested on real people and recorded with great results. 

These supplements are created specifically to increase your energy levels, sexual stamina, lose body fat, increase lean muscle, and they have given me bigger and harder erections. 

Natural Testosterone Supplements will not shut down your natural testosterone production in the body.

They will not decrease your sperm count and in fact they will increase them.

SummaryTestosterone Supplement Guide

Do natural testosterone supplements work?  Yes, they do and they work very well.  The only thing is, I still suggest a good exercise and diet plan specific to increasing your testosterone levels. 

Don’t wait, do it sooner than later.  Low levels affect many aspects of your life and they don’t have to.  Why suffer when you can repair your levels now and be young again. 

Thanks for reading this and I hope this article helps you out.  Please let me know what you are thinking and leave a comment below.  It helps me to know what you would like to read and what you might not understand or want changed. 

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6 thoughts on “Do Testosterone Supplements Work- Read This Before You Buy One”

  1. great article! I am always suspicious when it comes to testosterone supplements because it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. not only that, but the fact that some of them are synthetic and could harm the body. I am very particular when it comes to putting things into this body. but i’m glad I read this review, helped give me a better understanding. Thanks

    • The good thing is there are folks like you that are suspicious. It is a good thing because I learned the hard way and lost a lot of money on false claims and fancy labels. That is why I am here now writing to everyone. I want them to know there are natural products, natural, from herbs, bushes and flowers that can help to boost testosterone levels. The ones on my pages are natural and scientifically proven to boost your levels.

      Thanks for visiting sending good luck, great health and happiness to you forever.

  2. Thanks for the information Mark. It’s always difficult to separate the hype from reality out there. I myself don’t have a testosterone issue, but then again I’m only in my early 30s. I imagine it’s all downhill from here as they say! What would you say about Gingko though as a natural testosterone supplement. I take it today just to give my energy levels a boost. Would it give me the benefits of better testosterone management later as well?

    • Joshua, Thanks for the comments and reading my article.

      Your right and unfortunately the hype wins out more times than not. That is why I want to share my experiences with everyone and let them know to be cautious. Don’t follow just the fancy labels, listen to others with experience and a real story.

      Your in your 30’s but its not necessarily down hill yet if your not experiencing symptoms. I would say your levels are fine yet they are not what they were in your 20’s. Keep your diet in check and your fitness levels up and you can still be fine for awhile.

      For people like you that aren’t affected right away, or ever, this is more of an awareness if anything.

      As far as Ginko, this is a great supplement. It actually will decrease your stress levels. Stress increases cortisol and cortisol will limit testosterone production. So, taking Ginko will reduce cortisol and can help to maintain a healthy testosterone level in your body.

      Thanks for visiting sending good luck, great health and happiness to you forever.


  3. It does not surprise me to find out that many companies cut corners for the sake of selling products just for the money without having a proper working product. I’ve always found using natural and organic products to give the best performance over any human-made products that have been synthesized from whatever some of these companies figure they can make money from.

    Good article.

    • It is upsetting to me because people like I was are dealing with low testosterone and they are at a huge inconvenience in like. Unhealthy low levels are serious to those suffering and to take advantage is just unacceptable.

      Natural product are great because they are made with pure ingredients as long as you know which companies are pure. They come with little or no side effects and none serious like prescription drugs or synthetic made ones.

      Cutting corners will never be an option with me and shouldn’t be with anyone.

      Thanks again and good luck in life my friend.



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