Does Weight Lifting Increase Testosterone? Yes, and These 3 Exercises are Mandatory

Testosterone Workout- Increase Testosterone By Increasing Lean Muscle

Does weight lifting increase testosterone? Weightlifting to Increase Testosterone

Yes, it does, and I will answer this question in this article and give you the three best exercises to do just that.

When you are looking to boost your testosterone levels naturally, there are three things you want to do.  The first is to change your diet.  The second is to work out (this is the subject of this article today).  Finally, the third thing is to start a natural testosterone supplement to supplement your hard work with the diet and exercise. 

I am not going to go into your diet for this article because I have written a diet guide in depth for you to read if you are interested.  Just to point out one thing, you really need to change your diet specific to increasing testosterone. The Fats you consume, the protein and the carbs, are important and they are not like an ordinary diet for weight loss or weight gain. 

Here is the link  Testosterone Diet Guide- Eat The Right Things At The Right Time

Natural Testosterone Supplements
Supplements are just as important to increasing your testosterone levels and they will do just that as long as you’re following a good diet and exercise program. I wrote a guide to choosing the right natural testosterone supplement and you can read about it by clicking the link below.

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Work Out- Weight Lifting to Increase Testosterone Weightlifting to Increase Testosterone

If you read the first two parts of this article you will find the common denominators.  They are diet and exercise. 

Exercise is important and on the list of the top 3 ways to naturally boost your testosterone.  I am going to get into the top three exercises that are essential or mandatory to include in your exercise regimen to increase your levels. 

I just want to start out by telling you to increase your testosterone, your work outs should include weight training. 

The weight training you should be doing is hard work but it will pay off in the end. 

Compound weight training is the way to getting your levels back to normal and if your levels are normal to increase them into the elite level.

Compound weight training is lifting heavy weight, using multiple muscles, at the same time, to fatigue the muscle and trigger your brain to increase testosterone levels in your body.

Another benefit for compound lifting is it accelerates the building of muscle and helps your body to shed off the body fat faster and more efficiently.

Lowering your body fat levels will lower your estrogen levels which are responsible for testosterone lowing in your body.

So, leaner and bigger muscle help to burn fat and give you a better chance to increase your testosterone levels.

Here are The Top 3 Exercises to Include in your Weight Training to Increase Testosterone

Compound Movement #1

Squats-Weightlifting to Increase Testosterone
Squats are to be done with heavy weight.  This exercise incorporates almost all muscles in your body making it the compound exercise at the top of the list. 

The legs have the biggest muscles in your body and using them to lift heavy weight to exhaustion will cause the body to go into a burning and building mode.  This will include burning more calories and building the big muscles in the body and your testosterone levels will appreciate that.

The Squat if done correctly will benefit your body for long periods of time even after your done working out. If done correctly it is the best.

If done incorrect you can set your body back even more by creating muscle injuries and prohibiting yourself from sticking to a solid work out each day. 

To do a squat, you should have good knees and follow these steps to do them in correct form.  This will help prevent injury and make your exercise more effective to the body.

  1. Place a weighted barbell on a rack or use dumbbells with heavy weight.  The weight on the barbell or dumbbells should be enough that you can squat with the weight 6 to eight times before failure.
  2. Once you have determined the correct weight and have the barbell or dumbbells set up your ready to begin.
  3. Place the barbell behind your neck resting on the back of your shoulders. Or, hold the dumbbells to the sides of your body. 
  4. With a slow movement, squat down until your knees become parallel to the floor.
  5. Caution- Do not let your knees move forward to extend over your toes.  This will place unwanted pressure on your knees. 
  6. Once you are in this position, with power extend back up to a standing position but do not lock your knees. 

Repeat this for 6 to 8 reps with a heavy weight to failure for each set. 

This exercise is a killer for testosterone.  Your levels can soar if you incorporate it into your work out.

Compound Exercise #2

Deadlift Your Testosterone Levels into OrbitWeightlifting to Increase Testosterone
The deadlift is another compound exercise you will want to concentrate on and make sure it is in your work outs.

The deadlift is a compound exercise that uses most muscles in the body and you should use heavy weight to force your body to adapt to increasing your testosterone levels with the hard and heavy work you will be doing. 

To do this exercise, you will place a weighted barbell on the floor.  You can also use dumbbells for this exercise.

Place weight on the barbell.  You want to do a few lifts to see what your max lifting weight is.  Your max will be the weight you can lift 6 to 8 times and then fail on the 9th

Once you have this weight, you are ready to go. 

  1. With the barbell on the floor, stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart and place your feet about mid-way under the bar.
  2. Garb the bar with hands griping the barbell about shoulder with apart. 
  3. Bend your knees until your shins touch the bar. 
  4. With your arms fully extended pull the bar while you stand up to a standing position locking your hip and your knees.
  5. Then lower it back to the floor, to the starting position.

Do this with failure between 6 to 8 reps for 5 to 6 sets.

If you are using dumbbell’s, use heavy weight but and the same position, but you will just have to use other stabilizer muscles to hold the dumbbell’s in the same position you would a barbell. 

Compound Exercise #3

The Bench Press Weightlifting to Increase Testosterone
The third compound exercise that is extremely important for increasing testosterone is a bench press.

The bench press is probably the most common exercise used when it comes to lifting weights. 

Most people use it to build their chest but there are more benefits than just the chest.

The benefits are exactly why you are here, for increasing testosterone.  This exercise is also great for adding mass to your triceps, shoulder, and puts stress your abdomen and other muscles in the body. 

So, this is a must do for all the above reasons.

Here is a directive on how to a proper bench press.

Again, after you understand the correct technique, you will want to start off light until you find out what your max weight is when you fail between 6 to 8 repetitions.

  1. This exercise will be performed lying flat on a weight bench.
  2. With your arms extended, you will push the barbell of the rack while lying flat on your back.  
  3. Your hand will be approximately shoulder width apart. 
  4. Then lower the bar to your chest without touching or bouncing it off your chest.  Keep your elbows close to your sides when performing this exercise to put more stress on your chest and avoid injury.
  5. Once the barbell is to your chest push back up with an explosive force to the starting position.

Continue this exercise for 6 to 8 reps to failure on the last rep. 

Do this exercise for 5 to 6 sets. 

Work Out Guide

These are the top three exercises among others to boost your testosterone.  Blow is a link to my full testosterone workout guide that you should review.

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The three exercises explained above should be used in your exercise program to increase your chances to increase your testosterone.

They are compound exercises, and they are designed to recruit the most amount of muscles in your body during the lifts. 

Increase muscle function, increase muscle mass, and increase your testosterone. 

Keep in mind these exercises while used in a routine, should be accompanied by a proper diet. 

Along with your diet and exercise, there are natural testosterone supplements on the market that will increase your testosterone without harming your body like synthetic supplements or steroids. 

Natural Testosterone Supplements are perfect to do just what they say, supplement your body to produce natural testosterone in your body.

Below is a link to my guide to pick the right supplements.  I have done years of research and wasted tons of money using the wrong stuff, so my research has helped me to find what is right. 

Allow me to help you find the right product. The link below will take you to my guide and give you the names of some of the best supplements on the market today.

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  1. Gomer Magtibay

    Thank you for this informative article on increasing Testosterone level. I do recognize that this male hormone is responsible for developing manly muscles. And, I do need big muscles too, as they add to “looks”.

    I have a question:

    I suspect DHT as one of the reasons for my thinning hair and becoming bald. DHT stands for Di-Hydroxy Testosterone.

    Now, if I strive to increase the level of Testosterone in my body, will it accelerate my balding?

    1. Mark Thoms (Post author)

      Hello Sir I thank you for this comment.

      This is a good idea for another article because I also have balding.

      I used synthetic testosterone when I was younger, in the for of pro hormones until they banned them in the US. I believe this is what caused the DHT Spike and caused me to bald sooner than normal. None of my other family members are bald but me. This is due to the created supplement in the form of a steroid type of supplement.

      The natural ingredients in these supplements are different. They help your body to produce natural testosterone and actually have been shown to block the DHT production in the bodyand Fenugreek is one of the ones shown to do this. Now this is out for discussion but I know since I have been using natural supplements, I have not had any increased balding.

      I will post an article in the future on this so please stay tuned.

      Thanks for the conversation.

  2. Ron

    First of all congratulations on your family and good luck in the future for you all. I agree that our diets are very important in every aspect of our lives, and exercise I love to work up a good sweat. The natural vitamins and supplements I take some daily not so much for testosterone increase. But do you think heavy weight lifting is for everyone, i work with light to medium is it possible to get some of the same results? I may have miss it in the post how often do you lift?

    1. Mark Thoms (Post author)

      Hello Ron thanks for your reply!

      I would say to answer your question, It depends on your age, health and diet. This work out with heavy weight is designed to maximize you testosterone levels. It is the hard work that forces the body to convert.

      But, healthy fitness levels of any kind, along with getting a good seat on is great. Your body will maintain for sure, just make sure your diet is good too.

      You will burn fat, and put on some muscle which will still convert to testosterone. Heavy weights again are to maximize or increase your levels if they are low and you want to repair them as efficiently as possible.

      I would say keep up your workouts as is. Just make sure your progressing and challenging yourself to the uncomfortable sweaty levels and your will be fine.

      Try out a natural testosterone supplement from my page. This will also help you to build muscle and burn fat which will also help you convert to testosterone. This is exactly what a supplement is for. It will help the diet and exercise to convert your levels better.

      Thanks for your Reply and have a great day.


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