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ID-100240598If your looking to increase testosterone, you’re not alone. I was like you, until I started looking to increase my testosterone levels.

You, like millions of others, are in a group struggling day in and day out with anxiety, stress, low energy, low libidos, decrease sexual desires, higher percentages of body fat especially in the gut or erectile dysfunction.

For me it was embarrassing and stressful.  I didn’t want help because I was too embarrassed to ask for it.

The 3 steps to Increasing Your Testosterone In the Most Efficient Way Possible
1. The first and most important step to increase levels is a strict diet. Eating all of the right foods will trigger your testosterone production in the body.
2. The second step is to find a good workout regimen that will increase testosterone by doing the right exercises with the right rest periods and the recommended intensity.
3. The third and final way would be to supplement with testosterone supplements. So, these are the steps recommended although not easy per say but the right way.

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Now allow me to explain the steps in a little more detail.

Testosterone Diet

While on your quest to increase testosterone, there is one thing you most certainly need to know and understand.  Without a proper diet or at least eating as clean as possible you will have a hard time ever achieving your goals to increase your levels of testosterone.  So, with that said,  the first step to naturally increasing your levels can be found in the super market.

A clean diet with the right foods is essential to be successful in any diet whether it is for fat loss, bulking, cutting, high cholesterol, diabetes or most importantly the reason you are here, low testosterone levels.

There are certain foods to eat that will help and certain foods that will stand in the way of ever building testosterone levels in the body.  The body, a magnificent machine, responds to fuel and the fuel is food.  It is like a car, if you pour dirty gas into the fuel tank it will never run efficiently, now if you pour the clean gas in, the car will run and it will run fast and efficient. Eating at the right times are also responsible for the levels in your body.

The best times that will have a major impact on your testosterone levels are before bed and when you awake.  Below are some recommended guidelines.

Testosterone Dieting Guidelines

  • Certain foods like poultry, fish, pork and especially red meat which is high in the right kinds of fat will trigger the bodies ability to build testosterone faster and in greater amounts
  • Do not restrict calories- Restricting calories can have an even worse effect on testosterone
  • Eat Fats-monounsaturated fats found in nuts, olives, olive oil and avocados, and saturated fats from red meat and egg yolks work naturally to increase levels.
  • Do not restrict vegetables or carbs, just eat them at the right times of the day.
  • Do not restrict calories forcing your body into starvation mode and shutting down growth hormones and testosterone.

So, if you want to increase your testosterone levels, your diet is the first place to start and change it.

I have a page dedicated more in detail to diet.  If your interested click below!

Guidelines to Diet for Testosterone

ID-100269608Testosterone Workout

Testosterone levels are elevated after a workout but it is the workout that affects if they stay elevated and increase.  Weightlifting has the biggest effect on your levels as opposed to cardio.  Weight training with heavy weight and compound movements are key.  Long bouts of cardio will actually counter testosterone making in the body so stick to short sessions. Below are some guidelines.
  • Find a fitness plan out and stick to it.
  • Heavy weights, low reps with slow lifting movement.
  • HIIT Cardio is a good way to increase testosterone.  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is cardio perform with multiple short burst of cardio followed by short rest periods.
  • Rest, Rest, Rest- Get 8 Hours of sleep if possible.

This kind of workout is not easy, but the results are nothing but the best.  It involves heavy lifting and a commitment to stay on track and stay dedicated.

For more guidelines and exercises, click on my workout page.


Increase Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone supplements are becoming more and more popular because they will in fact supplement your ability to increase testosterone.

Look for ingredients such as Tribulus Terrestris, L- Arginine, ZMA, Horney Goat Weed, and Long Jack for the top ingredients in the supplement.

Testosterone supplements, will work best when incorporated with a good diet and exercise program.

Benefits include an increased libido (enhanced  sex drive)  awesome fat loss, lean muscle and give you back your younger years of energy and stamina.

I have done an extensive study on supplements for testosterone, and I have come up with the top supplements on the market today.

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