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This article will give you some of the most important signs to recognize low testosterone levels in your body.

Recognize Low Testosterone Signs and SymptomsIf there is one thing that hasn’t changed over the years and in fact has become more evident is many males suffer from low testosterone and suffer from the negative effects it imposes on the body. This includes the mental and physical well-being, and the quality of life for males. Levels of testosterone decrease gradually as we age and testosterone levels drop more and more each year from 30 years old and on. So, if you are thinking you might have low testosterone levels, read on to find out some of the biggest signs that are hard to ignore and support the fact that you may be experiencing low levels.

Some of The Most Common Signs or Symptoms of Low Testosterone

There are many different signs and symptoms of low testosterone that are easily recognizable, especially if you are the one suffering from the lower levels.  Even if you are not showing the signs, they may creep up on you in the near future as you age.  Men lose 1% to 2% of their testosterone levels each year after the age of 30.  That is an overwhelming 10% at 40 years old, and 20% at 50 years of age.  Now this is a ballpark percentage but they are the most common loses reported by medical research and doctors that treat low testosterone levels in men.  Some men lose more and some less, but let us just face reality a bit and realize we do lose some as men as we get older.  How you deal with it is your business, but if interested, more times than not, you can increase your testosterone levels and don’t have to just live with the signs and symptoms described below.

#1 Low Sex Drive

If you are experiencing a low sex drive, then you may be experiencing a symptom of low testosterone and one that places #1 on my list. Testosterone, produced in the testicles, supports the bodies want and need for sex. When your levels are low you can experience little sexual energy. You will notice the need for sex decreases and for no good reason. This is something that affects not just your physical well-being but your mental one as well. When it becomes time to step up to the plate and you just don’t want to, you may think what the hell is wrong with you. As I did, I also experienced embarrassment with my wife because I didn’t want to do anything. It was also hard to explain and help my wife understand that it wasn’t her. I wasn’t cheating, and she wasn’t ugly. I was experiencing low levels of testosterone and that was the only culprit. After I acknowledged this, I was able to raise my levels, and regain my sex drive.

#2 Erectile Dysfunction

Along with your sex drive, low testosterone can be responsible for your erection and not being able to achieve and erection. This kind of goes hand in hand with a low sex drive. If you don’t really have a sex drive, then you may just not become erect because of the low energy. On the other hand you may have medical reasons or take medications that affect this ability also. Many times it is the low sex drive from low testosterone which prevents you from wanting to have sex. No sexual desire, energy, or drive just doesn’t excite and doesn’t help support and produce an erection. This can be embarrassing for most of us, but just know you can fix it. It can leave your partner feeling unwanted as well. This can cause stress and anziety which is also a sign of low testosterone.  If you are experiencing Erectile Dysfunction, look into increasing testosterone levels and it just may be what you need.

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#3 Fatigue

Fatigue is one a popular reason a male might become aware of low testosterone levels. As we age, we start to get tired more often and get fatigued pretty quick. As a result, many men see the old doc to check out why their energy levels are so low or they just chalk it up to old age and deal with it.  I started out that way, then started taking Vitamin D, then Vitamin C, then I took too much caffeine and other energy supplements until the doctor told me she wanted to test my testosterone levels. I never thought this might be an issue but found out that is was in fact low testosterone levels. Actually I was experiencing the top 3 and more but due to embarrassment held back the sexual information from the doctor. I didn’t want to admit it and because of it my ability to participate in fertility treatments suffered. I didn’t have the energy, the sex drive, or the on demand erections when my wife and I were attempting to have children. Lets just say after 18 years, I was able to conceive a child with my wife and we are so grateful. My testosterone levels helped when it came time to have sex at the most inopportune times. This may sound insensitive but for people trying to have children, and are having problems, sex becomes more of a job then for pleasure. When you are tired, that is when it will be time to perform. If you are levels are low, it makes it that much harder and fatigue will prevent much more than just staying awake.

#4 Increased Body Fat

Increased body fat can be a sign of low testosteroneAs men age, we may notice a gradual increase in body fat. We may also notice it is a lot harder to lose that fat. Even at a younger age, an increase of body fat can be a sign of low testosterone levels. If your body is running at peak testosterone levels, body fat is usually not a problem or if you change some things, losing it is not a problem either. If you are experiencing an increased amount of bodyfat, especially if your over the age of 30 years old, or into your 40s and beyond, testosterone may be your problem.

#5 Loss of Lean Muscle Mass

Loss of Lean muscle mass can be a sign of low testosteroneAlong with increasing body fat in the body, you may have noticed your muscle mass is disappearing. Testosterone builds muscle and lower levels will decrease quality muscle mass you can build and keep. You may notice a softer muscle tone and the size of your muscle may decrease when your testosterone is low. Along with this, you will notice the body fat increase. If you are losing muscle and gaining fat, work on increasing testosterone with a good testosterone diet, workout and natural supplement.

#6 Loss of Memory

Research from places such as the Journal of the American Medical Association support that the loss of memory as you age may be just as much a low testosterone issue as age is itself. A study in this journal produced results of better memory with testosterone supplementation.

#7 Low Semen Volume

If you are trying to have a child with your wife and are having issues, keep in mind that testosterone aids in the production of semen. Low testosterone Levels can be a major culprit for infertility in males because of the low volume of semen produced.  Semen is produced in the testicles, so increase testosterone and increase your sperm production.

#8 Hair Loss

As a male starts puberty at a young age, testosterone production in the body starts and is responsible for body hair, a deeper voice and sexual functions. These testosterone levels increase when your young and things are all great. But, just as they increase they can decrease once you start to age. In-turn, you may experience hair loss on the body, your face, and on your head.

#9 Mood Changes

Irritability, anxiety, and loss of focus are all possible signs of low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone and just like other hormones, when the levels are low you can become moody. Irritation and anxiety are good reasons to check into your testosterone.

#10 Smaller Penis and Testicles

Testosterone is the main sex hormone developed in the testicles. If your T-levels are low you may experience smaller testicles and a smaller penis. This can be due to lack of testosterone production, and less of the hormone that is responsible for the developement of your sex glands. There are other issues that can also affect your size but do not ignore your levels. Low Testosterone levels can be an easier fix to help with this issue. Supplements such as L-Arginine can also help to increase your size.

#11 Low Blood Count

Anemic males with low testosterone levels were able to increase their blood count levels by increasing their testosterone levels according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. Signs of anemia include coordination, concentration, increased heart rates, dizziness, body cramping, and sleeping issues. If you are experiencing these signs, try increasing your testosterone.


Signs of low testosterone levels in the body are apparent more times than not. Even if your levels are normal, increasing testosterone may be beneficial in repairing some of these issues. For instance if your levels are normal and your energy levels are low, increasing the amount of testosterone may be the thing to help.

Putting it straight and easy to understand, if you are having any issues as explained above, look into increasing your testosterone levels. Testosterone can be increased in the body naturally by diet, exercise and supplementation. Medical issues can also cause low levels and in another article I will dive into the medical problems that can affect your levels. Even then, there may be help to increase testosterone.

A normal diet and a conventional workout is not really the answer. You need to workout a certain way for the body to respond and produce testosterone. You also need to eat different from a fat loss diet to increase testosterone.

Most importantly, if you take anything away from this article, be aware that your testosterone levels are important. If you are older than 30 years old, than you owe it to yourself to look into your levels and start working to increase levels either way to enjoy the benefits. Stop suffering and start living, increase your testosterone.

If you enjoyed this article or have any questions please reply and comment below. Your comments and questions help me to grade how well I am getting my information out and tell me if I am really helping anyone. Thank You

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