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Low Testosterone And Depression- There is a significant link

testosterone and depressionStudies show men with depression also have low testosterone levels.  Based on studies, 50% of men with depression, only confirm that low testosterone and depression have a link that will put a damper on your sex life, energy levels, over all fitness levels, and more.

In this article, you will find information regarding:

  • How low testosterone and depression are linked.
  • We will explain why boosting your testosterone levels can slow or even reverse the feelings of depression.
  • Why low levels of testosterone can cause depression and why depression may cause your low levels of testosterone.
  • Who is in the high risk category for low testosterone and depression.
  • We will give you some recommendations to help you start boosting your t-levels


How Testosterone and Depression are Linked

Depression is a heavy burden when you are suffering from it. One reason could be low testosterone levels. Testosterone and depression are linked by the fact that if you are suffering from depression, it can slow down the testosterone building process in your body. Then, on the other side of it, if you have low testosterone levels, you can start to experience depression. Either way one can affect the other making them linked by cause.

See the examples Below:

At the age of 30 the body starts to slow down testosterone production between 1% to 2% per year. With that in mind, if you are aging, your levels may be decreasing and can be causing you to have depression.


You may be a younger adult that should have normal levels or testosterone but have depression. That depression could be slowing your testosterone production and causing you to be obese, or lethargic, and even a low libido.

As you can see one may cause the other. They are both culprits for a poor, unhealthy life.

Why Boosting Your Testosterone Levels Can Help With Depression

Boosting your testosterone levels has a multitude of good side effects and lowering depression is one.

When you boost your testosterone levels, you start to experience chemical balancing that can give you a rush of good energy. Your body goes into a fix it mode and it makes you feel great.

You start to have the energy to wake up easier, and you sleep better. Your workouts get more intense helping your body to shed body fat quicker and easier.

You start to notice your libido spike and your mood gets extremely better.

For all these reasons, depression has a hard time sticking around. When you start to feel better about yourself, lose weight, and get healthy in life then you can get healthy in the mind.

There is no denying the facts and the studies back up the fact that boosting your testosterone is a start to fixing your depression.

How Depression Lowers Your Testosterone

The feelings of depression have a physiological effect on the brain causing stress, anxiety, fatigue and an overall feeling of bad health. Getting out of this funk is not easy and it is affecting your testosterone levels.

Your testosterone levels are produced in the testies and they respond to good stress like working out hard, eating well, and fixing your mind to think well.

If you are suffering from depression, your mind is being clouded by the negative prohibitors of producing this hormone testosterone.

Without the energy to get in shape, you start to experience increases in body fat which will slow testosterone. You may experience a slowed sex drive. No sex means no stimulation to the sexual hormone, meaning slowed testosterone production.

Many medications for depression can also cause lowered testosterone levels. If you are taking a medication for your depression, ask you doctor if yours is one of them that causes a low libido.

Therefore, depression has been studied and has been shown to lower testosterone levels in the body.

Who Is at High Risk for the Low Testosterone and Depression Link

For Low Testosterone Levels, Older males after the age of 30 are more affected by low testosterone and therefore can experience depression more frequently than a younger male.

For depression, you can experience low testosterone due to depression medications, and the effects that depression can cause to the body.

Recommendations For Low Testosterone and Depression

Whether depression is causing low testosterone levels, or low testosterone levels are causing you depressions, the common denominator here is low testosterone. Fix your low testosterone levels and you will be well on your way to a new you.

Recommendation #1

Create a mindset to overcome this obstacle. Testosterone is your friend and depression is not. You have to convince and train your mind to achieve success with boosting your t-levels. Your mind is the obstacle that will be the hardest part to train. Once you do this the rest is a cakewalk.

Awesome Read Mindset Article Click Here

Recommendation #2

Eat right. Get yourself on a diet for boosting your testosterone levels. Eating right is the bodies fuel for everything to run at peak performance. Your car will not run without gas and your body will not run without food.

A testosterone boosting diet has recommendations to eat higher fat and cholesterol. Red meat is great and fats are awesome.

Here is a link to a page I wrote for building your diet to boost your testosterone. Testosterone Diet Guide

Recommendation #3

Work out like you never have before. Intensity, pain, and hard work are all your friends. The path to increasing testosterone the quickest is a workout loaded with compound movements with heavyweight.

Studies have also shown a recommended strategy to combat stress, anxiety and depression, is a good workout regimen.

Here is my workout guide to build a workout for you. Testosterone Workout Guide

Recommendation #4

Testosterone Supplements. Buyer beware! There are lots of supplements on the market both natural and synthetic that will steal your money with a bogus pill that doesn’t work.

The way to find the best is to find someone that knows what they are talking about. Someone with personal experience and someone that has done the extensive research.

That would be me. I have been taking supplements for testosterone for years now and I know what works and what doesn’t. I have the personal knowledge and have studied this subject in great detail. My son is here today because of me boosting my testosterone curing stress and depression and boosting my fertility hormones.

If you are looking for a great supplement, here is one.

Spartagen xt review

If you are looking for a good supplement guide, here is a link with all the information you need to know to make an informed decision when choosing the best natural testosterone supplement for you and your needs.

Click Here For My Testosterone Supplement Guide


Like I have been saying through the whole article, to help with depression, boost your testosterone and to boost your testosterone, change your mindset, eat for testosterone, work out hard, and supplement naturally.

There is a scientific direct link between low testosterone and depression. Some studies show up to 50% of men with depression have low testosterone.

I really hope you found this article a good one and it helps you in some way.

I know when I was in the same boat, I needed information like this and when I found it, I was able to change my whole life for the better.

Please comment below if you have any questions or let me know your ideas and thoughts.



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