Low Testosterone and Sex- Low Levels Can Complicate Your Relationship

Low Libido

Low Testosterone and SexLow Testosterone and Sex

Low Testosterone and sex are words many men refuse to talk about in the same sentence.  The problem is many men ignore low testosterone levels for the fear of embarrassment, pride, or just being unaware.

For me it was a little of all three.  I was 38 years old.  My wife and I were trying to have a baby and had been trying for 18 years with no luck.  I was tired all the time, and we were stressed beyond stressed. 

For years my wife would tell me when it was time and she was fertile.  Sex became a job more than for pleasure, and it was not spontaneous or as fun anymore. My energy levels were low, my stamina was exhausted and my libido was extremely low. 

This is when I decided to test for low testosterone.  I went to the doctor and my levels came back just under the recommended level so he wouldn’t treat me.  This was actually a good thing because testosterone treatments will actually slow down or stop natural sperm and testosterone production in the body.  The body thinks it is producing enough so it slows down the natural production. 

I then began to study testosterone production in the body and look at things to do for energy, stamina and my libido.

I found out many things.  I wasted a lot of money on supplements with fancy labels and false claims to help me with my problems.  Then I started extensive research and this is what I found out.

There is a place for natural testosterone supplements and I will explain in a bit.  First, I must tell you the important things, I found out about with testosterone in the body and its effects on sex and your relationships. 

After the age of 30 years old, your body will start to slow production of testosterone to the tune of 1% to 2% per year.  So by the time you reach 40, you will have slowed your testosterone levels by approximately 10% to 20%. 

Believe me, if you are like me and many others, by the time you reach 40, you start to notice the slowed production.  But, without being aware that this happens, like me and others, we tend to think its diet, or just an age thing.

Well it is an age thing but it can be fixed.

Common Problems with Low Testosterone and Sex:Low Testosterone and Sex

  • Low Libido
  • Stress
  • Low Energy
  • Loss of Sexual Stamina
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Infertility
  • Sexual Desire
  • Self Confidence
  • Partner Loses Interest
  • Partner Feels Un-Attractive or Un-wanted


My Personal Experience One With Testosterone and Sex

When I was experiencing low levels of testosterone, I started to avoid sex.  This was due to a low libido.  Sex was not a desire at the time and it was a low priority.  This had a toll on my relationship due to my wife not feeling wanted or desired.  This was far from the truth but instead of admitting it, I just avoided it. 

We were trying to have a child so sex was high on her list of priorities but my condition affected me. 

My Personal Experience Two With Testosterone and Sex

Being tired all of the time was another problem.  Being tired all of the time put the same type of strain on my relationship.  I didn’t want to do anything.  I didn’t just refuse sex, I refused activity.  Energy levels were at a low and the more I refused the more my energy levels depleted. 

My Personal Experience Three With Testosterone and Sex

I started to eat more due to gaining body fat and stress.  This was taxing on my relationship because I was crabby all of the time.  Everything I ate was junk and it made me feel like junk.  I didn’t see it at the time but now that I eat healthy, exercise, and take a supplement to increase my low testosterone levels, I see it all.

It took me awhile to figure these things out but I am thankful I did. 

My Results Due to Diet, Exercise, and Natural Testosterone Supplements10385378_10152583487932302_7497343571837952865_n

My son is now 5 years old, going on 6 years old.  I have energy like I was 20 years old, my libido for a 43-year-old male, is way above average, and many of the ingredients you will find in the supplements will increase the size of your manhood like it did to mine.  This makes the wife very happy too.

If any of my experiences sound familiar, you owe it to yourself to look into your own testosterone levels. You owe it to your partner to figure this out sooner than later.  Don’t’ make her feel less desired. 

Test Your Testosterone

There is a test, if you would like to test yourself without seeing a doctor. The tests on the market are pretty accurate and I recommend the test for blood and saliva. 

Here is a link to purchase this test. It has great reviews and will give you and accurate reading of your current testosterone levels.



I have used testosterone supplements for over 5 years now and I am comfortable with guiding others to the ones that work with the best ingredients proven scientifically. 

I feel like a pro when it comes to testosterone and I feel like I could answer just about any question when it comes to your testosterone and how it affects your body. 

I owe all of this knowledge to my son.  My desire to have a child and my wives desire, made me study and learn everything I could.  It made me what I am today, a wealth of testosterone information. 

With that said, I use or have used every testosterone supplement you will find on any of my pages.  I believe in knowing personally the ins and outs of everything I recommend.  This makes me feel ethically invested in positive effects on other’s lives and that makes me feel great.

I want others to experience what I have and recapture what they deserve.  I want you to get your youth back and get your testosterone levels back to healthy. 

Natural Testosterone Supplement

Change your status from low testosterone and sex being negative to high testosterone and sex as a positive

Here are a couple of the current testosterone supplements on the market that have great reviews.  I believe in them and they are guaranteed or your money back.  You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. 

Don’t waste time, do it now can click below for a couple of the top testosterone supplements on the market today. 

I also have a page written as a testosterone supplement guide.  

Click here to read it….. Testosterone Supplement Guide






The product below is a duo purpose supplement for testosterone and muscle.  You will not only be a beast in bed but you will look like a beast too.  






  1. Vlad

    From my understanding low testosterone levels are hell itself, they take away from whatever it is that makes us men.
    I recently read a very interesting study that concluded that there is a vast correlation between cholesterol and fats to testosterone.
    Not in a bad way either.
    Do you think this information could benefit your readers?
    If so, just tell me and I’ll send you a link.

    There’s an entire study about the topic, and what foods you should be avoiding (Soy, for example, contains estradiol, which is a type of estrogen that weakens testosterone.)

    I enjoyed reading about your personal experiences.

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Mark Thoms (Post author)

      Hello Vlad!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. Yes cholesterol is great for building testosterone and I welcome your article. please send it to testosteroneinformer@gmail.com. I love information on this subject and there is always something new to learn.

      To build off your comment, yes low testosterone is hell. It is stressful, embarrassing at times, and it is a distraction in your life that should be fixed.

      Thank again and I look forward to reading your article.



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