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Low Testosterone and Symptoms- Diagnose Yourself

low testosterone and symptomsSo many men are living a mediocre life because of low testosterone levels and don’t even know it.

Some may have an idea, but in many cases, the low testosterone and symptoms, are similar to many other medical problems and deficiencies. Therefore, this article will give you a thorough, informational history, into low testosterone in the body, and will explain what symptoms to look for.

Armed with the knowledge of these symptoms, will hopefully help you to make an informative decision about your testosterone levels.

TestosteroneHIIT Testosterone Workout

Testosterone is our man hormone, our sex hormone, our ooh ah ah guidance chip per-say.

This sex hormone is produced in the testies from your younger teen years, peaking around your 20s, and starting to decrease at the age of 30 years old.

It is responsible for your body hair, deepening of your voice, your erection control, your sexual desires, your bodies sexual functions, your libido, your body fat levels, your lean muscle mass, and much more.

With it you feel awesome, without it, you will start to experience negative distractions in life such as your sex life, your energy, your relationships, and even your own self-confidence.

Low Testosterone and Symptomslow testosterone symptoms

After the age of 30, your testosterone levels start to decrease leaving you with a possible loss of almost 20% to 30% by the time you reach 50 years old.

Here are the symptoms you will want to look for when questioning your testosterone levels.

Low Libido or Sex DriveLow libido

Because testosterone is a hormone produced in the testicles and is responsible for your sex drive, low levels of this hormone will leaving you with less of a desire for sex. Sex will not be as interesting as it once was. You may find it more of a task then an adventure. Remember your twenties when it was all you though about. If you are not feeling that way now, there is a good possibility, low testosterone levels are working against you. This is something that can be repaired.

Low Energy Levelslow energy

Testosterone is a natural energy booster in the body. If your levels are low your energy levels will take a toll as well. Now you need to consider other symptoms as well. Low energy levels alone do not mean low testosterone. There are many reasons for low energy levels, but if you are finding yourself low, look at the other symptoms. Add the symptoms up and this should give you a better idea to decide if it is actually because of your testosterone levels.

Increase in Body Fat

This symptom actually works in two ways. Increased body fat can lower your testosterone levels and lower testosterone levels can cause an increase in body fat.increase in bodyfat

So, I would say if you already have a lot of body fat then consider your testosterone levels being lower then normal. In this case trying to lose some weight may help to increase your levels.

If you are experiencing gaining body fat levels, your testosterone levels may be the culprit and increasing your testosterone levels may cut the decrease off at the pass and fix it before your body fat levels get out of control.

Loss of Muscle Massloss of muscle mass

As you age, your lean muscle mass starts to decrease. One of the reasons is the decreasing levels of testosterone. If you start to notice your muscles shrinking, get a t-booster, eat for testosterone, and workout heavy. Cut your cardio and lift with compound movements.


If you are stressed more often, and are experiencing other symptoms, your testosterone levels may be the issue for you to fix. Low testosterone regulates your body in a negative way which causes unwanted stress.


Fatigue is a common symptom for low testosterone. By lowering your energy levels and lose of muscle mass, and increasing your body fat levels, fatigue is bound to step in and make it miserable to get off the couch. Your body starts to ache more and your muscle feel really stiff. Your motivation levels diminish.

Erectile Dysfunctionerectile dysfunction

Erection problems can be and is very likely a low testosterone problem. Although there are other reasons also for loss of erections, or soft erections, if you are experiencing other symptoms, if you are over the age of 30, or taking prescription medications, then consider boosting your testosterone levels with a natural supplement, eating a better diet, and working out to increase your t-levels.


Having a hard time getting the wife pregnant, this can be a low testosterone problem that can be fixed by increasing your testosterone levels.

Caution- If fertility is your goal, please use a natural testosterone booster. Using a prescription medication or therapy is something that is synthetic and not recommended for fertility. You can actually shut down your bodies ability to make any natural testosterone. This is because therapy and prescriptions work like steroids and trick the body into thinking it has made more then enough and it in turn stops producing.

Mood Changes

changes in mood

Low hormones such as testosterone can influence emotional behaviors such as low attention span, loss of focus, irritability, and depression. If you are moody and depressed, and are experiencing other symptoms, an increase in testosterone may be just what you need.

Smaller Testicles

Because testosterone is actually produced in the testies, reduced size may be an indication of lower levels.

Loss of Hair

Losing hair which testosterone is responsible for is a symptom to watch for. Testosterone during puberty is responsible for body hair such as pubic, armpits, legs, and facial hair. Loss of hair in these areas should be a signal for you to not ignore.

These 11 low testosterone symptoms are the most common to look for when making a decision to increase your testosterone levels.

Increasing your levels has many benefits as you can see. You will not go wrong if you are still undecided and make the choice to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

Reasons for Low Testosterone 

The symptoms above are the most common to look for but what causes these symptoms? What can you do to stop this from happening?

There are 2 things you need to understand and act on now!

1. Find out why your levels are decreasing and fix what you can.

Here is a link for an article I wrote on the most common causes for low testosterone Click Here

2. Increase your levels when they are low to keep them at peak levels.

This article should have given you a look at the symptoms to look for and now you need to fix your low levels status.

How to Repair Your Low Testosterone Levels how to repair low testosterone

I wrote a whole article on increasing your testosterone levels. In fact this whole site is all about increasing your levels. I hope you decided to read more.

In the meanwhile, please allow me to direct you to the top 3 articles that are a must read to increase your testosterone levels naturally.


Testosterone Diet- Testosterone Diet Guide- Eat The Right Things At The Right Time

Your diet is the most important. This kind of diet is different from the conventional diet. Eating fat and cholesterol are recommendations which are far from your average diet guidelines.

Testosterone Work Out- Testosterone Workout- Increase Testosterone By Increasing Lean Muscle

This guide will explain everything you need to know on increasing your testosterone naturally with the right workout and exercises.

Testosterone Supplements- Testosterone Supplement Guide-Scientifically Tested Ingredients

A natural testosterone supplement is safe, effective and will definitely supplement your plan to increase your testosterone levels effectively. This guide will give you the names and history of the best testosterone increasing ingredients found in the top t-boosters today.


If you think you have low testosterone, look for the signs and symptoms. The 11 symptoms above, are the ones you should add up to see if you should go the route of increasing your testosterone levels.

No one symptom is an exact for low testosterone but the more you have the better your chances are that low testosterone is the culprit.

I hope you found this article informative and please read the other articles, for diet, work out and supplements, to increase your levels safely. Don’t wait get your life back and reclaim your youth.

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