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Low Testosterone and Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Low Testosterone SymptomsLow testosterone is on the rise and there are symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.


Because it is putting a damper on your daily life! It is causing stress, anxiety, depression, increases in body fat, and so much more. Some even serious enough to make your life a living hell. This is no joke and I am not kidding in the slightest.

Low testosterone is a relationship killer, an energy zapper, an exercise killer, a disease causer, and even a fertility problem for some men.

This is an article all about your low testosterone and symptoms you should learn to recognize.

Who is at risk for low testosteroneLow Testosterone Symptoms

Men first and foremost are at the highest risk for low testosterone levels.

Then you add age! At the age of 30 years old, your body begins to decrease its testosterone levels 1% to 2% per year. That’s a huge percentage by the time you reach 40 and beyond. Now not everyone is affected by this percentage drop but many are and just don’t realize it. Also, if you are not affected by it, increasing your levels still may give you an extra edge you might not know your missing.

Others at risk are people with medical histories such as diabetes, and thyroids issues. If you are diagnosed with medical issues, check with your doctor to see if it is in fact a problem for testosterone and if you can supplement to increase your levels. Many men with issues are supplementing, dieting and working out and increasing their testosterone levels with success so it is a possibility you can too.

Here The Low Testosterone Symptoms

The symptoms below are the most common ones related to signs of low testosterone levels in the body.

Low Sex DriveErectile Dysfunction and Treatment

A low sex drive is something that affects you and your partner. As a male we are expected to perform in bed but low testosterone levels can put a damper on your desire. This makes us as men embarrassed and makes our partners fell undesirable. Lots of marriages and relationships in general flame out and die because of this single reason. But, you do not have to accept this and can increase your levels if you want to.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is another sign and symptom of low testosterone levels. When it doesn’t stand up, this becomes a major concern and you should seek the help of a doctor, and or, seek out ways to increase your testosterone levels. I would say if it is your testosterone levels, a change in diet, exercise, and natural supplementing can help you to increase your testosterone and get hard on command. Let me tell you, no bullshit, this happened to me and just supplementing with natural supplements helped my problems tremendously. So, don’t sleep on it, browse this site more. There are diets and exercise plans available. The natural supplements I recommended and real and work great.

FatigueLow Testosterone and Sex

Testosterone in a male is the get up and go chemical. Without it fatigue is a symptom you may experience. As we age, and out testosterone levels drop, we start to move slower and our energy levels diminish. This doesn’t need to happen though. Why is it we see athletes still running around after 50 in great shape. This is due to testosterone and good health. High testosterone levels equal higher energy levels too.

Loss in lean muscle massloss of muscle mass

Losing muscle mass is something low testosterone levels in the body will produce. As our t-levels lower, the need for muscle becomes less important to the body and will break down. Increasing your muscle with a good and hard workout will help you to build your muscle and build, build your stamina and increase your testosterone levels. So recognizing loss of muscle is important to understanding you need to increase testosterone to stop it.

Memory LossLow Testosterone Symptoms

Memory loss is another symptom of low testosterone. Now, memory loss can be linked to many reasons but I would say if your memory is slowing and you have other symptoms on this list then low testosterone just may be the culprit.


Depression hits us for so many reasons but figure this. You have a low libido, low energy levels, may erectile dysfunction, no motivation or sex drive. Depression can creep up on you very quickly and due to these reasons it is no wonder. Depression is serious and you should seek help. But, if you are experiencing these symptoms, and are experiencing depression, do something for yourself and increase your levels. You will be amazed just how good you feel.


Loss of energy and testosterone can and will cause irritability. You will become agitated easily and seem grumpy most of the time. Increasing testosterone is like an aphrodisiac and not just for sex but for an enhanced mood. It is a chemical wonder for the body and mind.

Increased Body Fatincrease in bodyfat

If your testosterone levels are low you may experience and increase in body fat. Low energy levels and low t-levels hormones cause a reaction in the body and increase your chances of breaking down lean muscle and increasing fat storage in your body. That is why I say a good diet plan and exercise program mad specifically for increasing testosterone is imperative if your levels are low.

With the symptoms I have provided above, I hope you can see how imperative it is to recognize how low levels of testosterone can put a damper on your daily life.

With this in mind, I say again you do not have to live this way and do not have to just accept any of these problems.

Check The Ego, Admit Low Testosterone Might be Your ProblemLow Testosterone Symptoms

Ego is many times a problem with men experiencing low testosterone levels. But, this doesn’t have to be. For me it was until I realized without fixing the problem, I would suffer and my partner would as well.

Today, low testosterone is just as common as a head cold. It is easily fixable if you apply the right avenues to get you levels to rise.

Fix Your Low Levels of Testosterone

Here is just a short informational section with links on the top three things you can do right now to increase your levels of testosterone.

#1 Diet

The diet for increasing testosterone is specific to eating things to increase your levels such as good fats, foods high in good cholesterol, red meats and foods containing lost of zinc.

The diet is the most important as you can get a lot of what you need from it.

Here is the link…. Testosterone Diet Guide

#2 Working Out

A workout dedicated to lifting heavy with compound movements is what you want for increasing your testosterone levels. This hard workout regimen is what it takes to increase your bodies hormone making abilities and increasing testosterone.

Here is a link to read more…… Testosterone Workout

#3 Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone supplements have come a long way as far as potency and effectiveness. With science and education, companies have been able to find the best natural ingredients used to increase your testosterone levels.

The Testosterone Supplement Industry is extremely popular and is a Multi-Billion Dollar industry for a reason, their supplements work.

Unfortunately, some do not and companies prey on men suffering by taking their money. Therefore, I developed this website for that reason. I want to point out the good and the bad and give the right information to anyone looking for a straight and honest answer.

Supplements do work, as long as the right ingredients are pure and quality ingredients in the right forms.

I wrote an article just for finding the right supplement that includes the top testosterone increasing ingredients to look for in a supplement before you buy.

Here is the link…… Testosterone Supplement Guide

Insert these three things into your daily tasks and you too can increase your levels of testosterone.


Testosterone Symptoms are pretty straight forward and should not be ignored if you want to increase the quality of your life.

If you are male, over 30 years old and are experiencing the symptoms above, take the next steps by eating better, working out hard and supplementing with a quality testosterone increasing supplement.

Don’t ignore the symptoms of low testosterone, they don’t go away without a little focus and intense dedication.

I thank you sincerely for reading this article and hope you found it helpful. Please leave a comment below with any questions concerns or ideas you may have for anything you may want to know.

Comments help me to focus on the right areas of educating those in need.




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