Low Testosterone- It’s Your Fault Fix It

Low Testosterone LevelsSo, a while back, when I was experiencing low testosterone levels, I was looking for the answer as to why, and I got it.

Unfortunately it wasn’t something I wanted to hear.


Because it was more my fault than anything else and I thought I was healthy. I thought I was a normal male with the normal male testosterone levels.

The reality was, I was doing things to prevent my testosterone levels from being normal. I really started to realize it when I was trying to have a child with my wife. The sexual energy wasn’t there, I was carrying excess body fat, and I was smoking quite a bit. It didn’t just stop with these, there were other things I was doing also that were preventing me from having a decent libido, having a good body fat to muscle ratio, and having the sexual energy levels I wanted.

In this article, I am gonna be a little in your face, telling you yes it is your fault, if you are doing any of these things.

Then I will give you some options to fix your levels naturally and physically.

Reasons for Your Low Testosterone Levels, That Are Your Fault and Can Fix

There are many things we are doing daily that are hurting our testosterone levels. The effect on the body is low testosterone but when change of habit occurs, the issues may be reversed.

The Main Problems or Bad Habits 

Obesity- Obesity Kills Testosterone
Eating poorly is a definite testosterone killer for men. When overweight and carrying lots of body fat, the body begins to slow down. Your metabolism slows, your energy levels slow and so do your testosterone levels. Obesity slows testosterone due to insulin resistance leading to a lowered sex hormone. Higher amounts of body fat or severe obesity suppresses the HPT ( Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular) axis in the body. In other words, inducing hypogonadism, or suppressing the testicles natural ability to produce testosterone.

If you are eating lots of unhealthy foods you need to adjust your diet to eat better. This is something in your control and something only you can change.

A higher percentage of body fat is a testosterone killer. Low levels of testosterone is also a fat inducer. Bodyfat produces an enzyme called aromatase that converts your natural testosterone into estrogen which is a female hormone. This enzyme also cause the body to store excess body fat and slow testosterone way down.

Age-Aging affects testosterone levels
Age related low testosterone levels are not your fault but the way you are just letting it happen is. There are things you can do besides just accepting you are old and that your sex drive is also. Natural Supplements, and a good diet and exercise plan, will combat your age and help to keep your T-Levels up.

Smoking-Smoking lowers testosterone levels
If you smoke, it doesn’t only kill your testosterone, it kills you. Smoking cause the body to lose oxygen and introduces poisons into the body that break down testosterone. It stunts your levels and causes them to slow down or even stop. If you are smoking, quit if you want to gain normal levels of testosterone again.


Illegal Drugs-Illegal; Drugs Affect testosterone
Drugs place a stress on your testosterone levels by interfering with your bodies natural response to everyday activities such as stress, diet or eating, energy levels, and the false sense of good emotions. When you induce these good feeling with an illegal drug, your body thinks everything is fine and doesn’t produce the hormones as fast or at all to fix what is wrong.


Stress slows the body and changes its operating system per se. When you allow stress to take over, you are allowing your organs to undergo a physiological change and this is not good for your testosterone levels. Just think of how easy stress causes a headache or low energy levels. This is the effect it is also putting on your bodies hormone levels that produce testosterone.


Sleep-Sleep affects testosterone levels
Your body reacts and produces according to your sleep patterns. It is at night that your body actually refreshes, re-adjusts, and get ready for the next day. Your hormones work hard at night to produce natural testosterone levels. Staying up late for that last episode, I am as guilty as anyone, is the wrong thing to do. Get to bed earlier than later.

Lack of Physical Activity- Lack Of Activity Lowers Testosterone
When you are a couch potato or have low energy levels and don’t know why, you should try to get out and get physical. Do some kind of exercise to get the blood flowing and producing fresh blood cells. Sitting around eases your body into a sow down mode that will prevent your body from producing natural testosterone at peak levels.

All the causes above are controlled issues that can be controlled by you. You have the power to change them if you really want to increase your testosterone, sex drive and get in better shape.

What to Do Right Now To Increase Testosterone Levels

Now that you know the main causes of low testosterone, you need to change some things and kick start your bodies ability to produce natural testosterone levels again.

Here are the best guidelines for boosting testosterone:

1. Age

After the age of 30, your body starts to decrease the levels of testosterone in your body 1% to 2% per year. So if you are the age of 30 years old or more, admit it to yourself and work your way down this list. The guidelines in this list are everything you should need to boost your t-levels.

2. Nutrition/ Diet

Develop a better eating plan that is geared towards increasing testosterone. This kind of diet is different from a conventional weight loss one. It calls for more good fats, higher cholesterol intake and hardy amounts of red meat. 

Here is a link to my testosterone diet guide I created……Testosterone Diet Guide

3. Get Active

Just as I stressed the importance of a good diet, I also stress the importance of a good workout plan too. A workout geared for testosterone is one of heavy lifts and compound movements. Hard work creates the results you want if looking for natural testosterone in the body.

Here is a link for my testosterone workout guide. This guide will explain more in depth and give you the right exercise for increasing your t-levels. Click Here For A Testosterone Workout

4. Get a Good Natural Testosterone Supplement

Now that you have your diet and exercise under control, get a testosterone booster to help your body produce more testosterone faster and more efficient. A good testosterone supplement has the essential vitamins and minerals created from natural ingredients that have been used for years and proven to increase your levels.

I do have excellent recommendations for great supplements that work based on my own personal use, real consumer reviews, and scientific studies that have documented results.

Here is one of the best on the internet today-
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5. Get Rest

Like I said before, sleep is where your gains are created. Lose the late nights and get a good pillow. Take a short nap in the afternoon too. Rest is necessary when you are working out hard and trying to boost your levels. Allow your body to collect the ZZZ’s it needs to get your next day going strong.

6. Quit smoking and illegal drugs

Smoking causes all sorts of side effects and will shut down testosterone production as do illegal drugs and alcohol. Get into a smoking cessation class and break the habit. Drink alcohol in moderation. Overindulging frequently is not good for your t-levels. Illegal drugs speak for themselves. They can cause a chemical imbalance in your body and a chemical hormone imbalance too.

7. Stress Less

Find a way to reduce stress. Get involved in activities that you enjoy and find an out for stress. Find a way to relax or blow off some steam and you will notice the effect it has on your mind and body when trying to increase your testosterone levels. You body will love you for it.

I know this article may sound repetitive but it should be just for the fact that these things are the things we hear every day yet we refuse to change them. I know my habits of eating bad things are bad when I’m off the so called wagon. I do stay up late when I binge watch my programs at night, and I feel it in the morning and after a few days. It usually takes me a week or so to start feeling better after I slip up.


So, I would like to say if you are doing the things I wrote about above, it is your fault and the only one to change it is you. It is hard at first but a commitment and dedication can give you everything you lost back. By increasing your testosterone levels, you can decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, increase your libido, increase your sex drive, decrease stress, and please your partner. All these things can be accomplished at any age if you stick to the plan.

Here are the links from above that I think would be helpful starting off and the articles will always be here for you to come back to.

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