Low Testosterone Symptoms- Recognize In Order to Increase Your Levels

Increase Testosterone After 40

low testosterone symptomsLow Testosterone Symptoms

Recognize low testosterone symptoms and your on the right path to increasing your testosterone levels. If you think you may have low testosterone than please follow along for information on the symptoms. Low testosterone is an awful distraction in life and I have been there, done that.  I have researched the most common symptoms of low testosterone and the ones doctors use to diagnose low testosterone in patients. I had low testosterone levels, diagnosed them, increased my levels and now I am better than ever and living my life to fullest. 

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you could possibly be suffering from low levels of testosterone. If your over 30, then there is an even greater possibility and the probability goes up each year, that you have low testosterone.  Your testosterone levels decrease 1% to 2% each year after the age of 30.  That is about 10% to 20% less testosterone than you had at the age of 30 years old.  that is a lot and will affect your quality of life.   

If you are suffering from low levels, my hours of research will help you self diagnose your symptoms and fix all that is wrong with your testosterone production.  

Top 3 Symptoms of Low Testosteronelow testosterone symptoms

These are the top 3 low testosterone symptoms and reasons we may have the need to increase our testosterone level. 

Low Sex Drive/ Libido:  Testosterone is the main brain of a males sex drive. Little interest in sex, or no interest at all is a common symptom.  The problem with this is many men will go on in life embarrassed to ask for help.  Others suffer without the knowledge that maybe just a testosterone supplement could cure what is affecting them in the bedroom or lack there-of.

Less Muscle Mass:  You may be asking yourself, “Why am I not as strong as I used to be”.  Your muscles may not be as big as they once were or you may be experiencing a little more body fat over your muscle. If your muscle seems to be shrinking, and your over the age of 30, this is another common side effect of low testosterone levels in the body.

Increased Body Fat:  As I stated with less muscle mass, there may be a layer of fat over your muscles.  Body Fat is a good sign of low testosterone in males especially if you are over the age of 30.  Body fat especially noticeable in the waistline area is common and you may also develop  a medical condition called, gynecomastia which is the term for “man boobs”, and carry a lot of fat in the chest area.

These are the top three symptoms of low testosterone, but there are others.

Other Low Testosterone Symptomslow testosterone symptoms

Fatigue:  This low testosterone symptom may leave you feeling tired all of the time as if you were running on empty.

Decreased energy:  Like fatigue you may be tired but with low testosterone your bodies response to energy may be sitting around doing nothing.

Mood:  You may be feeling a little down and frumpy.  Maybe even depressed or experiencing anxiety.

Irritability:  Low testosterone levels can give symptoms of being grouchy and irritable.

Orgasm Troubles:  Basically just as it is written, the inability to have orgasms or less enjoyable ones.

Erectile Dysfunction:  Testosterone is needed to produce hard erections and low testosterone levels may not be enough to erect the penis to stay hard long enough for sex or even become erect at all.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you really owe it to yourself to fix it and get your life back.  Return your energy levels, your sex life to normal and your body composition back to where it was in your youthful years.

Low Testosterone Home Test

If you think you may have low testosterone, I recommend you don’t procrastinate and establish if in fact you do. Diagnose yourself with the symptoms you may be experiencing.

There are several tests that you can order by mail and take yourself.  If your interested in testing at home here is a link to get you to a home test kit. This kit below will test your free levels and your total testosterone levels.  I recommend this one over the others.

Testosterone Test Kit

Testosterone Test Kit


The symptoms are pretty easy to identify and if you are suffering form low testosterone then you will identify them pretty quick.  You may be so sure that you know and don’t need the test.

Either way now that you are aware of the low testosterone symptoms, I recommend to click on the link below to go to my causes of low testosterone page.  There you will be able to see if there are things in your life you are doing causing you to have low testosterone.

Here is the link and I hope your well on your way to increasing your testosterone levels soon.

Causes of Low Testosterone 

Thank You for visiting my site and I hope and pray your making stride to increase your testosterone and get back everything you deserve in life.

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