Low Testosterone- Find Out if You Are Suffering From Low Levels

Low Testosterone Low testosterone is a subject rising in popularity these days. 

Men and women alike are finding out their low energy levels, their increase in body fat, their decrease in sexual stamina is due to low testosterone levels.

Well, there is an answer for low testosterone and enjoying life as they did when they were 20 years old is once again possible.

Identifying that there is a problem is the first step to getting your life back.   

In the past testosterone was a touchy subject and it was usually talked about in a joking way.  If a man was experiencing low levels, they would ignore it because of denial or embarrassment. I know this because it was me.  I was 37 and there was no way I was too tired for sex.  There was no way I was experiencing low testosterone levels.  But, my denial just caused a lot of pain and stress in my relationship and slowed to process of having a child.

Low Testosterone

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Because of all of the testosterone supplements and testosterone information available on the internet you don’t have to ask a stranger.

You don’t have to worry about something showing up in the mail saying, “ a person with low testosterone  lives here”.


If  and when you determine supplements are for you, these companies keep the mailings confidential and disguise packages.

Thanks to the internet, the information is readily available and easy to find.

Beware! There are internet sites that will misguide you.

Then there are sites that will give you solid information on signs, symptoms and recommendations for low testosterone.

That is this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This site is based on the scientifically proven information from sites like webmd.com and mensjournal.com.  It is based on the fact that I suffered for years and started taking supplments for low testosterone.  It is based on the reviews of real consumers and how they liked a certain product and if in fact it worked for them.

Low testosterone Affects Relationships and Sex

Low Testosterone The effects of a low testosterone can be very disturbing and a serious problem affecting your sex life.  Testosterone is the main sex hormone in males.  A deficiency or low levels may add stress to a relationship. Low sexual energy, low libido, erectile disfunction and more are big problems.

A decline in sexual performance or a decreased desire for sex is extremely stressful. Low levels can affect the relationship adding stress and anxiety and can leave your partner feeling un-desired.

Explaining this to your partner can be difficult or even embarrassing. Many males don’t like to admit this problem and tend to hold it back from their partners, again causing the stress in the relationship.

If this sounds like you, you owe it to yourself to do something about it.  You owe it to your partner and your relationship.

Low Testosterone Stress


Low Testosterone Affects Your Stress Levels

Dealing with low testosterone can be stressful and stress is one of the top reasons for low testosterone.  Yes, this is a double edged sword.  When your testosterone levels decline, you may start to notice weight gain, low energy levels, loss of stamina or lowered libido, and even erectile dysfunction.

Losing body fat is not as easy as it once was and you can become moody.  These problems can trigger stress and anxiety and could be the onset of overall poor health mentally and physically.  Dealing with low testosterone sooner than later will get you back to living a better quality of life.

Low Testosterone Affects Muscle

 Low Testosterone FatIf your testosterone levels are low, muscle loss is more common.  The higher the testosterone levels, the easier it is to gain and maintain lean muscle mass.

Low testosterone will cause you to lose muscle faster. This is due to strength loss, no drive or energy to work out anymore and the ability to gain fat faster.

In our 20’s it is easy to build muscle and lose fat.  When testosterone is not produced as fast or as easily in your 30’s you will have to look for ways to increase this production.


Low testosterone is concerning especially when it affects some of the most important activities we enjoy in life.  Not just that but it affects the way of life we once lived when we were younger.  You can get that back but you must first determine if you have low testosterone.

Below you will find details on three follow-up pages to low testosterone.  Each one covers Causes of Low testosterone, Low testosterone Symptoms, and Low Testosterone Treatment.  I believe you will find them useful to guiding you on your path to healthy testosterone levels.

Please know, there is help and I am proof of this. I beleive in you and your health levels of testosterone.  Just your reading this means your well on the way to recapturing your life.

Please continue to read the pages below.  If you need assistance in any way, shoot me an email at testosteronezone@yahoo.com.

Causes of Low Testosterone

As stated above, low testosterone is a problem and there are many reasons for low levels.  The causes for low testosterone are not rocket science and can be diagnosed relatively easy. I have researched the top causes of low testosterone and wrote a page about it.  If your interested in figuring out if you in fact do have low testosterone levels, you will find the link below this paragraph.

To read about most of the causes please click on my link below.

Causes Of low Testosterone

Low Testosterone Symptoms

With all of the problems that could arise from having low testosterone, it is imperative to find out if you do in fact have low testosterone.  There are sings and symptoms to diagnose low levels. This is an important page.

Unfortunately when we look for signs and symptoms, we find out that many diseases have a lot of the same signs and symptoms.

Click the link below!  I will give you the most detailed signs and symptoms that I can.  I hope you find it useful.  

Low Testosterone Symptoms

Low Testosterone Treatment

If you already know you have low testosterone the next step is to find out what kinds of treatments are available and which you would like to try.

I believe in supplements because I use them.  I believe in quality and that is all you will find as far as testosterone supplement recommendations.

Click on the Low Testosterone Treatment link below for more information.

Low Testosterone Treatments

If you are sure this is the problem you suffer from, below are pages to increase your testosterone levels.

Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Top Testosterone Booster

Top 3 Natural testosterone Boosters Men Over 50 Should Have