Maca Root For Testosterone- Fire Up Your Libido

maca root and testosterone

maca root and testosteroneIs Maca Root for Testosterone? Yes and No!

I really dislike when a question is answered both ways like this but the correlation between Maca Root and Testosterone is really just that, ” a yes and no answer”.

What is Maca Root

Maca Root is a plant known as a super food because of the many proven benefits it produces in the body for both men and women.

This plant, also known as Lepidium Meyenii, and is often referred to as Peruvian Ginseng. It has been around for thousands of years but really has become popular for sexual health in the more recent years.

Maca Root is found mainly in high altitude areas, specifically in the Andes Mountains. This plant is a cruciferous vegetable, related to Broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower.

Maca Root for Testosteronemaca root and testosterone

Still in early stages of testing, Maca has become a popular ingredient in testosterone boosters and more specific, libido enhancing supplements. This is because of the benefits it produces in correlation to increasing testosterone levels.

The Role of Maca Root In regard to Boosting Testosterone Levels

Back to the question, does it boost testosterone? Some say yes, and others say no, so I will stick to the direct roles it plays in the body.

Below you will find some benefits Maca will supply you with. All the benefits can be directly or indirectly correlated to your testosterone levels. Supplements with ingredients that help other organs produce quality health benefits will only give your testosterone producing hormones a better chance to strive.

Also, Maca is responsible for many sexual characteristic benefits, which is also correlated to your testosterone. Read on further to see more of what I am referring to.

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Here are the proven scientifically documented benefits:

Increased libido in men and women
A study published in (1), reports that Maca Root can help with sexual dysfunction and libido significantly.

Reports from real users of Maca in testosterone boosters as well as libido enhancers explain results of success when trying to increase testosterone and repair their libido’s.

Increase in Fertility
Maca Root has been used with success for treating infertility in males’. Scientific studies show that Maca increases a males’ sperm count and improves the quality of the sperm. Here is a study published in (2), reporting such success.

Better Mood and Less Anxiety
Proven results increasing a positive mood and mindset are reported. A decrease in anxiety, is also a frequent benefit reported when supplementing with Maca. Anxiety and bad mood swings are definitely testosterone blockers and can slow down and even stop the natural testosterone production in your body all together.

Energy Levels
Increased energy levels are scientifically documented from supplementing with Maca. Increased energy in correlation to sports performance was studied and documented with success. Increasing your energy levels will aid in your workouts to work hard and increase your testosterone levels easier. It will also give you the energy to lose body fat faster which will also increase testosterone.

Balance in Estrogen Levels
Estrogen is a blocker of testosterone so balancing your estrogen levels is a positive path to increasing your testosterone levels and libido.

Keeps the Body Functioning at Peak Levels
This powerful super food is an excellent antioxidant. It will allow the body to run clean and produce hormones more effectively. Your testosterone will thrive from this antioxidant because it will keep the body running more efficient which will allow room for the body to produce natural testosterone at an accelerated pace.

Maca Root Varieties maca root and testosterone

Maca Root is available in powder from or liquid.

The best route to take is in a testosterone or libido boosting supplement. This route allows for other testosterone boosting ingredients that work in harmony with Maca to really fuel up your t-levels.

Other ways is to mix a solo Maca powder in food or drink and consume.

Maca Recommended Dosage

If you are taking a solo supplement of just Maca in raw from, the recommended dosage is approximately 3 to 9 grams.

If taken in the raw form it is recommended that it is boiled first.

If you are taking it in a supplement, follow the recommended dosage on the bottle.

There is not much information about taking too much or overdosing when taking Maca Root for testosterone. In fact this is a plant and it is a substance, naturally grown from the earth that is not a threat if taken too much.

Side Effects Of Maca Root 

When researching the side effects of Maca, it has been concluded that it is 100% safe and there are no notable side effects to report.

I have been using supplements including Maca Root for testosterone, and I have not experienced anything I can report either.

Conclusive Findings Of Maca Root for Testosterone maca root and testosterone

Maca Root can be linked directly and indirectly to increasing testosterone levels.

The benefits, especially for sexual health and overall organ health are benefits that can only increase your chances of increasing your levels of testosterone.

This super food has been used for many years but only has become more popular in supplements for testosterone and sexual health in the recent years due to its quality effects it has on your body.

Maca Root is widely available in solo from or in supplements containing other ingredients that work in harmony and increase the effectiveness of it.

Based on my personal experience with Maca, the reports and results from scientific studies, the reviews written by real consumers, and the fact that this is a natural ingredient with little to no reported side effects, I whole heartedly recommended finding a supplement that includes Maca Root in the ingredients.

Recommended Maca Root Supplement

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