Male Enhancement and Increasing Your Testosterone

Male Enhancement

Male EnhancementThis would not be a top testosterone informational site is I did not include male enhancement.

If you have researched any site talking about enhancing the size of your penis you probably got a 50-50 finding. Meaning, there are so many sites, some say it works and others say it doesn’t.

It was really by accident that I found out that male enhancement truly works and works well.  As you might have read in my other articles, this site was created to increase your testosterone levels because that is where I excel. I suffered for years from a low libido and low testosterone and had fertility problems. I wasted a lot of money and time trying out the supplements that didn’t work and falling for false claims. It was only when I really started to research years ago if it was truly possible to increase my testosterone levels and my libido. My findings were amazing and they helped me to conclude that they do work if you get the right things and follow the right diets and exercise the right way.

Now, back to the accident! When I found the right testosterone supplements, my wife started asking me what I was doing to increase my size. It was funny really, I was like, “um, I don’t know”,  but then I started to notice it too. I then figured out that many of the supplements out there to increase testosterone also contain many of the same ingredients that will increase the size of your penis including the master, L- Arginine.

You can ask, read, and study all the sites stating it is impossible but when they say it is impossible, look at their findings. They will say it doesn’t work yet show you findings stating reports show minimal size increase. I don’t know about you but adding an inch, is an inch more, to give as a gift to your partner. That inch just may be what your confidence needs to excel. It was for me and still is.

What is Male enhancement Male Enhancement

Male enhancement is increasing the size of your penis using supplemental, physical, medical, and healthy eating techniques that have been proven to work.

Male EnhancementSupplements For Male Enhancement

There are all sorts of supplements out there claiming to be the one to increase the size of your penis yet they fall short of their promises. They fail because of the ingredients they supply being poor, the ingredients being fake and some companies jut not caring but to take your money.

Here is a link to the best ingredients to increase your testosterone levels and in turn also increasing your libido, the size of your penis and decreasing body fat and giving you energy.

Click Here….. Testosterone Supplement Guide

Male EnhancementExercises For Male Enhancement

There are excellent exercises you can do to increase the size of your penis. These exercises recommend you warm it up, then use stretch, pulling and milking techniques. I have to say when I first realized that penis enlargement worked, I started researching and found these exercises. I started an exercise plan and the rest is history. I noticed both length and girth increases. It may seem funny and a little embarrassing but when you increase the size you feel like the king and who cares how it happened, the point is it happened.

Male EnhancementTools For Male Enhancement

There are many tools that you can purchase out there for enlarging your penis. There are weights, extenders and pumps.

Weights are little weights attached to a string that hang pulling the penis and stretching it. I have never used them but many swear by it.

Extenders are a contraption that actually holds the penis at the shaft and stretches it from the tip. This stretch can be held for hours at a time and increase the length of your penis. This contraption can be worn under your pants and it is very comfortable. I can say my experience with one was great and noticeable increases were achieved.

Male EnhancementPumps for Male Enhancement

Penis pumps, in my opinion are the best. They are a cylinder like tube that pump the air out and pull blood into your penis forcing it to swell and get instant girth and length. This pump is used with great success for erectile dysfunction but the enlargement is immediate. It is recommended you use a penis ring after it is pumped to retain your erection and keep the size for as long as possible. This is definitely recommended.

Male EnhancementMedical Procedures For Male Enhancement

There are medical procedures to increase the size of your penis but natural techniques should be used and tried first. Surgery is evasive and long term, negative side effects could be an outcome. Reports of numbness and erectile dysfunction are given. Again, I would consult with a surgeon if your natural techniques do not work but only as a last resort.


Male EnhancementA Healthy Diet

A healthy diet works for everything including penis size. Actually it works if you’re eating to increase testosterone levels. L-Arginine is included in many if not all male enhancement supplements, and it is also in red meats which are the staple of a testosterone increasing diet.

Therefore, I recommend you eat to increase your testosterone and eat lots of fiber to flush out any toxins prohibiting the increase.

I would like you to read an article I created for a testosterone diet. This article will provide information for the best results.  Please click below if you are interested.

Click here- Testosterone Diet Guide- Eat The Right Things At The Right Time


I hope after reading all of this article, I have given you hope to achieve a bigger penis and convinced you that male enhancement does in fact work. I would send you a picture but that is just not what I do. I am confident yes but it took time to achieve this.

I would say, if you eat Mc Donalds, or you smoke, or have a pastime that wasted a little money but you don’t mind, then purchase a good supplement for increasing your testosterone levels.

What I am saying is if you have ever wasted money before and are still unsure if this works, spend a few dollars to figure it out for yourself. What would you have to lose.

Take a chance on the one thing that will boost your confidence.

Treat your partner, wrap it up in a nice red bow! Now that’s funny, but I did it.

It works and I will swear by it until I die.

If you have any questions or comments, please reply below. If they are private questions or you would like more information, email me any time at I would be happy to help you in any way that I can. I will reply.

Thanks and Goold Luck With Your Health in 2018.

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