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Make Libido Testosterone is the answer to increasing your libido and boosting your sex drive.  

When your libido is healthy, all is good but when it is low, you run into problems.This article will provide some information as to why testosterone is the answer to your sexual health and increasing your libido.  

The Libido

Your libido actually is your sex drive and is responsible for your desire for sexual activity. Your sexual desire is affected by your testosterone levels and the levels of dopamine in your body. The higher your testosterone levels the more your libido kicks in unless there is an underlying medical condition prohibiting you.

Why Your Testosterone Levels Are Just as Important 

Testosterone in the body is the male sex hormone responsible for regulating your libido, sperm production, muscle mass, decreasing body fat, and red blood cell production.

Because testosterone is your sex hormone, it makes a lot of sense that it can be the culprit for your low libido. Therefore, increasing your testosterone levels is probably the first thing you should work on to repair your sex drive.

After the age of 30, your body can lose 1% to 2% of your testosterone each year. So, at the age of 40 that can be close to 20%. I don’t know about you but losing 20% of my testosterone would probably lower my libido a bit.

To increase your testosterone levels, you can do the same things you need to do to increase your sex drive. That is why supplements for testosterone contain many of the same ingredients for you libido.

Here are the top three things you can do and a link to a full article for each if you are interested.

  1. 1. Eat a diet high in good fat and cholesterol for testosterone
  2. 2. Work Out hard and often with heavyweight to trigger an increase in testosterone!
  3. 3. Get a natural testosterone supplement.

These are the top three things you can do and there are others.
If you would like to read more click here- Testosterone, What it is and how to Increase it

Male LibidoHealthy Libido Benefits 

A healthy libido is important and there are lots of benefits to keeping it healthy.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • A good sex drive- When your libido is firing on all cylinders, your basic instinct as a man will be “sex and more of it please”.
  • A healthy Sex Life- This is important for you and your partner. You will always make them fell wanted and attractive.
  • Increase Energy- When your libido works, your energy levels or your stamina and adrenalin run wild so your energy will respond in a positive way.
  • Low Stress Levels- Sex and a healthy libido is a stress reducer.
  • Healthy Blood Flow throughout the body- Your libido increases blood flow to the brain and other parts of your body keeping it running at peak levels.
  • Lower blood pressure- A healthy libido has been shown to lower your blood pressure.
  • Mood Enhancement- More sex equals a happy man which is a mood stabilizer.
  • Decrease in cortisol levels- When you libido is triggering, your cortisol levels lower.

As you can see, it is not just your sex life that is affected by your libido. That is why keeping it healthy is a benefit to you in so many ways.

Male LibidoA Low Libido is A Problem

A low libido is a problem for you and your body. Your life can be affected in so many ways that can interrupt a happy and healthy lifestyle.

A low libido is caused by many things including:

  • Low Testosterone Levels- As stated above, low testosterone levels is one of the main reasons for a low libido. This is because testosterone is the male sex hormone in your body.
  • Increased Body Fat- Increased body fat decreases testosterone levels, therefore reducing your libido.
  • Stress- Stress from everyday life can affect the way your libido works. This is a psychological distraction.
  • Psychological problems- Anything that you are worried about, stressed about or even thinking about other than sex can affect your libido psychologically.
  • Physical Stress- Stress from working to hard physically can leave you tired and slow your libido. This may be temporary or can turn into a long term side for you. Get rest!
  • Misc Medical Problems- Underlying medical problems such as diabetes, thyroid, cancers, prescription medications and other problems can lower and even shut down your libido.

Ways to Repair Your Libido

When you have a low libido, there are things you can do to fix it.

Male Libido1. Start to eat healthy and eat for an increase in your libido!

Foods such as berries especially blackberries, broccoli, eggs and watermelon, cloves and dark chocolate are good for enhancing your libido. Things to lower your intake of would be dairy and processed foods. If you follow a testosterone boosting diet, you will be on the right track. Here is a link to an article I wrote about eating healthy and a testosterone diet guide.
Click here…… Testosterone Diet Guide- Eat The Right Things At The Right Time

Male Libido2. Start a good work out program.

As for any disease, any disorder, or anything else including a low libido, sex drive or low testosterone levels, a good work out program will help you combat them in some way. Increasing your physical activity will energize you to make your life easier while you are working on increasing your libido. Working out will increase the oxygen levels in your body.

Because you are working out to increase your libido, again you should concentrate on your testosterone levels and this kind of work out includes heavy weights and hard work.

Here is an article with more information for my recommended testosterone workout guide.
Click Here…. Testosterone Workout- Increase Testosterone By Increasing Lean Muscle

Male Libido3. Work on your stress levels.

Stress is the enemy of all things. Stress will kill your body and even kill you. It seems brutal to say this but it will. Stress, causes increases in body fat, low energy levels, loss of sleep, headaches, anxiety, and much more which are all reasons for a low testosterone level and for your low libido.

Increasing your physical activity, changing your diet, getting rest throughout the day, and even watching a funny movie will help to change your mood and help to combat your stress levels. Make the changes and you will feel the difference almost immediately. unavoidable stress at all costs, and if it is unavoidable figure out how to handle whatever it is that is stressing you out.

The Top Testosterone Supplements4. Get a good testosterone booster.

Male Libido enhancers are pretty comparable to testosterone boosters because your testosterone levels are usually the culprit for a low libido. When compared testosterone supplements have the same ingredients included in supplements labeled for increasing your sex drive.

The best ingredients can be confusing because there are so many of them. The best male libido enhancing supplement ingredients depend on the companies making them, are they pure, are they natural, do they have a good buyer rating, and do they have a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Here is a testosterone supplement guide with all the best ingredients, a history of each and some recommendations.

Click here- Testosterone Supplement Guide-Scientifically Tested Ingredients

Male Libido6. Have more sex

Finally there is the sex. Have more sex to increase your natural testosterone levels and help your libido along. Many of us are tired and sometimes your sex drive suffers. The thing is even when your tired or you drive isn’t there, just forcing it helps. Sometimes we think I am too tired and don’t have the drive but once you start, you remember just how good sex feels and it becomes normal again. So, dive in and get some sex rolling.


A low male libido is a low sex drive caused by many factors and a low testosterone level is often the culprit. Yes stress, anxiety, high levels of body fat and others can be the reason but again testosterone is the fix for many of these factors also.

So, what I am trying to say is if your libido is low, work on your testosterone levels and you should experience a beast like sex drive. This is what we all enjoy and when we don’t have it, you suffer, your partner suffers and with low energy levels anyone you deal with on a daily basis may suffer also.

Fix your diet, exercise more and get a good male libido supplement to get your sex life back and live an energetic, happy lifestyle you deserve.

I hope this article helps you to understand how important the male libido is and why you should help yourself sooner than later.

Please leave a comment or question below and I will answer and reply as soon as I can. I look forward to comments because they show me I am reaching out to the right people and helping in the right way.

Thanks and lots of Luck with Your Health

Mark from Testosteroneinformer.com

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