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Naturally Increase Testosterone

I am here to attest to the fact that after 30 years old, men start to slowly lose energy, sexual stamina, sex drive, and muscle mass. Then, to top it off, increasing body fat starts to become the easiest thing to accomplish.

Yes increasing body fat is a huge symptom of low testosterone. Therefore, I am about to share the best ways to naturally increase testosterone after 30 years old.

Why testosterone, you may ask! Well it is because low testosterone levels are one of the most popular, contributing factors for male health issues after 40 years old. To put it bluntly, after 30 years old, men tend to lose 1% to 2% in testosterone levels, and maybe even more per year. So a 40-year old male may have testosterone levels between 10% and 20% less than they did when they were 30 years old.

I don’t know about you but for me, losing any amount of testosterone is a problem and I did have that problem. Thankfully, I learned how to naturally boost my levels and currently live a fully productive life and I’m 48 years old. Below, I will give you the top 5 things that you can do now to increase your testosterone.

#1 Lose The GutIncrease Testosterone After 40

Exercise and lifting weights is the fastest and easiest, all natural testosterone booster. Especially for men over 30. As we age, many of us start to slow down. We convince ourselves that we cannot do the things we used to do and we don’t have the energy we used to have. For many, workouts and exercise sessions slow down and stop all together. Big biceps and a huge chest just aren’t what we think about. Well a big chest and huge biceps aren’t the only reasons for working out. Heart health depends on it, and so does testosterone.

If you want to boost your levels you should find a good old-fashioned, ass kicking workout that is heavy with weights and involves other days of short High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) cardio.

Long, slow cardio will aid in losing your gut, but will take longer and will actually slow down your testosterone production. Heavy weights spike your levels naturally and so do the fast short bouts of cardio,

#2 Lower your Stress LevelsIncrease Testosterone After 40

Cortisol, which is easily produced under stress, is a testosterone killer. Keep your mind healthy. Find ways to keep your stresses in check. Stress isn’t only responsible for lowering your testosterone, but it also can mess with other systems functioning in your body. Stress, can cause anxiety that will inhibit your mood. It can cause a poor heart rate, increase poor eating habits, cause ulcers, and even mess with your complexion. So get a punching bag or take in a good action movie if that’s your thing, just find ways to lower your stress.

#3 Check Into any Prescription Drugs You TakeIncrease Testosterone After 40

When we start getting older, many of us start prescribed medications for better health. We go to the doctor for something, end up with a blood test, and next thing you know we have a heart medication, a blood pressure med, or one for something else. The problem is not the drugs we need, but the knowledge that the drug may be inhibiting your body from producing healthy testosterone levels. So, if you are taking any medications, do a search and check into them to see if they cause lower testosterone levels,

#4 Eat FatGood Fats Increase Testosterone After 40

Yes, I said that exactly how its written. When we think about a good diet, we think protein and light carbs. Well, for a natural testosterone producing diet, you need to include fat and not avoid it. Now don’t over indulge because I say eat fat. Certain fats are superior to others but most have a role in building up your testosterone.

Polyunsaturated fats are found in foods such as salmon, which is loaded with Omega 3’s is an awesome fat for increasing your levels and also great for inflammation.

Monounsaturated fats are also good fats found in oils, avocados, seeds, and nuts. Olive oil is a staple for testosterone.

Saturated fats are also allowed in moderation. Saturated fats can produce cholesterol which is the foundation to boosting testosterone in your body. Buyer beware though, too much saturated fat can also enlarge your gut with unhealthy body fat. You need to know when and what to eat these fats.

#5 Find a Good Natural Testosterone Supplement

Top Testosterone Supplement

For the younger guys, a testosterone supplement may not be so evident as far as feeling the benefits. But, for myself and older men a testosterone booster is great. To naturally increase testosterone after 30 years old, I would say, find a good testosterone supplement, with natural ingredients, and proven benefits.


There are many supplements out there with empty promises so find one you can trust and stick to it. Give a supplement a little while to work just as you would any medication. Over time, they will give you the benefits of a healthy level of testosterone.

Stay away from steroids, and other synthetic made supplements. They can actually destroy your bodies natural ability to produce any amount of testosterone. This is because these drugs trick your body into thinking it is making enough testosterone and it stops producing more because of the fake levels. Yea its great while your taking it, but look at the body builders that are either dead or flabby when they stop a steroid cycle.


To naturally increase testosterone after 30 years old, you need to make some simple changes to your lifestyle that will benefit the way your feel. Just by altering the stereotypical older male mentality you can survive with energy, great sex, a healthy libido, a skinnier waistline and even preserve some good-looking muscle mass. Be that old man that everyone says has a shitload of energy and make the right choices. Increase your testosterone well into your 50s and 60s now while your in your 30’s and prevent losing it.

I write these articles to help others like I needed the help years ago. I unfortunately spent long hours and lost money on the wrong supplements. Therefore, I consider myself well versed in boosting testosterone and I hope you continue to read my articles and even check out some of my recommendations for the top testosterone supplements that I have tested and know work.

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