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Obesity and Testosterone- If One Is Bad So Is The Other

Testosterone and ObesityObesity and testosterone are linked in that if one is bad, then most often so is the other.

In this article, I will give details as to why obesity causes lower levels of testosterone in your body, as well as why low testosterone can cause obesity and higher levels of body fat.

Then I will explain the options for getting your testosterone levels naturally up to par.

I have been a bit overweight on an off my whole life. I eat terrible at times but when I am focused and on a quest for health and longevity in life, I feel better, I look better and most important to me, my testosterone levels are absolutely better.

This is because I understand the link between obesity and testosterone. They feed off each other and for each to be working at their best, the other has to be working just as well.

Why Obesity Lowers Testosterone

Obesity causes many ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, low energy levels, and low metabolism.

The main reason for this article is obesity and why it causes low testosterone.

Being over weight, obese, more than a few extra pounds affects testosterone is almost 50% of men. With a third or more of the men in the US being close to or being obese, this is a lot of people running around with low testosterone levels.

Moderate obesity causes insulin resistance resulting in a decrease of the sex hormone binding globulin. This means it affects the way your hormones create testosterone in the body. It slows the natural production down.

Hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular (HPT) Axis, is reference to testosterone is three glands in the body working as one.

The Hypothalamus, located in the brain, produces hormones that travel to the Anterior Pituitary Gland and then binds to the Gonadotrophs, releasing Leutinizing Hormones (FH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormones (FSH). These hormones when entered into the gonads produce Estrogen for women and Testosterone for men.

Based on studies published in The US Library of Medicine, Obesity has been linked to affecting HPT and in turn causing low testosterone levels in men.

Why Low Testosterone Causes Obesity  Low testosterone causes obesity

Testosterone, well-known for the sex drive and sexual functions in the body, also plays a role in your bodies metabolism and calorie use.

Testosterone levels are responsible for maintaining and increasing lean muscle mass and breaking down body fat. Low levels reverse this effect and cause weight gain, loss of lean muscle, and higher percentages of bodyfat in the body.

Testosterone stimulates hormones to break down fat inhibiting triglycerides and prevents storing fat.

Low testosterone levels are also linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease which both can be reasons for obesity.

Low Testosterone levels also affect your energy levels, stress levels, and your hormones to the point of making you feel like you do not want to exercise or even get out and get active.

These are all reasons for obesity and low testosterone can be the reason for all.

What To Do Next- Increase Testosterone or Lose Weight and Get Rid of Obesity?

The answer is Both.

If you think you have low testosterone levels, and are obese, then you know you need to work on your levels by doing the following things!

1. Change your diet

Duh right! I’m fat, I need to diet!

Well this diet has a different approach. Higher levels of good fat intake, more cholesterol, and some good red meat are major parts of this kind of diet for increasing testosterone. Eating for testosterone and trying to lose bodyfat works well because you will need this kind of diet when you move to #2 below.

My Testosterone Diet Guide is a Great Article giving you everything you need to plan a good diet for your goals.

Click here to read……. Testosterone Diet Guide

2. Work Out Hard

Everyone needs activity, but to increase testosterone and lose the gut, you need to incorporate less cardio and more weight training. The weight training has to be heavy and involve more compound multi joint movements. There are cardio workouts you can do, but just remember too much cardio can slow normal testosterone production. But, the right cardio at the right time can produce a hormone response in the body helping you to increase testosterone.

  • More lean muscle burns fat at a faster rate
  • Body fat Slows The Metabolism
  • Lean Muscle and Low Body fat Keep Your Testosterone Levels Up and Your Energy Levels as well.

If you would like to read more and develop a good exercise plan, here is my link to an article that will help you plan the right work out for your t-boosting needs.

Click here to read………. Testosterone Work Out Guide

3. Supplements For Increasing Testosterone

I created this site for the sole reason of increasing testosterone levels. Included in this information is providing you with the best supplements you can get on the internet today for increasing your levels. I only recommend natural supplements with natural ingredients. This is the best way to know you are putting only the best into your body and will not interfere with the chemical balance in your body already.

With that said, testosterone supplements do work and they work well as long as you are taking them the right way. Supplements have been around for some time now and they are here to stay. They provide your body with the nutrients needed and supplement what is missing from your diet and hormone levels.

I have been taking supplements for years and I can say, I love how they make me stronger. Leaner, harder, and boost my energy levels. I started taking testosterone supplements years back to help with fertility issues. My wife and I were trying to have a baby but were unsuccessful at the time. My energy and libido levels were running on empty and I needed to do something. Unfortunately, I started wasting money on supplements that didn’t work but looked pretty with their fancy labels.

I then researched the right ingredients needed and the right companies that did their research and development. I was then and only then introduced to the good supplements with the good ingredients. Therefore, I am now trying to pass on these same ingredients and the best supplements for the money. I don’t want you to waste your time as I did when trying to better your life, faster.

What Is The Right Testosterone Supplement Prosolution Works

Supplements such as Top Rated TestRx, is a natural ingredient supplement that will work to naturally increase your testosterone, lean you waistline, increase lean muscle mass, increase your libido and even give you some extra girth in the penis.

Other great testosterone boosting supplements, I recommend, do the same and can be found here………Click Here-   Top Testosterone Supplements 

How do they do this?

They provide natural ingredients found in daily foods and from plants and minerals.

By using the same ingredients the body is then able to absorb them faster and more efficiently without much waste. In-turn the body can operate better, produce more energy, burn fat faster, and increase testosterone more efficiently.

For instance L-Arginine- Used as a penis enlargement supplement is found in red meat but at lower levels than a supplement.

Zinc- Is found in many foods but this mineral is in abundance when used as a supplement.


As I said before, a good quality diet is essential and a supplement works best when you are already getting some ingredients from your foods but for those with low levels of testosterone, or high levels of body fat, foods just may not be enough.

Obesity Conclusion

Obesity and testosterone are directly or indirectly related in the body. Changing just a few things, working hard and supplementing with the right ingredients lower your body fat, increase more lean muscle, increase testosterone levels, increase your libido, and even help with fertility problems.

Your diet is first, followed by a good work out regimen, and a good testosterone booster, for better more efficient male health.

I hope this article finds you and helps with your testosterone and body fat levels.

Here is the article once again for the best testosterone supplements for boosting your levels and lowering your body fat.

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