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Some Top Libido Boosting Foods- Eat These for Increasing Your Testosterone

testosterone diet guideThis article will provide you with the best libido boosting foods for getting your sex drive back to normal.

We are all looking for the fast fix to everything and our libido, or sex drive is no different. The problem is many of us, including me, want it but aren’t willing to change for it. I am just as guilty but I decided years ago that I needed to if I wanted to have a child, and I did.

There are many things you can do to increase your libido and they include:

These are just to name a few. This article will give you information about the top reason, The right foods you can eat to help increase your libido.

Eat These Libido Boosting Foods to Increase Testosterone and Sex Drive

Spinach-Spinach increases Libido
Known as a super food, spinach has qualities that can help with cancer, colds, bone strength and yes testosterone. Popeye was the king of spinach consumption and look, he got Olive Oil. Spinach is loaded with Magnesium which is an oldie but goodie for boosting testosterone levels.

Dark Chocolate-Dark Chocolate Increases Libido
Dark chocolate has been well known as an aphrodisiac. It affects the neurotransmitters and gets you in the mood. It contains caffeine and other ingredients that affect your brain and giving you the feeling of love.

Hot Peppers- Hot Peppers for Sex Drive
Hot peppers contain capsaicin. This is what gives them the heat and it has a metabolic effect on your body. When this happens it heats up the body creating endorphins just as a workout does and in turn spices up your libido. The spicier the foods the spicier your sex life can be.

Green Tea-green tea for sex drive and testosterone
This tea is already very popular for weight loss, but in fact is great for increasing your libido. Green tea contains, caffeine, Theanine, and Ginseng, all which are known for having positive effects on your libido.

Oysters-Increase Testosterone
There is a mixed buzz on oysters for Libido. Some say the poison in too many can have a negative effect on your body, but researchers and everyone else have considered Oysters the passion food. Although, I wouldn’t be able to eat them… Yuk!

Pesto is pine nuts and these nuts are loaded with Zinc. You will see later in the list that nuts are good for libido and Pine nuts are included. Zinc is another oldie but goodie used and researched for increasing testosterone levels in the body.

Ginger-Ginger for sex drive
It has been documented way back to over 2000 years ago that ginger has been used for increasing sexual performance, boosting your sex drive and boosting the male reproductive system. It’s effects are documented all over the internet for positive results for a healthy libido.

Pumpkin Seeds-Pumpkin seeds for sex drive
Know it or not but pumpkin seeds are beneficial for many diseases including clearing up tapeworm. Containing high levels of Zinc, these seeds are a great source of vitamins for boosting your testosterone and increasing your libido.

Bananas- increase your sex drive with bananas
Loaded with Potassium and Vitamin B, bananas are a great source of energy. They also contain, Borelain enzyme that is great for impotence and the sex drive.

Fatty Fish- fatty fish for libido

A diet high in fatty fish and seafood can have an amazing effect on your libido. Essential fatty acids in foods such as tuna, or salmon, are full of Zinc and Arginine which are found in almost every testosterone booster on the market. These foods increase blood circulation and flow allowing nutrients to the
genitals for a healthy libido and sex drive.

Red Wine- red wine gets you in the mood for sex
Research has shown that red wine enhances the sex drive. Reported in Maxxim, 2 glasses per day shows that men have a higher testosterone levels. Red wine contains an enzyme that block testosterone from being flushed from the body.

Pomegranate Juice-increase your libido
Eating Pomegranate or drinking the juice produces Nitric Oxide which increases blood flow and circulation and in-turn increased sexual desire and drive.



Watermelon-eat watermelon for a healthy libido
Watermelon has been shown to have similar effects on the body as Viagra. It promotes good sexual health and is an awesome libido booster.


Blueberries-increase your libido with blueberries
Blueberries increase dopamine in the brain and help for anti-aging. This amazing berry is great for energy and will promote a healthy libido.


Nuts-nuts for increasing testosterone
Nuts are a great for boosting your drive. They contain Arginine, Zinc, and Protein, which are all great for circulation, erectile dysfunction and your libido.

Garlic contains Allicin which is great for increasing blood flow to your sexual organs. Just don’t eat it raw before you jump in the sack.


Oatmeal is reported as having a good effect sexual function and erectile dysfunction.


Broccoli-testosterone diet guide
Broccoli contains indole-3-carbinol, which block estrogen, the female hormone, and in turn allows your testosterone to increase.


Eggs-Cholesterol and testosterone
Cholesterol is one of the main building blocks for increasing your testosterone. The yolk of the egg is loaded with cholesterol which is awesome for increasing your levels and boosting your libido.

Specifically Panax Ginseng has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese for boosting their sex drive and it directly increases testosterone in the body.

All of these foods are popular when trying to rev up the sex drive and boost the libido. There are many more but just try to eat for high amounts of cholesterol containing foods and good fats like fish and peanut butter.

I have created another page for a testosterone boosting diet. Click on the link below and read if you are interested.

Testosterone Diet Guide

Why Eating The right Foods is Important for Your Libido

Eating the right foods for the reason of increasing your libido is extremely important because even the supplements you buy have many of the same ingredients or supply the same nutrients just at a lower level.

For Instance- L-Arginine supplements provide increase oxygen to your blood stream causing increased penis swole and this is a good thing, if you know what I mean. Now L-Arginine is also in many red meats just at lower levels.

Or, supplementing with Magnesium and Zinc, 2 excellent testosterone boosters, are also ingredients in Green Veggies and such as Spinach and Pumpkin Seeds.


Eating the right things is extremely important just as not eating and consuming the wrong things are. Fix what is wrong and eat what is right and you can most likely create a little more excitement for you and your partner in the sack.

Now that you know a little about the kinds of foods, I would like to recommend a good supplement. I like to included supplements after diet and exercise articles just because diet and exercise are both important factors to making a supplement work to your benefit.

A supplement is a supplement to a healthy diet and good exercise plan. Supplements are a billion dollar industry and many get a bad rap from people that use them expecting a miracle. They expect the easy way out but that just doesn’t happen or they would be called miracle pills. Any company telling you their product helps with not diet or exercise, eat what you want, and you will reap the benefits are completely false.

The Supplement Below Spartagen XT, is an awesome product that I use daily with great results. It has the most tested and proven ingredients to boost your libido, increase your testosterone levels, and even give you another inch maybe in the junk area.

Spartagen XT has glowing testimonials from real consumers, and documented tests of their ingredients being of pure and natural ingredients. Click on either link below. One link is for my full review and the other is to go to the company web page and see the product for yourself. They also have a great deal if you buy more than one you safe lots of money.

My Review of Spatagen XT Spatagen XT Website, Price and Order Page

Thanks for Taking the time and reading this article. I hope I helped you in some way.


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