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After extensive research on the claims produced by PrimeGenix, other website reviews, real user reviews, and clinical trial results certified with the FDA, we consider Testodren a quality testosterone boosting supplement that deserves a review to reach men with low testosterone levels.

Product: Testodren
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Guarantee: 67 Day Risk Free
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Testodren Overview

Testodren, developed by PrimeGenix, is a testosterone supplement produced for increasing your low testosterone levels. PrimeGenix presents to you a new patented testosterone booster, to deliver quality results by boosting your testosterone levels.

Testodren is an all natural testosterone boosting supplement created for male’s over 40 years old, which is the age men start to notice low levels. Its is also a great supplement for men that aren’t gym rats, and want to just get into shape. It can help you gain an edge with a sport you love, maybe help you keep up with the kids, help you maintain your focus, and give you an edge in the sack.

If your wife is asking for sex and your reply is always,
“I’m just too tired tonight Honey” then Testodren is for you!

Testodren for Males Over 40

This product as explained above was made specifically for men over 40. This is when male’s start to recognize the results of decreasing testosterone levels. After 30 years old or so, your testosterone levels start to decrease about 1% per year. So by the time you hit 40 years old, you may be experiencing 10% lower levels of energy, 10% lower levels of focus and even 10% lower sex drive levels. These are just a few symptoms of low test. Therefore, PrimeGenix decided they would produce a supplement for the male’s like you and me experiencing these symptoms.

If you’re feeling sluggish, or noticing muscle building is slower now, then Testodren may be your answer. A cup of coffee or a 5-Hour energy may cure that sluggish feeling but comes with a crash once it wears off. Testodren, if used correctly, will give you the focus and energy all day when you need it without the crash or any side effects.

US Patented Testodren Ingredients

PrimeGenix holds a US Patent for the ingredients in Testodren called Furosap. Furosap is unique and all natural.

Patented Furosap contains:

Extract from Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)fenugreek and testosterone

It is a single ingredient formula containing 500MG of all natural Fenugreek. This patent maintains that under three clinical trials, Testodren was proven to be a quality supplement, with the nutrients required in just one pill.

The lone ingredient, Fenugreek, is not only backed by the three human trials, but years of evidence point out the fact that Fenugreek has been used for centuries for increasing a male’s libido, and sexual stamina.

Fenugreek, again, is all natural and Furosap, patented by PrimeGenix, delivers it to you in a potent and FDA Certified way.

Results of Testodren Trials

During the three human clinical trials, under strict FDA guidelines, Testodren was able to show the following results.

This supplement increased testosterone levels by 72.87% along with:

  • Increased Daily Energy LevelsLow Libido
  • Better Workouts
  • Lean Muscle Faster
  • Reduction In Bodyfat Levels
  • Increased Motivation Levels
  • Increased Sex Drive and Better Sex

How Does Testodren Work

Testodren works over a 12-week period to increase your testosterone levels. Like many natural supplements and even medications, it may take some time to see and feel results. It depends on the person and how you are supplementing the product. A good diet and exercise regimen will give you the results faster as in any supplement.

How To Take Testodren

One pill daily is the recommended dosage and taking more will not enhance or make the product work quicker.

Is Testodren SafeFDA Testosterone Levels

Because Testodren was tested in three human clinical trials, PrimeGenix can safely and honestly say this formula produced zero negative side-effects. This formula is made in the USA, it is FDA Registered, and produced in a cGMP facility.

What this means, is it is clean, and made with quality. It means it works and you are getting a testosterone supplement that has been tested positive for increasing testosterone levels.


Testodren is FDA Certified

Extensive Real Human Trials Were Used To Test and Confirm Product Works

Includes Fenugreek- It Is A Natural Ingredient Used For Centuries To Increase Testosterone


It Only Includes one Ingredient- Would like to See maybe Zinc or Another in This Product

Not Available in Stores- You can’t just go out and Buy Anywhere

Could Take Up to 30 Days Before You See and Feel Results- But There is a 67-Day Warranty to Return If Not Happy

Warranty- Return Policy

You have 67 days to return the product with 100% return policy, stating satisfaction guaranteed. Because deficiencies can cause Testodren to take a little longer in some men, a 67-day window is an awesome amount of time for you to really test drive this testosterone booster.

Where To Buy Testodren

Testodren is only available on the website. You cannot purchase on Amazon or in a health store. Click Below For The Product Purchase Page

Final Vedict

After you reach 40 years old, your body changes, your energy levels decrease and so can your sexual desires and sexual stamina. You may start feeling like your body is a used car and always breaking down. That is the good sign of low testosterone.

PrimGenix has answered the call with a natural testosterone booster that works. Testodren is a clinically proven way to naturally raise your testosterone levels without side effects. Your energy levels will rise and not crash like they do when you load on caffeine. Your lean muscle mass will stay and increase if that is what you want. You can lose body fat more efficiently like you could when you were 20 years old and your sexual stamina can increase taking you back to your prime time “sexcavades”.

So are we saying it is a good test booster? Yes we are. Testodren rates very high on our recommendation list. There is too much info out there backing up this product.

Want to Win against the side effects of aging, click below to find the product page and purchase your first bottle.

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