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Testosterone and Fatigue- The Fix To Your Energy Levels May Be In Your Pants


Testosterone and FatigueLow testosterone and fatigue are related issues more often than you may think. The fix to this type of fatigue may just be in your pants and I am not talking about your pockets. I am talking about low testosterone levels and when I say in your pants, I am referring to your “balls”, “testicles”, “Nuts” or what ever else you want to call them. This is where the body produce’s testosterone and if your levels are low there are many reactions the body will adjust to and fatigue is one of the things you may experience.


Fatigue can be described as being tired all the time, exhausted, feeling weak, or low levels of energy. Many times the culprit or cause of fatigue could be an underlying disease, poor sleep habits, a bad diet, or poor fitness levels, which can all be related to low testosterone in your body.

This article will give you the information to assess your body and determine if testosterone may be your answer to overcoming your fatigue issues.

Low Testosterone Symptoms 

You need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of low testosterone and then you can do the things necessary to increase your levels by making adjustments accordingly.

Here are the signs and symptoms: Testosterone and Fatigue

  • Over The Age of 30 Years Old
  • Low Energy/ Fatigue
  • Low Sex Drive/ Low Libido
  • Excess Body Fat/ Especially in The Gut
  • Stress/ Anxiety
  • Infetility
  • Softer Erections
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hot Flashes
  • Decrease in Body Hair
  • Poor Sleep
  • Memory Loss
  • Loss of Concentration

Now, you have a list of the things to look for when determining if you may be suffering from low testosterone. Many men, like me, do not think they have low testosterone. Actually, they may not even know as I was the same. I never thought for a minute that, me a man, would ever have this problem. I was a man, proud, and Low T was not something I would ever think would happen to me. Well it was the problem, it was embarrassing and it took me a long time to finally admit to myself this was something I needed to change.

Once I admitted it to myself, and got help, I was able to reclaim my youth. I got extreme energy levels, my sex drive returned, and my anxiety and depression went away. I lost my fat gut and my erections are rock hard. Now I say this because, before I admitted it to myself, these things were always a, “Duh, these things are natural”, I took for granted I would just always be OK and I would just get better.

Life Changes to Increase Testosterone and Reduce Fatigue 

Well, I had to make changes, I need to change my diet, my fitness levels, my sleep habits and explored the world of testosterone supplements.

1. Diet For Testosterone and Energy Testosterone and Fatigue

A testosterone Diet is a little different in that it involves eating more fat and cholesterol. Red meat and eggs are your best friend. Therefore, to increase your testosterone and get your energy levels back to your 20s, please explore your diet.

Below you will find a link to an article I wrote, all about a testosterone diet so please click on it to explore your options more!

Testosterone Diet

2. Fitness- Workout for Testosterone Testosterone and Fatigue

Working out to increase testosterone will not only increase your levels but it will increase your energy levels. Lifting heavy weights with compound exercises are key to achieving this goal. Below is the link to another article you will find helpful for working out to increase your testosterone levels and increase your energy.

Testosterone Work Out

3. Sleep for Energy and for Testosterone

The body needs sleep for recovery. Recovery from the daily stress, the workouts you do, and the bodies naturalTestosterone and Fatigue production of its organs. This recovery will aid in increasing testosterone if you shoot for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. The sleep should be quality sleep. Make your bed as comfortable as possible so you can provide your body the necessary tools to get the rest it needs, develop your energy recuperation, and ability to function each day.

4. Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone Boosting SupplementsThere are supplements for everything on the market today. Many of them work but only when your diet and exercise levels are working too. So, make develop a plan to eat right, work out right, sleep more and seriously consider a supplement to increase your testosterone levels.

Here is a link to one of my best articles providing you with information on the top ingredients proven to work in the top testosterone supplements. 

Testosterone Supplement Guide


With the information I provided in this article, I hope you have found the answers you need to determine if testosterone is a good suspect for your fatigue.

With the symptoms of low testosterone, given above, I would say if you are suffering from a couple or more, you should explore the world of testosterone. Increase your levels and watch your energy levels return.

Start with a good diet and exercise program for increasing your testosterone levels.

Sleep like a puppy.

Then and only then, when your diet and exercise programs are planned and you follow them, consider a supplement for increasing your testosterone. These supplements will help to increase your t-levels, your energy levels will rise and you will not be sorry for admitting it to yourself and making the change.

I am always online and if not I will always answer your questions and reply to your remarks. Please comment below this article if you find it useful. Send me your stories and let me learn more from you. I have been researching low testosterone levels because of my own problems and increasing my levels was the absolute best thing I ever could have done to increase the quality of my life. I sincerely hope you do too.

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