Testosterone and Muscle- The Best Route to Building Lean Muscle Mass

increase testosterone

muscle and testosteroneIf you are looking to pack on some lean muscle and maybe lose a little body fat, then consider testosterone and muscle used in the same sentence.

When, I say this, say this I am talking about increasing your testosterone levels to increase your lean muscle.

Testosterone plays a key role in the muscle building process within your body.

As you might already know, from your teenage years, it was easier to build muscle and keep you body fat lower. This is due to your hormones increasing at a fast pace and your testosterone levels peaking up until your 30s. The higher your testosterone levels the easier it was to build your muscles and get stronger.

Testosterone and Muscle

Watching TV, or going to a beach or gym, you see men walking around packed with muscle and a hard six-pack and wonder how they do it. I know I did until I figured it out, Testosterone! As a kid I would always here hormones! Everything was a result of hormones and testosterone is the hormone responsible for your sex drive, often your body fat levels, your stress levels, and the reason for this article your lean muscle mass.

Low Levels of testosterone can cause loss of your lean muscle and an increase in body fat specifically in your belly. This happens more after the age of 30 years old but can happen sooner if you have an unhealthy lifestyle.

muscle and testosteroneWhen we see a huge muscle-bound man we may think steroids. Well, what are steroids? They are illegal hormone or testosterone boosters. They are boost your testosterone levels synthetically to a high levels which causes the body to pack on huge muscle when taken with a hard work out plan.


So, what do we know?
We Know that steroids increase testosterone levels and the testosterone levels build muscle!
We know that the goal is to build your muscle but building it naturally is the healthy goal.

Increasing Your Testosterone Levels Specific To Building Muscle

There are 3 things you can do to work towards bigger muscle in the body.

Build muscle with a testosterone diet1. Eat for Muscle and For Testosterone

When you are eating for muscle, you need to eat enough protein, carbs and fat and also eat the right kinds of foods for increasing testosterone.


Here are the recommendations:

  • Eat Enough Calories to Build- 18 to 20 times your weight Ex. 200lbs x 20 = 4000 Calories
    (If Over 3000 Calories stay with 3000)
  • Eat Fatty Protein ( Protein Fat Increases Testosterone) 1 to 2 grams per pound of your weight.
    (I will provide a link shortly for a full guide to kinds of protein)
  • Eat slow digesting complex carbs- 2 grams per pound of your weight
    (I will provide a link shortly for a full guide to kinds of carbs)
  • Don’t ignore fat- Welcome it but the good fats- 30% of your diet should be from foods containing rich fats.
    (I will provide a link shortly for a full guide to kinds of fats)
  • Chow down 6 times a day- Stay consistent and eat frequently to keep your metabolism burning as well.
    (This helps to control the metabolism and conversion to testosterone)

These are the most important recommendations to eat for testosterone and muscle. Below is a link to a full Testosterone Diet Guide including all the recommended foods, calories and information about this type of diet. It is a must read if you are not aware of this type of eating. It is different from a conventional diet. You eat fats, you eat more and you eat to increase your testosterone levels.

Here is a link….. Testosterone Diet Guide

increase testosterone2. Work Out To Increase Muscle and Testosterone

When You are working out to increase muscle and testosterone, you need to work out hard and heavy. This promotes the natural release of hormones that will convert to testosterone and build muscle.


Here are some work out recommendations followed by a link to a full testosterone work out guide:

  • Lift heavy weights using compound movements- This incorporates more than one muscle to complete the lift which kicks your hormones into action promoting a natural testosterone increase.
  • Work each muscle 6 to 8 sets completing 6 to 8 reps to failure as heavy as possible.
  • Restrict rest between sets to under 1 minute.
  • Lift 3 days a week- Pushing Exercises Day 1 – Legs Day 3 – Pulling Exercises Day 5
    (Remember Lift Heavy and lots of rest on off days- Recovery Promotes Muscle)

The recommendations above are the most important ones to follow. Below is a link to my full work out guide including the exercises recommended promoting the most muscle as possible and the best increase in testosterone.

Click Here….. Testosterone Work Out Guide

testosterone booster3. Supplement With a Natural Testosterone Supplement

In todays world, testosterone boosting supplements are the norm and they are an excellent tool along with your diet and exercise to increase your testosterone levels and build more lean muscle and do it quicker.


Here are some things to look for:

  • A supplement company with great reviews
  • A company that has certifications from the FDA (This means made with quality and pureness)
  • Look for natural ingredients.
  • Stay away from synthetic ingredients ( These ingredients will slow down and even shut down your bodies natural production all together).
  • Go with a testosterone supplement recommended by someone with experience. ( I have over 10 years of experience in research, consumption, and I have spent a lot of money on supplements to find the ones that work).

Here are 2 links you will want to check out.

The first is an article I wrote which is a testosterone supplement guide that will give you the ingredients to look for in a supplement and explain what each ingredient does.

Here is the link for the information on testosterone supplements….. Testosterone Supplement Guide-Scientifically Tested Ingredients

The second link below is one of the top testosterone supplements on the market today. This supplement, TestoFuel, is at the top of the list for the benefits it provides, the reviews of real consumers that use it with great success, and the companies practices including research and development in guidance and regulations of the FDA.

Here is the link to my review of TestoFuel-Click Here…… TestoFuel Review- A Top Testosterone Supplement


Testosterone and muscle are brothers in arms and each makes the other stronger and raises each others levels and size.

If you work hard, and concentrate on both you will be successful in raising your t- levels and building lean muscle. In doing this you will also, increase your sex drive or your libido, lose body fat faster, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy, get harder erections, increase the size of your penis, help with erectile dysfunction, and help out your body if you are diabetic. These are just some major benefits from increasing your testosterone levels.

1. Follow the recommended diet guidelines above-
Click on the link for the Testosterone Diet Guide Here.

2. Follow the recommended work out guideline above-
Click on this link for my Testosterone Work Out Guide.

3. Get a natural testosterone boosting supplement as stated above.-
Click her for TestoFuel Review- A Top Testosterone Supplement.

Good luck with your health in 2018 and I hope you find this article helpful. Please comment below as it helps me to get the word out and help as many people as I can. If you have a story I would love to use it or a recommendation I would love to have it good or bad.

Thanks Again


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