Testosterone Supplements That Really Work- Avoid False Claims and Fancy Labels

Testosterone Supplements That Really Work

Here is how to find testosterone supplements that really work and how to spot an impostor looking to steal your money with a false claim.Testosterone Supplements That Really Work

If you have searched for a product that can help you increase testosterone, then you know there are thousands out there.  Thousands of supplements can really make it difficult to find the right one.

The problem is many companies that make false claims of increasing your testosterone levels.  They have these beautiful labels with a huge muscular guy on them or an extreme statement that catches your eye and makes you want to buy their product. Many testosterone products out there are not endorsed by the FDA and the companies are not obligated to tell the truth.

These companies claiming to be the best and telling you to forget the rest have one problem, they suck.  They are liars, they steal your money without really caring about your health or your empty wallet.  They hire promotional experts to write for them and make these claims.  These experts are great with deception and they create a false sense of making you feel like their supplements is the only one for you.

I am here to put a doubt in your mind and provide you with the best information to finding the right testosterone supplements that really work. This doubt will guard you from the thieves out there looking to steal your dollar.

Here are My Steps to Finding the Right Supplement:

The First Step

formulamagnesium-1The first step is to understand what ingredients work to increase testosterone levels in the body.  The ingredients below are scientifically studied and tested with real people not with animals and theory.  Believe it or not there are companies out there that do care and create things to really help.

Here are the ingredients to look for in a Testosterone Supplement:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Arginine
  • ZMA ( Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6)
  • Horney Goat Weed
  • Long Jack (also known as Tongkat Ali)
  • DHEA
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Boron
  • Muira pauma
  • Acai berry

I have a page that breaks down each ingredient listed above.  If you are interested in reading about each ingredient, please click on the link below.

Testosterone Supplement Guide

The Next StepTestosterone Supplements That Really Work

The next step would be to look at the claims and reviews of the product.

When I say reviews, I mean real reviews by real consumers.  The best information comes from someone that has used the supplement.  If you look at Amazon, every product has reviews and they do not let the business delete any of them.  This is great because some people out there are pretty harsh and if they spend money on something that doesn’t work they will let the world know.  This is where you can look at the claims of a product and match them to the reviews.

For-instance if a product claims to increase your libido or sex drive, the reviews will tell you exactly if it really does.

The Third Step31vlhjljwul

The third step is look at how it is made.  Is it made in a FDA Inspected Facility?  Was it created and documented by real scientists that test the product with real people.  Is the product full of natural ingredients or some synthetic imposter?

The natural ingredients are exceptionally better for your body and because they are natural they are made from ingredients that benefit you in many ways.  The top products will provide some type of seal of approval or some type of scientifically studied statement and you can research the validity of it.

The Fourth StepTestosterone Supplements That Really Work

The next step is to look for a guarantee.  The top testosterone supplements will offer a money back guarantee. Satisfaction or your money back guarantee is the deal breaker.  If there is no guarantee, then there is no reason to buy it.

The best companies will back up their product.  Don’t get me wrong, not everyone is happy all of the time with a product but, if there is that guarantee, then what can you lose.  Just remember though, many times people forget or just procrastinate and don’t return or cancel the product in time voiding out the warrantee.  So, make sure you know exactly what you have to do to get your money back if you are not satisfied.

The Final Step10385378_10152583487932302_7497343571837952865_n

Consider recommendations from real people that have had great results.  Like me!  I have been using testosterone supplements for years now.  I started researching years ago to help myself increase testosterone.  It helped me and my wife to have a baby after trying for 18 years without luck.  Now my son is 5 years old and I still take the supplements for the energy to keep up with him. Oh yea and my wife loves it.

My research has been extensive for years and I have purchased a lot of different testosterone supplements.  I have found some that work and some that have not.

Because of my success with testosterone increasing supplements, I know they work and want to share what I know with anyone that wants to experience the same results I have.  It is your right to have healthy testosterone levels and your right to have the energy that was taken form you from decreasing production of testosterone in your body.

I am extremely comfortable and confident with recommending and providing you with the information you will need to increase your testosterone levels.

I am extremely happy to share this info and help you find a testosterone supplement that really works.

Therefore, I hope the information provided above, will help you feel comfortable with choosing the right supplement for you.

My information also comes with one final recommendation, well ok 2.

Below are the top 2 Testosterone Supplements that really work for me and they both have the top ingredients and they both come with a warranty. If you read any pages on my site and consider any supplement I recommend, please let me know if there is not a warranty.  I am a person that feels ethically responsible for the information I provide and I will immediately drop the company form my pages in exchange for another one that cares about its customers.

Please see below:

TEST Rx is an awesome supplement that will provide you awesome results.  I currently use this product and consider it A+

Provacyl is another product that has been made specifically for older men.  Many of the same ingredient are in this product so consider this one another top testosterone supplement that really works.






  1. Randy

    Hey there,
    Great information here on how to pick a testosterone booster.
    I have tried a few natural testosterone boosters before with most of the ingredients you have listed here and can say that they do work.
    I really like how you laid out the best way to pick a booster and gave your top recommendations. I will be sure to try one of these ones very soon and let you know how they work.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the reply….It is great to get the reinforcement and get the word out that these supplements do in fact work. Feel free to try any of the products I am endorsing, they are truly wonderful. Good luck and Thank You again.

  2. Rosa

    Hi Mark,

    I personally have gotten away from taking any supplements. I just prefer to go natural. I appreciate how you gave us steps to look for to find the right supplement…I also agree with you about how the companies are only interested in getting your money. One point you mentioned is the best review you can get is the review the consumer gives at the bottom of the web because they will definitely let you know whether the product is worth buying or not. Great post!

    1. admin

      Thanks for your input. Many people stop taking supplements and that is great. The one thing I say in a lot of my articles, without a good diet and exercise, supplements will only work so far. Some companies portray the best but they are not even close. That is why I focus on all natural supplements that are derived form vitamins and herbs. I have many reviews but I would love for someone to post after they have taken the ones I have endorsed. Thanks again for your input.

  3. Marlinda Davis

    Hello Mark!

    Thanks so much for sharing this info. Although my hubby doesn’t need this now when at some point he needs supplements such as these its nice to know what to look for. One of my sites, The Organic Toddler, that is about organic baby products and I often come across the same thing with companies trying to pass on fake claims to fool people into believing the product does something it doesn’t. It doesn’t make any sense. Just make the product that you’re claiming to make but mum’s the word I guess…

    I also like that I found this information because my hubby would likely not care. He’d just buy something for the claims and not care. I’m more of the research, info gatherer so I will know what to look for in something that will work for him and something that won’t. I also have all brothers too so this information is very important to me to know that I can help them also.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. admin

      Thanks Marlinda,

      That is the problem, getting people to trust the supplements I am trying to help them with. I research , so they don’t have to. That’s why we are the producers of content and they are the consumers looking to better themselves or their lives.

      You know it would be so easy to write an article about a product that has a fancy label and probably easier to sell it. I just have too much pride and ethics to rip someone off like that. Especially someone looking to better their health.

      I used these products and they are researched and tested. As far as what you and I do, is we get the word out and let people be warned to be cautious.

      Thanks for sharing a same concern of mine and good luck to you.

  4. Dave

    Lots of good information and you give a pretty good breakdown of the supplement.

    You know I read the whole article, and the thing that struck me was the fact that you were willing to drop a company if they were not up to snuff.

    Not sure if I’m ready to try testosterone boosters, but you’ve given me a lot to think about.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comments Dave…. Yes I will drop any product that does not step up and back up. I believe in truth and quality. My ethical standards I place on myself and others is something I take seriously. The way civilization has become, I think honesty and get what you expect to pay for is important.

      Thanks Again for the comments.


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