Testosterone In The Body- What it is and What Are It’s Effects

Why Testosterone is Needed

The effects of testosterone in body is a question for many these days. This is because testosterone affects many aspects of life for young men, middle aged men and older men.

Testosterone is defined as:

  • A sex hormone produced in the testicles or ovaries
  • A steroid hormone that stimulates development of male secondary sexual characteristics
  • A hormone that affects your sexual desires
  • A hormone that controls your lean muscle mass
  • A hormone that controls your libido

Men, women, and children produce some levels of testosterone in the body.  The ultimate goal is to have levels that are healthy and supportive to daily living.

My testosterone levels started to affect me at the age of 37 and started by taking my energy levels.

  • Male levels are known to diminish after the age of 30 years old as much as 1 to 2 percent per year and can negatively affect the body in many different ways.
  • Females are also affected by low testosterone levels and can experience low energy levels.
  • Children, especially male teenagers will start to produce testosterone and life can be affected if the levels produced are slow or non- existent.

As you are reading this article, you are either being affected positively or negatively by the testosterone levels your body is producing.  But, there is help and if you are experiencing low testosterone levels, I will tell you how to fix them.

Low Levels of Testosterone produce:

  • Low Energy Levels
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Diminishing Lean Muscle Mass
  • Low Libido
  • Decreased Sexual Desire or Stamina
  • Infertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Mood Swings
  • Irritability

Here is a page for Low Testosterone Signs and Symptoms

Low Testosterone Symptoms

Why should you be concerned about your Testosterone Levels?Low Testosterone

  • Why Should you, after the age of 30, add stress to your sexual relationship with your partner not being able to perform
  • Why should you be stressed from low energy levels controlling your every day tasks at work and at play
  • Why Should you walk around with extra fat around your waist and increase you health risks
  • Why would you let low levels affect your life if you can fix it

All of these whys can be spun in your favor if you understand the signs, symptoms and affects of low levels.

This site is all about helping you recapture your life and control your testosterone levels.

Whether you are a younger male wanting to increase your levels for muscle building.
A middle aged male just starting to experience symptoms and want to get it under wraps before it gets you!
An older male being affected by low testosterone in many ways and want your life back.

“How” do you increase your low testosterone levels.

Increase Testosterone

To repair low levels, follow the following three routes in order of importance:

  1. DIET A strict and focused diet on certain foods to increase testosterone…………..  Increase Testosterone Diet
  2. EXERCISE Follow an exercise program focusing on compound movements……….. Increase Testosterone Workout
  3. SUPPLEMENTATION & TREATMENT…………….. Testosterone Supplement Guide

I personally have been taking supplements for years to increase my levels. I can honestly tell you, they do work, and my life has been amazing because of them.

So many lives are affected in a negative way because of their testosterone levels are low and they either don’t know they are or they refuse to admit it.

Testosterone has always been here, low levels have always been here and increasing levels have always been done. Until recent it was ignored or hidden due to embarrassment or pride or just unknown.

Low levels were allowed to restrict life causing increased body fat levels, low libido’s, low sexual energy, low energy in general, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, and many other problems.

By simply increasing your levels of testosterone, you can have amazing energy levels, a libido like a 20 year old, get help with fertility, increase lean muscle mass and even lose body fat at an accelerated rate.

The pages built into this site will supply you with the information for all of the different reasons to increase your levels.

  • I will show you how to find out if you have low levels.
  • I will show you the different types of treatments for increasing levels.
  • I will explain what testosterone is and how important the right levels are to enhance your life.
  • I will explain the symptoms of low testosterone.
  • I will inform you of the the effects of using supplements.
  • I will help you understand and plan an exercise and nutrition program to increase natural testosterone.

My Personal Path to Increasing my Testosterone LevelsMy Family



You might ask what do I know about testosterone and why should you trust what I have to say, well here is my story.

My Statement

Supplementing with Testosterone personally led me to good health, a better fitness level, a great sex life, and most importantly, a beautiful baby boy.

My Reason  

In 2011, my wife and I were trying to have a child.  We tried for 18 years with no luck and I soon found out that low levels were taking a toll on me.

My Signs and Worries

I was gaining weight, losing energy, my libido was shot, and I had no idea why.  I was 38 years old and anyone that has ever been through fertility treatments knows sex becomes a job more than pleasure.

My Stress                                                                          

Because my sex drive was low, I dreaded hearing my wife say, “it’s time for sex, I’m fertil”.  Sex was planned and no longer spontaneous. I went to the doctor and my t-levels came back low but not low enough for a medical prescription.

My Actions                                                                                      

I started researching signs and symptoms and what supplements and ingredients were proven with good reviews.   What I found confusing at first were all of the different supplements on the market with impressive claims and they were really impressive.

My Solution

After careful studies and blowing a lot of money on trial and error, I found what I needed to increase my levels.

My Final Result- Our Son 

Let’s just say my wife and I have a beautiful 4 year old boy, I have more energy, less body fat and a greater self confidence. I am able to play all day with my son, my sex life is awesome and I look great. No more tears and frustration. Just smiles and a life complete.

My Promise to You

I promise I will not steer you wrong.

I will supply you with the information I have researched.  I will share what I have found to be the easiest route to increasing your testosterone levels.

I will provide you with the information, to better your sex life, decreased body fat, eat and workout to increase your testosterone levels, increase your energy levels, restore your youth and possibly cure erectile dysfunction.

The functions of testosterone are pretty easy to understand yet many go through life not knowing the real functions.

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