The Top Testosterone Supplements 2018

For 2018, the demands for the top testosterone supplements have become higher than ever. The Top Testosterone Supplements

If you watch television you see commercials from some top athletes promoting their preferred supplements to increase their testosterone levels.

I cannot even listen to the radio without hearing a commercial about testosterone levels and companies claiming to have the top testosterone supplements on the market today.


After the age of 30, the average males’ testosterone levels begin to decline 1% to 2% per year. At the age of 40 years old, that could be a drop in your testosterone levels of 10% to 20%.

Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equal and not all supplements are designed specifically for every problem, want or need. Some companies are nothing but false claims with a fancy labels. You owe it to yourself to allow me to be your guide and find the best supplement you can get. Your body deserves the best and so do you.

Therefore, I built this site for the sole purpose of giving you expert opinion and reviews of the top testosterone supplements created to date. The reviews and supplements recommendations throughout this site are based on my use of the products for over 10 years myself. They are also based real consumer reviews, expert opinions, company approval rates, and real clinical studies tried and tested with proof of quality and assurance the products really work.

The testosterone supplements on this site will all have a guarantee by the companies that sell the products.

I consider myself ahead of the curve as far as knowledge pertaining to testosterone supplements.

  • I have been using supplements for over 10 years
  • I have used pro-hormones (closest thing to steroids, now illegal)
  • I suffer from low t-levels without supplementation
  • I was able to have a son with my wife because of testosterone supplements
  • I, God as my witness, have spent and wasted thousands of dollars on supplements that did not work.

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Reasons For Testosterone

Testosterone Supplements are used for many reasons, and on this site, I will write reviews and then create a top 10 list for each of the following:

  • Top 10 Testosterone Supplements
  • Top 10 Testosterone Supplements For Male Enhancement
  • Top 10 Testosterone Supplements For Fat Loss
  • Top 10 Testosterone Supplements For Muscle Mass
  • Top 10 Testosterone Supplements For Erectile Dysfunction
  • Top 10 Testosterone Supplements For Libido and Sex Drive

If you are interested I wrote and extensive guide with the top testosterone supplement ingredients when looking to buy the top testosterone supplements.
Testosterone Supplement Guide

Testosterone Diet

The first and most important thing you need to realize is diet is the most important route to increasing your testosterone.

A testosterone diet is a lot different from a weight loss diet in that you need to eat more fat, increase your cholesterol food intake, get your fill of red meats, and eat like a monster.

This kind of diet will actually help you to lose body fat and increase lean muscle.

Therefore I have articles and a guide to eating right to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

Here is my full guide- Testosterone Diet Guide

Testosterone Workout

Second only to a testosterone diet would be a workout designed specifically to increasing your testosterone naturally.

This type of workout is tough and should include compound exercises, heavy weights, and little rest between sets.

Here is a good start to recommended exercises, workout plans and the best cardio recommendations that will naturally increase your testosterone levels.

Here is my article- Testosterone Work Out Guide

In Conclusion

After the age of 30, the average males’ testosterone levels begin to decline 1% to 2% per year. At the age of 40 years old, that could be a drop in your testosterone levels of 10% to 20%.

I repeat the above statement because of the importance of paying attention to your testosterone levels.

Many men go through life without even knowing this may be the problem for their energy levels, belly fat, mood disorders, sleep problems, loss of muscle, or even infertility.

Other men will just ignore it due to embarrassment.

I would say, I have written many articles of importance on this site and I personally know the way low levels of testosterone affects life negatively. This is why this site is so important to me and allows me to help you.

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