The Truth About Cholesterol and Testosterone- Cholesterol Is King of The Jungle

Cholesterol and testosterone

Cholesterol and Testosterone Cholesterol and testosterone

Cholesterol and Testosterone are attached at the hip.  Testosterone is a hormone that thrives on cholesterol. Cholesterol is the king of the jungle when it comes to increasing your low testosterone levels.   

In my extensive research with testosterone in the body and my personal history of positively increasing my testosterone levels for the past five years, I have found the scientific evidence I needed to be sure that cholesterol was in fact good and not the evil people say it is. 

There are many things we are told to stay away from when dieting and eating healthy.

Cholesterol was the one thing your mommy warned you about.  It was the one thing school taught to be bad for you.  It was the one thing old man Harry, the neighbor next door, preached he had to steer clear of to live longer.

Warning- If your cholesterol is diagnosed by the doctor to be unhealthy, then yes it may be bad for you. 

But, for the majority, it may just be the opposite.  Scientific studies show that cholesterol is a precursor of testosterone in the body. 

Now if you really think about it, when you reach the age of 30 years old, your body starts to slow production of testosterone.  As you reach 40, your levels could be 10 to 20 percent lower.  That is quite a bit, then you go see a doctor or look at things online that tell you to watch cholesterol and don’t eat things high in cholesterol. 

Well, this just makes it worse.  When you listen to them, and stop eating things with cholesterol, your testosterone production signals from your brain slow down.  Now, add this to your already slowing testosterone levels as you age and what do you have? 

You have stress, a low libido, low energy levels, no sexual stamina, low sperm production, erectile dysfunction, loss of erection hardness, and many other effects on the body.   

Two of the main things your body needs naturally in the body to produce testosterone is Cholesterol and Fat.  This may seem weird hearing this. The main stream has been telling us our whole life that these two things are bad for our bodies, but, this is just what you need. 

Please allow me explain! Cholesterol and testosterone

When dealing with low testosterone levels, your body craves cholesterol.    

It all starts in when your brain tells your body when to produce testosterone and this is done when filled with the right nutrients.

Cholesterol Cholesterol and testosterone

If you are not having problems with high cholesterol causing you to be unhealthy, adding cholesterol filled foods can help to increase testosterone production in your body.

Cholesterol is not bad for you.  When you relate testosterone in the body, to cholesterol, it is a good thing.  Cholesterol is present in all cells of your body, including high amounts in your brain. 

The myth is foods high in cholesterol can cause a blockage in your arteries.  While this is true for those with high cholesterol problems, this is not the same for those that have healthy levels. 

There is the misconception that cholesterol has a negative impact on your cardiovascular system. This can’t be further from the truth for most men. There is a slim chance of this happening.    

Since I have been researching testosterone in my body, over five years ago, I switched to eating high cholesterol foods and they have not had as much as one negative impact on my cardiovascular system and my blood tests have been stellar. 

There Are Two Sources that provide cholesterol to your body:

  • The Liver liver converts cholesterol into testosterone
    Your liver is responsible for creating the cholesterol and sending it through your blood stream to disburse throughout your body.
  • FoodFoods high in cholesterol increase testostsrone
    Cholesterol is found in many different types of foods and when consumed they will provide your body with cholesterol.



Cholesterol is your hormone igniter, your sex hormone that is.  Cholesterol fuels your sex hormones; your sex hormones trigger the brain to convert this cholesterol to testosterone in your testicles.

Your liver is the same. Your liver pumps cholesterol that again trigger the brain to convert it to testosterone in the testicles. 

Add foods higher in cholesterol like: 

  • Eggs with the Yolk (#1 Food)
  • Butter
  • Salami and peperoni
  • Red Meat
  • Cheese
  • Olive Oil

The foods above are recommended and more on the healthier side. 

There are others like ice cream, fast food, and potato chips you should stay away from.

Good and healthy cholesterol loaded foods are great and can help your body to increase testosterone. The bad foods filled with cholesterol are also filled with sugars, high glycemic carbs, and excess calories and can be more harmful than good. 

So, as you can see cholesterol is an important and essential to healthy testosterone levels in your body.


Based on my extensive research on the relationship between cholesterol and testosterone, the scientific evidence produced from highly recognized universities and doctors, and the fact that I personally could produce my own results by increasing my testosterone levels with cholesterol, I am completely comfortable sharing this information with you.

I am comfortable sharing this information with you, and anyone willing to listen to information that can change their life for the better.

Cholesterol and testosterone go hand in hand and cholesterol is the precursor of testosterone. 

Therefore, increase your cholesterol levels, by eating healthy foods loaded with good cholesterol, and you will be on your way to increasing your levels and reclaiming the life of awesome sex, energy and the happiness you deserve. 

I really do hope this helps you as one way to possibly boost your testosterone levels. 
I know how it feels to feel embarrassed.
I know the feeling of the lethargic sit on the couch and do nothing every day feels.
I know how the stress and anxiety of my next sexual rendezvous going south before it starts.
And, I know how it feels just to not feel right.

These were all horrible experiences for me and if you’re in the same boat as I was, please do something about it.  Don’t wait, restart your life.

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I have one final thing to say!  When talking about cholesterol on this page I talked briefly about a diet.  The first and foremost important thing you want to do to increase your testosterone levels is follow a good diet plan. 

The second thing to increasing your testosterone levels is to work out.  A strict plan with heavy lifting is great for your hormone levels.  Testosterone Workout- Increase Testosterone By Increasing Lean Muscle

Third, if your diet and exercise programs are straight, I recommend a natural testosterone supplement.  Natural testosterone is great for your body because it is a natural substance found on this good ole earth.  There are little to no side effects and they work just like nutrients to increase your testosterone levels. 

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