The Warrior Mindset For Increasing Testosterone

Warriors mindset to increase testosterone

Warriors mindset to increase testosteroneThe right mindset for increasing testosterone is just as important as taking supplements, eating right and working out.

The mindset I am talking about is a warriors’ mindset. One that will enhance everything you do to increase your testosterone levels. Without it you will have a hard time achieving your goals.

In this article, I will provide you with ways to improve your body composition, including weight loss, building muscle, and increasing your overall health. I will help you to increase your libido, enhance your sex life, avoid bad stress and anxiety, and even help you with fertility if that is your goal.

To do this you will need to change your way of thinking. You will need to develop the mindset of a warrior.

Warrior Mindset to Increase Testosterone

When I say warrior mindset, I am talking about changing the way you think and developing a warriors way.  

A warrior never thinks of failure. You must think that anything and everything in your life will become successful. Then when it doesn’t you will work on conquering the failure and turning it into success. When you think you are going to fail, you need to quickly adjust your emotions and find solutions.

What ever you believe you can achieve. That is the successful way to mindfully achieving your tasks every day.

Testosterone Diets With a Warrior MindsetBuild muscle with a testosterone diet

A testosterone diet is an extremely important step to increasing testosterone. If results are not quick or sudden people tend to quit.  Diets are uncomfortable and many tend to quit pretty quick.  Therefore this warriors way of thinking is what will help you focus and conquer eatign right.  The diet is different than a normal fat lss diet.  On this diet you will find yourself eating more of the things that are a no-no for a conventional fat loss diet.  Meat, meat, meat, the mans food is what it is all about. You will be adding more cholesterol, and fats to your diet.  But eating must be something you focus on and eating with a warriors’ mindset is how you do it.

You eat like a beast, but eat the right things. You need to fuel your body and fuel your muscle so developing this way of thinking is only going to help you. Each and every day, you wake up and think to yourself, I need to eat good, and eat a lot of the right foods. I need to eat like a barbarian.

Now don’t slop it all over your shirt, and chew with your mouth open, that’s not what I am saying. I am saying eat like you are slobbering all over your food but just don’t show it. Eat like you need that food and never had it before.

The body will respond when you love your food and eat your food with this kind of motivation. It is a psychological response that you are creating and the body adapts to it.

Again, you are not going to grunt, fart, and burp at the table but you must create the feeling of doing so in your mind and that is the way to successfully eating for increasing testosterone as a warrior.

If you are not sure what to eat, or when to eat, here is a link to a page that will explain this in detail.

Testosterone Diet Guide- Eat The Right Things At The Right Time

Testosterone Workout Mindsetincrease testosterone

When working out, people quit too soon. When, they experience a little pain, they stop. It is the bodies natural response, and completely normal.

But in order to increase testosterone, you must work through the pain. Again, like a warrior. Here you can grunt, fart, and burp. You need to work like a beast and feel the emotions of one. Warriors become warriors’ because they feel no pain and you must do the same.

Developing this way of thinking will, without a doubt fuel your workouts. You will lift more, you will lift with intensity and you will see results. The hard work, and hard thinking will force your body into beast mode and force it to change and it will keep changing for the better by doing this.

Look at any movie, any athlete, or any warrior you can think of and what are they known for? They are known for their physical and emotional attributes. They are the ones with the mindsets that you want to have even if you don’t know it yet.

You have the ability to think this way and you can be the best you want to be. Here is a recommended workout guide to increasing testosterone. Work out hard and think hard, that is the way to success.

Testosterone Workout Guide

Avoid Bad Stress and AnxietyAvoid Stress and Anxiety

Bad stress and anxiety are testosterone killers. When, I say bad stress I am talking about the kind that puts you into a negative thinking mode. This is the worst because it psychologically forces your mind and body to slow down, your organs to slow and your energy levels to decline.

You need the change the way you think. When you start to get stressed out, for what ever reason you need to stop it in its tracks and force in the positive. Do not for any reason allow it into your life and your thoughts. Get into warrior mode and let the bad out.

Count to ten, do some push-ups, run around the block, or just remove yourself from the situation. I know from personal experience its easier said than done.

I personally do push-ups, or just smile. If I cannot physically do push-ups, I do them in my mind. I turn my head from the stressor and perform push-ups in my mind. It may sound funny but it works. I am thinking about them, therefore I am thinking about improving my life and I am removing the thoughts of stress and avoiding the anxiety.

I will think about doing something later that day with my son and wife. This forces nothing but positivity into my mind and I know that nothing can take that from me. This forces me into a warrior kind of mode because I am fighting the stressors out.

Find your happy place, find something at that moment that you know is going to overpower the negativity and you will stay clear of the stress that can inhibit your testosterone levels in the long.

Sex and Libido In Beast ModeSex and Libido

Switching your mindset into beast mode or thinking like a warrior is fun when it comes to sex and increasing your libido.

Think like a caveman. The only thing on your mind at the time is pleasing your partner and yourself. Act like a beast, or someone that craves everything your partner has to give.

The more sex you have the more testosterone you will produce. You have to remember what sex feels like when your testosterone levels are low. Think about that feeling and use it to drive your mind. Here you can grunt if you want to or not. Depends on your partner and how creative she is.

Over time, you will develop, a mindset full of sexual energy. Think as if sex is what you live for and you need sex to survive, because really you do. Tell yourself that sex is your food and without it you will fall. Get more and more of it whenever you can. Frequent sex equals an increased libido and increases testosterone levels.

Ohh ahh ahh, get some sex, indulge in it and treat it like it is second to none. The body and the mind is made for this feeling and made to crave sex so do not let it go as if it is not that big of a deal, because it is.

Fertility MindsetWhy Testosterone is Needed

This is the subject that actually got me into studying testosterone and how to increase it.

My wife and I were having a hard time conceiving. We tried everything and it took 18 years. Finally, my wife was pregnant and the answer for this was right in front of me the whole time.

Stress! The stress of not getting pregnant was confusing us, it was making us depressed. The anxiety each month of a negative test result was actually preventing us from enjoying sex, enjoying life to its fullest and placing too much pressure on us every day.

We just needed to accept the fact that it was harder for us, let the stress go, and fulfill our life in every other way possible. Doing this put us in the mindset of living life to the fullest with what ever we had at the time.

This was the answer. After changing this thinking, my wife became pregnant and she had a boy.

Therefore, before you continue on the path of destruction, and the difficulties of conceiving a child, clear out your mind and think positive. Avoid thinking about it for a while and just do it. This may be your path to success as it was mine and my wives.


The mindset to increasing testosterone is quite simple on paper. You need to think like a warrior in everything you do. You need to think positive, and not allow the word can’t into your mind.

Treat sex as sex. Have more of it and do it like a beast. Get creative and force some animalistic energy into it. This will increase your libido and your testosterone levels naturally.

Eat like a man that has never eaten before. Eat with the mindset of a warrior, beast or caveman, because they are the ones that have better sex, have low body fat levels, have lean muscle, and have sex like crazy. You don’t need to slobber your food all over, just think like you are. Force yourself into thinking this way and your body will respond physically and emotionally.

Work out like a beast. Get into a no pain no gain mode and ignore the pain. Work into a zone that creates results. Go on a journey each time you work out and don’t come back until you have reached your destination each and every time.

Force your body to change and don’t let it tell you to stop. You can create the body and results you want if you force your mind to force your body.

Find your happy place and kick the stress out immediately. Develop a mindset of accomplishment, not failure. Allow only good into your mind and if the bad arrives, recognize it, quickly adjust it, and get rid of it.

The mindset again looks easy on paper but it will take some time to figure it out and put it into action. But, once you do, you will watch your testosterone levels rise and your life soar with positivitey and happiness.

Good luck in everything that you do and keep you head up.

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