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VIGFX Testosterone Supplement Passes The Amazing Test



Product: VigFX
Price: $76.99 Per Bottle
Discounts On More     
Place to Buy:  CLICK HERE
Supply Per Bottle: 15 Day Trial
Guarantee: 100% Satisfied or 67 Days Return
My Rating: 10.0


VigFX Product Overview    

This site is for increasing testosterone, boosting your libido, and one of the great benefits of these supplements is enlarging your penis.  This supplement, VigFX,  is a top testosterone supplement .

This product promotes a little different than most supplements for increasing testosterone in that it was designed more towards male enhancement backed by clinical studies.  VIGFX is clinically proven and doctor recommended. 

What people do not know is if you look at the ingredients for enlargement of the penis, and increases sexual pleasure, you will find the same ingredients found in testosterone boosting supplements. 

The only difference is how the company promotes the supplement. 

The main benefits for a testosterone supplement are sexual stamina, increased libido, rock hard erections, increased muscle mass, loss of body fat, and amazing energy levels. 

These benefits share the same ones as an enhancement supplement and VIGFX is one of the best. 

VigFX is a natural supplement built for the male looking to increase everything that’s wrong with their sex life.  It will enhance your world, and get your girl to find you more appealing mentally and physically.

You will walk the streets a new man, with self confidence levels 2nd to none.

VIGFX Scientifically Proven and Clinically Tested Resultstestosterone

  • Ability to maintain an erection 62.82% Increase
  • Ability to penetrate partner 58.97% Increase
  • Frequency & Quality of Orgasms   22.49% Increase
  • Sexual & Intercourse Satisfaction  71.43% Increase
  • Sex Drive and Desire  47.00% Increase
  • Overall Sexual Satisfaction   61.00% Increase
  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Accelerated Fat Loss
  • Increased Energy Levels

VigFX Top Testosterone SupplementAmazing VIGFX Ingredients


Panax Ginseng Root
Crategus Rivularis Berry
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
Turnera Diffusa Leaf
Tribulus Terrestris Vine  
Erythroxylum Catuaba Bark  
Ptychopetalum Olacoides Bark  
Cuscuta Chinensis Seed  
Epimedium Sagittatum Leaf  
Bioperine (extract from Piper nigrum fruit)

As stated before, the testosterone boosting ingredients above are many of the same ones you will find in a sole purpose testosterone supplement. 

The ingredients are natural meaning they are made from things found on the earth and not man made synthetic ingredients.

They do not have side effects like man made synthetic supplements. VigFX will not harm your natural testosterone production making abilities in the body. 

Here is my testosterone supplement guide if you would like to read more on the ingredients above, scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels in your body. 

Here is the link…..Testosterone Supplement Guide-Scientifically Tested Ingredients


As you can see, from the ingredients to the benefits, this duo action product designed to enhance your manhood and increase your testosterone will not disappoint.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

With this all natural supplement, you can recapture your life and become the man you once were without the distractions of suffering from low testosterone.

Below is the link to this site. 

If you are not satisfied, return your product or empty bottle and you will receive a full refund minus shipping.  This must be done within 67 days.  

I have a feeling you will continue with this top testosterone supplement.  It is amazing and your life can be too.  Give it a try!

Don’t wait, don’t let this Amazing Testosterone Supplement pass you up!

Even if you decide, to cancel it is a way for you to decide if the ingredients work for you and you will know if they are the ones your testosterone levels crave.

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  • Vertical Veloxity

    Hey man thanks for the post. I love products that are natural and help you with happy hour 🙂 . There are a lot of these products that are not that good. But over the years I have tried some really good ones. I think I have heard of this one before. I will be sure to try it.
    Thanks for the info and recommendation

    • Mark Thoms

      Thank You for the reply!

      You are correct there are many supplements out there to steer clear from. The ones I choose to use are clean, natural and have science to back them up. I always research more than enough to make sure they warranty what they sell. I always use the products I endorse also to make sure I approve of them before I post them. This way my ethical standards are full filled. I thank You again and have a great day….

  • Farhan

    Wow, I think with the busy lives that many men are living right now, they are going to need this supplement more than ever. After all, their relationships might suffer if they lack the energy for great sex.

    It’s good to know that this product uses natural ingredients instead of artificial chemicals. Do you know if this product is safe for younger men below the age of 21? Or is there a certain guideline for consumption for the younger folks?

    Thanks and great review!

    • Mark Thoms

      Thanks for the comment!

      The fact is many younger men use this supplement to give them the edge and increase their levels beyond the norm. This will actually increase lean muscle mass and help their gains faster.

      Thanks Again

  • Audrey L. K.

    This looks like a really great product! I’ll definitely recommend this to my male clients who are looking to change their hormone levels. I really like that they have the trial offer and such a low starting rate. And I also appreciate that it doesn’t have the usual side effects that many testosterone supplements have. Thanks for writing this review!

    • Mark Thoms

      Thanks for the comments and for the recommendations. It is an awesome product with quality ingredients. I use this product myself and it is one of my favorites.

  • Erik

    Great niche and very popular topic. I have been into fitness and taking supplements for many years and the most popular ones and most advertised are always the Testosterone products. There are so many options out there, “where does one begin?” You have done a great job of narrowing the field for the consumer here.

    • Mark Thoms

      Thanks for your comments and you are exactly right…..Where does one begin?

      That is why, before I advertise any product, I review, I use it for myself. This way I know I am giving you the quality you deserve. This helps me weed out the good from the bad and save the consumer money.

      Thanks Again.

  • Bill

    Thanks Mark, this looks like it may be exactly what I’m looking for. I’m getting older & I’m feeling tired all the time. I never have energy to work out anymore. If this product can help give me the energy I need & have the added benefit of helping keep my wife happy, I’m in. Before I sign up for the free trial though can you tell me if they keep my credit card on file to charge me monthly. If so how hard is it to cancel if I’m not getting the results I’m looking for?

    • Mark Thoms

      Yes they do keep your card on file to charge a monthly fee. I will say, I try every supplement I review so I can ethically endorse them and I forgot to cancel this product. I called after they charged me and they still refunded my money. This was awesome service and now I think I should add this to my site so people know.

      Thanks for the comments.

  • Karlo

    thank you for sharing a very interesting article about top testosterone supplement. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything we need to know about supplement called VigFX. I really learned a lot by reading your article and this supplement seems great and price is awesome.
    Have a great day

    • Mark Thoms

      Thanks for the comments. I am glad to help others learn things about low testosterone levels and excellent product out there.

  • Lena

    It is sad that I have to research that and not my husband:) So now the question is how do I show him the article or do I just buy the product and have it delivered to our house? Would that be too much of pushing? I love the clinically tested results you posted. As a man would you advice how do I approach my husband in trying the product?

    • Mark Thoms

      I would say if there are problems of any sort with low testosterone, he probably has an idea but is either too embarrassed or just not aware there is a fix for it without seeing a doctor. Well I was that way too until I started taking the supplements.

      I would say you can talk with him and show him what you have read, or you can orde the supplement and just ask him to try it.

      Have you talked over any of his symptoms before, if you have then thats the start. I know a third party can be an embarrassing thing also but if he has any questions or you do, please email me at I would be happy to help any way that I can. I know how he feels and I know how you feel. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to talk with many men and women and hear their opinions.

      Thanks and Good Luck. Im here if you need me.

  • Veronica

    Greetings Mark,

    I must say, this is such a clean, crisp and well-written post! Although I knew nothing of this subject matter before reading, I fill a bit more informed.

    I was curious to see Ginkgo Biloba as one of the key ingredients; from taking various supplements in the past, I know that Ginkgo Biloba is usually linked to cognitive functions, so it’s interesting that it’s used to enhance testosterone levels.

    I’m just curious, but outside of the obvious issue of not being able to conceive, what would be some medical warning signs, that men could look for, that would possibly alert them that low testosterone could be the culprit?

    All the best in getting this message out to the masses Mark!

    • Mark Thoms

      Yes Ginkgo is becoming more and more a miracle type supplement and has many uses. Some signs to look for are loss of sexual libido, excess bodyfat, loss of muscle mass, and erectile dysfunction. After the age of 30 years old, the body will start to decrease testosterone levels 1 to 2 percent each year. So, by the time you reach 40 that is a decrease of 10% to 20%. That is quite a bit and could put a damper on life.

  • Howard

    Thank you for this. After reading your site I am convinced I have a bit of low testosterone. I’m in my upper 30s and have beat my body down for the past 20yrs in the Marine Corps. I’m experiencing some of the symptoms of low T that you have outlined. Do you have any recommendations on the best ways to actually get tested? Should I go to a doctor, or do some sort of mail in kit? Thanks for the information!


    • Mark Thoms

      Hello and thanks for visiting my website and inquiring. There are test kits out there and I would say try one out. If you go to the doctor, they will test you but they will also subject you to a testosterone injection or something similar and that could actually shut down your natural production.

      I would always try a natural supplement first and use the injections and therapy for last resort.

      Here is a link to a good test kit…Try it out and let me know what you came up with….

  • Jenni

    Thank you for the review! I am curious how you would rate this product in comparison to similar products out there? And what type of person would you recommend this product to? As in, who would this product be best for? A man looking to increase his sexual performance, individual pleasures, or someone looking for a supplement for fitness??

    • Mark Thoms

      Hello Jenni

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article.
      VigRX in my opinion and many others is one of the top products on the market today. Now don’t get me wrong there are other quality products also, I just know this product is made with quality ingredients, and the research behind it is also of excellent quality.

      I would say this product is great for sexual performance first and foremost, which is done by increasing sexual energy or testosterone in other words.

      If you look at many of the top testosterone boosters and supplements, they all contain many of the same ingredients. They all produce the same things testosterone, fat loss, lean muscle mass, sexual stamina and help with sperm production. They just market each product differently based on wants and needs.

      It all comes down to the quality of the natural ingredients used, how long they sit on a shelf, and how they are put together. These qualities are the most important. I use these products myself and I am extremely happy with them so I can ethically say they are good.

      If you need anything or have further questions please email me anytime at

  • Jerome

    Hey Mark,

    Firstly, hats off for this well researched topic.Your website is appealing and engaging from your personal history to relevant diet and exercise one should take in order to boost testosterone.I enjoyed reading about how we as men, can assist our testosterone levels as is the wonderful story about how you overcame challenges of not being able to make your wife conceive.It really is a touching story and congratulations on finally suceeding in bringing your son to this world as a result of this medication.
    I am also interested in building my muscles more.Are you not recommending mass building shakes as supplementary to lifting weights alone?Someone told me to lookout for side effects as well as detrimental effects on the kidneys.Is this true?


    • Mark Thoms

      Jerome, Thanks for the comments and I appreciate you taking the time to read my articles.

      I would say if you are interested in building more muscle, I would determine if you have low testosterone levels first.

      If your testosterone levels are not an issue than taking a testosterone supplement will enhance your muscle building even more.

      If you have low testosterone, these supplements will help to increase your levels to normal range so you can benefit from building muscle, losing body fat, and enhancing your sex drive,

      The thing to know is L Arginine is an excellent ingredient for building muscle either way and its good on your manhood too.

      As far as the liver, I think they are talking more of testosterone injections or therapy, which is like a steroid. It is synthetic and used by doctors. This could actually shut down your natural production of testosterone in the body and harm your kidneys and liver too.

      The supplements including VigRX have little to no side effects due to being all natural and scientifically studied to be.

      So, with that said please don’t hesitate to ask more questions if needed. Or you can shoot me and email anytime at

      Thanks Again

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